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October 14, 1969
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October 12, 2000
When my husband called me at work to say he had tickets for this game, I found 2 babysitters for my kids, a 3 year old and 10 month old. The tickets were at a ticket agency in NYC & we lived in NJ. We just arrived in time to see Tommie Agee make the catch of a lifetime. We sat at the 3rd base side of the field about 25 rows back. I can still remember the sore throat I had for about a month from screaming. Being a Met fan from the beginning truly paid off!! Both those kids are Met fans today especially the 3 year old who is now 34 and living within 30 minutes of Camden Yard. When he graduated from Georgetown University, he and six friends spent the summer in a Winnabago driving to all the National League parks. We also have a special guardian angel who is also the biggest Met fan and is smiling today after last night's win!!! Let's go METS!!!

Tom Hickey
May 29, 2002
The first World Series game ever at Shea. My dad scored 4 tickets for he and his 3 sons. (Myself , Eddie & Chris.)

Agee makes the two catches and Eddie is in the bathroom each time and misses both of them. Amazing.

Agee homers, Kranepool homers, and there is nothing better than being in 7th grade, skipping school, to go to Shea for the series.

We put a pennant on the antenna for the ride home and I remember the wind ripping it off. I still have the ticket stub.

Bob R.
January 15, 2003
That October day had a gray overcast and it was definitely jacket weather. But at Shea it was electifying - the first World Series game ever played at the ballpark. I had waited in line for two hours to buy an upper deck ticket (for $8!) and now was the payoff. The World Series was tied 1-1 and all true Mets fans believed we would take it all, even though the Orioles had a far better team, at least on paper. Agee led off the Mets half of the first inning with a huge homer over the center field fence. Later, pitcher Gary Gentry, who wasn't a good hitter, lined a 2-run double over Paul Blair's head in center field to give them a 3-0 lead. Then came the two amazing catches by Agee that saved the game. Kranepool's homer gave them a 5-0 lead, and Nolan Ryan got the save. We all went home happy, and two days later the Mets were World Champs. A great day to be a 14-year-old Mets fan.

May 28, 2003
I can remember being in the 3rd grade at ps 20 in Staten Island. I can remember those two great catches made by Tommie Agee as though it was today and just happening. To have the precious memories of those catches at age 42 is something that I will always be greatful for.

Joe Coppola
September 23, 2005
What a memory!

Had 2 standing room tix. Stood down the right field line in a gap by the rear of the box seats.

I call this day "Tommie Agee" day.

What a showcase to have your greatest single game performance ever!

A 400 ft + BOMB of a home run, 2 of the greatest outfield catches in WS history.

I still get choked up just thinking about it, and forget about watching the replay!

March 5, 2006
Tommie Agee was incredible. A home run, and then the catches. One of those catches, when he came out of nowhere and caught a snowcone at the warning track, still sends chills up my spine when I watch the replay.

July 20, 2008
I'll never forget this. I was in 5th grade. In detention for some horrible thing I'd done that day. Staying after school. Boo hoo.

But I had my transistor radio and an earplug in my ear as I sat in the back of the classroom writing "I will not do [something]" 500 or whatever times. Didn't get caught, but I had to watch the highlights later.

October 6, 2015
I was in 9th grade. I bought one ticket the week before when my friends and I stood in line at Shea starting at midnight. My friends bought tickets for game 5. I bought a ticket for game 3. I wanted to be at the first World Series game at Shea and, in case there was a sweep, I wanted to guarantee seeing a World Series game.

I sat right behind home plate in the highest row of the stadium. Agee had two unbelievable catches and a lead off HR. Kranepool also hit a home run.

It was bliss!

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