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April 28, 1962
Mets 8, Phillies 6
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Bob P
January 2, 2005
Rod Kanehl scored from second base on a wild pitch and the Mets picked up their first-ever home win after seven losses at the Polo Grounds.

Ed K
January 7, 2008
This was also the first win ever by a Met reliever as Roger Craig threw three scoreless innings to record the victory. Craig normally started but had been knocked out early the day before, so Casey brought him back in relief the next day.

Bill Unger
March 5, 2011
Being a youth, this was the first game I ever attended as my uncle (George Fanelli) took me. He had access to corporate first row field level seats at third base in the Polo Grounds. The night before the game I was in bed and I overheard him tell my parents that he had two tickets, and his friend might not be able to attend the game so he might take me. Being a good Catholic boy I said a rosary that his friend could not make it - and my prayers were answered. What a great game and day! It was a sunny and mild spring day. Home runs galore, nine between the two teams and the Mets also nailed three in a row. And of course the Mets first home victory. Even though it took place 49 years ago, I remember the day like it was yesterday, and I have never had better seats since. Truly great memories!

Ed K
March 5, 2012
We should add that Dave Hillman probably should have gotten this first-ever Met relief win. He left the game with a lead but the official scorer ruled that giving up one run in one inning constituted pitching briefly and ineffectively and instead gave the win to Roger Craig who pitched 3 scoreless innings to finish the game. Today, almost cetainly Craig would merely get a save.

It was Hillman's first of thirteen games as a Met to finish his MLB career. He never got a win or a loss as a Met.

April 19, 2012
I'm an original Met fan -- never had any allegiance to prior New York teams. This was my first game ever to see the Mets and I went by myself from Brooklyn on the BMT for 15 cents. I remember that they won of course. (You see I saw 20 games that year and saw 10 victories so I thought the Mets were a very good team.) Most of them at double headers on Sundays. Little would I know that I saw half of all the wins at home that year. What was particular in my mind was the back-back- back home runs by Neal, Hodges and Thomas. I just assumed that 3 in a row was a common thing to happen. Was I ever shocked years later to realize what I had just experienced in my first New York Met home game! Now I have a Citi Field brick to denote my originality.

Jeff K
April 17, 2012
This was the first MLB game I ever attended. I was 7 years old and had watched the Yankees on TV during the historic 1961 season. I had wanted to go to a Yankee game but they were out of town. My dad had been a life-long Brooklyn Dodgers fan and was thrilled to see a National League game in NY once again. We schlepped from Long Island to a decrepit stadium in upper Manhattan and it was love at first sight. I loved the aromas and the surreal green of the field. I was in awe of the orange and blue of the Mets uniforms and the gray and brilliant red of the Phillies road uniform. The feelings I had that day became a permanent part of me and I experience them today every time I enter a baseball park. I become 7 years old again every time I enter a baseball park. I saw the Mets win a rare game that season. I saw them lose many more over the next seven years but was amply rewarded when I went to the '69 Series.

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