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April 17, 1963
Reds 5, Mets 0
1963 Regular Season Game 9
April 19, 1963
Mets 5, Braves 4
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National League Standings, April 19, 1963

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original mets
April 18, 2008
Having seen Ron Hunt take part in the games remaining at Shea ceremony last night, the memory I have of this game will always be connected to Hunt. This was on a Friday afternoon at the Polo Grounds, school was out and I went with my friend Bernie Seaman, who was a Cardinal fan. The Metropolitans had not won, losing the first 8 games of the season. Hunt had 3 hits and drove in the winning runs in the bottom of the ninth and Mrs Payson sent his wife a bouquet of flowers. Problem was Hunt had allergies to all flowers and grass. He was truly my first Mets homegrown hero. Hunt was traded to LA in November 1966 for Tommy Davis.

Frank S
April 19, 2012
It's amazing, I can't find my car keys, but I remember this game as it were yesterday even though I was 12 years old and the game was 49 years ago. I went to the game with some older friends. (Older probably was 14-15 and it's amazing how safe the subways were considered since we lived in Brooklyn.) I remember it was a Friday and it was the first win of the 63 season. We were sitting in the upper deck section 33 and before the game batting practice balls were coming to our section quite a bit. (I remember Cliff Cook was knocking them out.) I remember Hunt hit the game-winning double to left but what I really remember to this day is there was a Brave fan sitting near us yelling "Gabrielson move over!" He just shouted this out over and over. Sure enough, Hunt pulled the ball down left (right below us) and won the game. In those days any Met win was really celebrated as they were pretty rare.

Jody Frank
April 8, 2013
I remember I was 11 and in Boonton Township New Jersey visiting my cousins. I was walking home from Denville Center and listening to my Japanese Transistor Radio. I remember this young first baseman named Ed Kranepool coming to bat. It was the first time I'd ever heard his name and as a first baseman in the local PAL league I was partial to those who played that position (especially lefty ones). I don't know if it was Kiner, Murphy, or Nelson who made the call but the ball left the park and it was the first but not the last time I listened to an Ed Kranepool homer. I was sure for years that Ed was 19 and it was his first at bat. My son corrected some of these and other facts I thought I remembered, but the home run by this young player did occur and when my son looked it up for me and showed me the box score on this website it brought a smile to my face. Nothing like baseball to bring you back.

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