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July 2, 1972
Expos 4, Mets 3
1972 Regular Season Game 70
July 4, 1972
Mets 2, Padres 0
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Brad Kurtzberg
June 29, 2001
This was the first game of a doubleheader and my first ever Mets game at Shea. I was 5 years old and I believe it was also batting helmet day. I remember that Willie Mays hit a foul ball which the man in front of me caught barehanded. Best of all was that Tom Terrific carried a no-hitter into the 9th inning. He was masterful. I also remember those awful mustard yellow Padres jerseys. The Mets won 2-0. Since this game, I have always wanted to be at the first no- hitter in Mets history. I've never been this close to a no-hitter or a foul ball since!!!!

Gary from Chesapeake
April 5, 2002
I was at this game with my family - my last trip to Shea before starting at the Naval Academy on 7/6/72. It was Leron Lee who spoiled the no-hitter.

May 2, 2010
What is interesting about this game is that Tom Seaver retired all 27 batters yet didn't get a no-no. After Leron Lee got a base hit, Nate Colbert hit into a double play.

Mr. Roboto
May 20, 2010
Metman, your comment is a little misleading. You make it sound as if Seaver had a perfect game going, but he didn't. He had four walks and faced a total of 31 Padre hitters. The walks were all left on base.

Tom had 11 strikeouts in the game and the Mets' two runs came on consecutive bases-loaded walks to Jim Fregosi and Ed Kranepool.

July 2, 2011
It was a double header and Navy day at Shea and Miss Navy was carried around the field in a battleship replica (on a truck bed) between games. I was 11 and accompanied my uncle (a Navy officer) in that battleship replica to the game but unfortunately was not allowed anywhere near Miss Navy and could not ride around the field in the replica. However, I got to watch both games from the bullpen and I met and got autographs on my baseball from Jon Matlack and Buzz Capra from the Mets and Johnny Jeter and Al Severinsen from the Padres. I still have the baseball. It was hands down the most awesome baseball experience of my life.

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