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June 27, 1974
Cardinals 6, Mets 1
1974 Regular Season Game 72
June 29, 1974
Mets 4, Cardinals 0
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June 30, 1974
Cardinals 5, Mets 2
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National League Standings, June 29, 1974

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Mike Vaccaro
May 5, 2003
My first-ever game, I was 7 years old. Old-Timers Day, and I got to watch my father weep when they opened the gates in center field and Willie, Mickey, Duke and Joe D all walked in.

Better, Jon Matlack threw a 1-hitter, and the only Cardinals hit was by ... John Curtis, the opposing pitcher. I remember my dad telling me I almost watched history and I remember telling him, what's the big deal, we'll see a no-hitter sooner or later. And we're all still waiting ...

Tim Lowell
April 19, 2005
My first game too, also 7 years old. Wow, how weird is that. I was there with my Dad, my sister (who lived in Manhattan), and her roommate. I remember one of the old-timers coming out in a horse-drawn carriage (Joe D?) The Curtis single was a clean shot into right field, a no-doubter.

April 22, 2005
I remember watching this game on TV at my grandparents' house on E 13 St in Brooklyn. I was 8 years old and although Matlack pitched a gem I remember feeling bad because he just missed a no-hitter and to make matters worse it was the opposing pitcher who got the only hit. I thought Curtis' hit was a clean one-hop single to center (not right) but I could be wrong. Little did I know that I'd be seeing one-hitters like this from Mets' pitchers for years to come with no one ever getting that elusive no-no.

Bob P
April 25, 2005
Tim and Buzz,

It's funny; if you look the game up on retrosheet.org, it lists the hit by Curtis as "Curtis singled to left."!!!

Peter Pallag
September 18, 2005
I was at this game as well, Mezzanine section 22. I kept score, and show Curtis's hit as L7, a line drive to left. One of the most overpowering Met pitching performances I've ever seen.

August 23, 2006
My first METS game and I was also 7 years old! I am starting to see a trend here! I remember it was Willie Mays's first "game" after retiring. He got caught in a run down between second and third and I remember a fan near me yelling out "Don't you dare tag him!"

I also remember my dad always commenting about how the pitcher, of all people, had gotten the only hit! He kept score, I still have the scorecard!

I have since seen Seaver-1977-versus Cubs (Ontiveros) and Cone-1988-versus the Padres (Gwynn) come close to making Met history.

Finally, I read Mr. Vaccarro's column about Shea in the Post back in '03. It still hangs in my office because of the similar memories it shares with my own past.

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