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September 19, 1975
Phillies 4, Mets 3
1975 Regular Season Game 155
September 20, 1975
Mets 9, Phillies 7
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Shad Stanleigh
July 13, 2002
This is the first game I ever attended in person, at age 9. My dad (who was and still is indifferent to baseball) nevertheless took me to abide my screeching wishes. We sat in Section 13 (how apropos) in the mezzanine section. I believe Schmidt and Luzinski went back-to-back for the Phils, and Rusty Staub homered for the Mets. Tug McGraw pitched for the Phils in relief at one point. I remember the game dragging back and forth as I breathlessly followed it like it was game 7 of the World Series. Finally Ron Hodges sailed one into the right field bullpen in the bottom of the 11th. I remember hugging my dad for dear life as I looked down as the sphere sailed toward Pignatano's veggie garden. How sad it is that before long I'll have to remember the last game I went to...since if they strike, I will have been to my last game.

James White
August 26, 2002
This was the first baseball game I ever attended. My Uncle brought me, and I remember Rusty Staub went 5 for 5 with a HR. And I remember Schmidt & Luzinski going back to back. And of course Ron Hodges hit a 2-run HR to win the game in 11 innings. I remeber throwing paper air planes on the field.

Shad Stanleigh
January 27, 2004
As of the night I write this, my dad who took me to this game will have been gone from us for exactly one year. If there was one personality he loved about baseball, it was that of Tug McGraw (who, as mentioned above, pitched for the Phils in this one) - and he's gone as well.

Missing you still, dad -- and Tug. Now, and ever.

Peter C.
October 2, 2005
Strangely, the thing I remember most about this game is not how entertaining,albeit meaningless a game it was, but rather that Mason Reese, that little redheaded kid who used to hawk Underwood sandwich spread in tv ads of the time threw out the first pitch. Maybe not so much that he threw out the pitch, but rather that a couple of innings into the game he and his mother wound up seated right behind my Grandfather and myself in the mezzanine reserve section. Our seats were ok but not great, certainly not where you would expect a guest of the club given that honor to be seated. Anyway, I remember him signing his name for a long line of autograph seekers for an innng or two before his mother asked security to disperse the crowd.

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