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September 20, 1975
Mets 9, Phillies 7
1975 Regular Season Game 156
September 21, 1975
Phillies 4, Mets 2
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Charlie JoJo
November 26, 2002
This was the 1st Mets game I ever attended. It was Fan Appreciation Day and I got a nice little Mets bag that I still have somewhere. I particularly remember 1) how dead the Mets offense was that day and 2) how I had to seriously go take a leak from the 3rd inning onwards. I was only 7 years old and at the game with a friend and his dad, so I kept my mouth shut about my beckoning tinkle urge.

The game was going by pretty fast though, and as the bottom of the 9th approached, with the Mets hopelessly down 4-0, my friend's dad said "Let's leave early and beat the crowd to the subway. Anyone need to go to the bathroom?" WHEW!

As we left the restroom and made our way down from our nosebleed level, we heard a tremendous roar. We rushed back through a tunnel to the stands, maybe it was the loge or mezzanine level, to find the fans on their feet celebrating. "What happened, what happened?" we asked. "Hodges hit a home run!" somebody replied. I remember my friend saying "We miss the only excitement in the whole game because we went to the bathroom."

It seemed terrible then to have missed a homer, but little did I realize this would be just the first of a mountain of disappointments to come in being a Mets fan.

July 4, 2004
I attended this game with my best friend. What an eventful day.

We met Dave Cash's mom and chatted with her for a while. Really nice lady.

I dropped a foul ball hit to me by Ed Kranepool. It was a high popup, a spinner, and it spun out of my hands. Some kid got my easy bounce and my hand hurt for a week.

Thank God for second chances: caught a foul ball in Oakland, 16 or 18 years later, despite a ferocious beer buzz. Tumbled into the row behind me and got a nice ovation. I still have the ball.

I remember the Ron Hodges HR - a high drive cutting through the rain.

Finally, my friend and I missed Roy Staiger's only MLB triple in his career because we were in the food line.

Peter C.
September 27, 2005
I remember it was fan appreciation day. Also a very dreary day weather wise.

When the game ended there was message on the scoreboard saying thank you to the fans and wishing the Jets AND Giants good luck. The Giants played their 1975 home games at Shea, a few of them on Saturday afternoons because of conflicts with the Jets schedule.

Also, the Yankees were completing their second season in Flushing. The Shea field certainly got a workout that year.

December 8, 2006
This was not my first time at Shea but it was the first I had watched the Mets at Shea. Before 1975 I had no interest and I have no memories of being at Shea except at being at a bar with my dad and him talking about Willie Mays. My dad put me in little league and despite the fact I was inept on the field I fell in love with baseball and the Mets.

I wanted so bad to go to a game at Shea. I had a chance earlier in the year to see Old Timer's Game but my dad only had two tickets and I lost a game of Bingo to my brother.

I don't remember much about the game except the Phillies beat the Mets 4-2 and I got a little cooler that I had until the 80's. (Actually I think the one that lasted until the 80's was my Dad's and the one I had was lost much earlier than that.)

I have been thinking about this game; I recently purchased on eBay a filled out program for this game (not received yet) and it was interesting reading the box score of the game on this awesome site just now.

June 11, 2007
I attended this day game with my Dad. We were situated in the nose-bleed seats right over the right field wall by the foul pole. I was a little dizzy from the height. But we had a perfect view of Ron Hodges ninth-inning two-run home run since it landed right below us. Hodges had hit a game-winning extra-inning home run the previous day. He seemed red-hot at the time.

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