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April 26, 1976
Mets 3, Braves 1
1976 Regular Season Game 17
April 27, 1976
Mets 6, Braves 5
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April 28, 1976
Mets 3, Braves 0
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National League Standings, April 27, 1976

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Joe Figliola
March 28, 2004
Since this was a bicentennial year, my seventh grade class went on a field trip to Liberty Village in New Jersey to see what life was like in 1776. I brought my radio with me because the Mets were playing an afternoon game against the Braves and we die-hards wanted to hear it on the way home.

We heard the early innings, and for some reason we lost the frequency. We got home around six-ish and I was surprised to discover that the game was still going on and the Mets were down a couple of runs to Atlanta.

With runners on and two out, Bruce Boisclair BARELY ticks a two-strike fastball from Pablo Torrealba (I think) before jacking a double to win the game. I also remember seeing Bruce's guest spot on "Kiner's Korner," where he was describing the pitches he was getting.

Although I did not see the entire game, I have the feeling that this game had about the same excitement as that Mets-Astros game in July 1975 that I wrote about it earlier. I do recall the fans really getting into it as well as this 12-year old being absolutely glued in to what Boisclair was doing.

Barry F.
June 9, 2004
Good memory, Joe. Yes, it had the same feel as that '75 game vs. Houston. By this time, I was living in Howell, N.J. We moved in October, 1975. I was in my living room watching this game and the Mets were down to their last strike, down 5-4. On 1-2. Boisclair hit a two-run double to win the game. In April, it really felt like the Mets would challenge the Phillies and Pirates for the division. But the Lolich bust and lack of offense (partially brought on by Vail's injury and Staub's departure to Detroit) put the Mets out of it fairly early. May 1976 was really the last exciting time for a Mets fan until the Steve Henderson game in 1980. In between was a lot of heartache and anger.

Peter C
October 13, 2005
I remember watching this game after school. I think it mught have been a 4pm start because I seem to remember seeing the whole game and maybe even keeping score. I thought it was very exciting to see Bosclair come through in the clutch. If you look at the Mets lineup this day, there was a lot of age on that roster, especially among the position players.

The team was also totally devoid of speed. Bosclair was young and fast and he, as well as Mike Vail who had broken his ankle during the off-season semed to hold out some hope for the future. Of course that promise never materialized. There even seemed to be cause for optimism for the whole team. The Mets were closing out April on a 7-game winning streak and were in the midst of a 12-2 run through the beginning of May.

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