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June 3, 1976
Cubs 2, Mets 1
1976 Regular Season Game 52
June 4, 1976
Mets 11, Dodgers 0
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joe o.
February 11, 2003
I was not quite 10 years old and couldn't stay up late for this West coast game that started at 10 or 10:30 pm. But I rememberthe back of the NY Daily News, something like, "KONG blasts 3 Hrs, with 8 RBIs!" At the time, I never heard of such a game for one player.

June 5, 2003
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has heard Tom Lasorda's post game interview from this typical Kong performance. It's hilarious!!! You can find it in a KAZAA search under the name of Lasorda and Kingman. The reporter starts off by asking Tommy "so what did you think of Kingmans performance tonight?" Lasorda's response is a classic baseball moment. He uses every f word in the book to portray his anger, great listening.

Feat Fan
April 20, 2004
The crowd at Dodger Stadium on June 4, 1976 saw perhaps the most awesome power display ever at that facility, fortunately the star performer wasn't a member of the Dodgers. New York's Dave Kingman crushed three homers and drove in eight runs to spark an 11-0 Mets win. Kingman hit a two run homer off of Los Angeles' Burt Hooton in the fourth, hit a three run homer off of Hooton in the fifth and slugged another three run homer in the seventh (off of Al Downing).

Kingman's blasts accounted for 8 runs and provided Tom Seaver with plenty of support. It was a Friday night game and we were living on Staten Island partying with friends while watching the game on WOR.

Joe From Jersey
December 11, 2005
You can hear Tommy Lasorda's now-famous or infamous tirade on a new 4-CD/book called the Great American Baseball Collection which I purchased from QVC. Jay Johnstone was selling it on that channel; I called up, bought it and got it in a few days. Also, I tend to recall that the day before vs the Cubs, Dave struckout in the 9th with the bases loaded and after the game; he proceeded to smash everything in his locker.

April 2, 2007
This was one of those late night west coast games. I stayed up just long enough to see Kingman's first homer. After finding out that he hit two more, I regretted going to bed.

The Tom Lasorda tirade noted in the above entries did not occur after this game. At this time, Lasorda was not yet the Dodger manager (and probably not handling post-game press conferences.) Walter Alston was still there with Tommy as his third base coach. He took over as manager in September that year.

His outburst over the "Kingman's Performance" question actually came on May 14, 1978. On that date, Kingman hit three home runs for the Cubs against the Dodgers. The CD "Baseball's Greatest Hits" lists an incorrect date for when this happened.

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