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July 8, 1977
Expos 5, Mets 4
1977 Regular Season Game 84
July 9, 1977
Mets 7, Expos 5
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July 10, 1977
Mets 2, Expos 1
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National League Standings, July 9, 1977

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Davide E. in NM
October 24, 2000
For some reason, I actually sat through this entire game of two awful team. As the innings started mounting and the crowd started dwindling, I had much time to think about better days for the Mets, particularly 1969 and 1973.

Hank G.
November 8, 2000
My friends and I went to this game as part of a "Youth on Wheels" bus trip from our home town on Long Island. We were still too young to drive, so the chance to get to Shea on our own was pretty exciting. The game went in to extra innings, and we desperately wanted to stick around to see the outcome, but the chaperones, I guess, had the responsibility of getting us home by dinner time, and were conscious of the bus driver. So much to our dismay, they herded us out of there around the 14th inning. When we got home, we found out that Lenny Randle had won the game for the Mets with a three-run homer in the 17th inning. It was one of very few exciting moments for the Mets in 1977, and we missed it.

June 4, 2001
I can't forget this game. I made my mother sit for 17 innings. Lenny Rangle won the game with a 2-run homer in the 17th. Lenny was a bright spot in '77.

Kevin Feig
October 14, 2006
My parents took me and two friends to this game to celebrate my tenth birthday. Typically when my dad took me to games (about ten total) he'd usually start to get antsy to leave around the sixth inning. He always wanted to beat the traffic from 12,000 or so fans attending Shea. On this occasion (probably because the game was my birthday gift) he let us stay despite the fact he clearly wanted to leave and was becoming more and more agonized with each passing inning. He made it clear at the top of the 17th that this was the last inning we were going to stay for. Thank goodness the Mets won it, and we got to see the whole game (the longest game I ever attended). On the way home one of my friends got sick in the back seat of his VW Beetle. My other friend and I spent the rest of the car ride home standing on the back seat to avoid the mess.

After almost thirty years my memory has played some tricks on me. Before looking this game up, I recalled that Steve Henderson hit the game winning HR (wrong) and I thought the game was 18 innings (wrong).

As memory serves the game winning shot was to left center, but based on my faulty recollections I am not so sure now.

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