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August 15, 1977
Mets 7, Cardinals 4
1977 Regular Season Game 118
August 16, 1977
Mets 5, Cardinals 1
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September 8, 2006
I was around nine years old and I believe we were driving home from a family trip to Hershey PA. I recall my father trying to get the game in as we moved homeward towards NJ. I remember being somewhat interested as the Mets were playing well in it and they got something started in a inning when I believe it was either Station Identification or Bob Murphy mentioning the death of Elvis Presley. All I remember is my mother frantically changing the channel looking for news while sobbing. I had just started being a Met fan "what a time aye?" and wanted to hear the Mets rally. And protested in the back seat demanding my mother put the Mets back on. My mother with satan in her eyes looked back and me and told me to SHUT UP about the STUPID METS!!.

It was the only time I can ever remember her yelling at me like that which is why this sticks out so much. I mean who the hell was Elvis to me at the time? Certainly no Lee Mazzilli!!

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