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August 1, 1979
Phillies 9, Mets 6
1979 Regular Season Game 103
August 2, 1979
Phillies 7, Mets 4
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August 2, 1979
Mets 2, Phillies 1
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National League Standings, August 2, 1979

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David Weidenbaum
August 6, 2004
This was my first baseball game. I was 8 years old and devoured every moment.

Tim Ramsdell
October 13, 2005
I remember listening to this game on the radio and hearing Bob Murphy tell the listeners that Thurman Munson had been killed that day. A few minutes later they posted it on the scoreboard. Murph described how the next Met batter, Lee Mazzilli, turned back towards the dugout to gain his composure, and Pete Rose turned around and stared up at the message on the scoreboard in disbelief. I'll never forget that.

October 27, 2008
I just turned 13 and had sent away enough Dairylea milk red caps (4 points) and cut out half gallons (2 points) so that I could see the Mets and Phillies at Shea. Game was not originally a doubleheader, so I was thrilled that this became a 5:35 p.m. twin-bill. Awesome. Unfortunately, that would be the day Thurman Munson was killed.

As Lee Mazzilli stepped to the plate I remember that the letters on the "Big" scoreboard were slowly coming up stating something about All-Star Yankee catcher... Thurman Munson.. was killed in a plane crash in Ohio... I remember thinking what the heck was he doing in Ohio? Wow. I mean I hated the Yankees and really disliked the arrogant Munson but the silence and shock was real. I remember that Mazzilli stepped out of the box to sort of catch his breath.

The game continued and Greg Luzinski pounded a HR and the Phillies won the first game. Dan Norman, the overrated prospect we received for Seaver, hit a HR for the Mets. Maybe the only good thing he ever did for us. The second game was delayed by rain but the Mets mercifully won that game. Unfortunately, I didn't see a lot of the second game because of the rain delays since I was due home, baseball or no baseball.

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