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June 11, 1982
Cardinals 7, Mets 3
1982 Regular Season Game 58
June 12, 1982
Mets 6, Cardinals 2
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June 14, 1982
Mets 2, Pirates 1
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National League Standings, June 12, 1982

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Chris D'Orso
October 16, 2002
This was my first ever baseball game. I was six years old, and I was actually a Cardinals fan at the time, because that was the name of my first Little League team.

I don't remember much of anything about the game, except for getting an autograph from a random Cardinals player (I think it may have been backup catcher Orlando Sanchez, although sadly, that autograph is lost to the ages)... that, and that the Mets actually won that day. Shea was rocking that night, because the Mets didn't win too many games that year, especially not against the best team in the NL. But I was miserable, on the verge of tears, because my Cardinals lost. Ah, youth. (A few seasons later, I was on the Twins, but couldn't bring myself to root for a team in the American League. And so a Mets fan was born.)

Bob P
May 27, 2003
Chris D'Orso, I hope you're still checking this website!

You said you don't remember much about the game. Here's what happened:

In the bottom of the third, the Mets scored five runs off RHP Steve Mura. Mura was probably best known as the guy who accompanied Ozzie Smith from San Diego to St. Louis in exchange for Garry Templeton and Sixto Lezcano.

George Foster and Dave Kingman had RBI singles and then Mike Jorgensen hit a 3-run homer.

Ron Hodges homered in the bottom of the 4th to make it 6-0, and the Cards got RBI singles by Lonnie Smith and Dane Iorg as the game went on for their two runs. Craig Swan improved to 5-1 with the win, and the Mets were 30-28 after the victory.

After taking 3 out of 4 from the Cards the next weekend in St. Louis, the Mets were 34-30 and just 3 games out of first place.But thanks to five- and seven- game losing streaks, the Mets were 40-47 at the all star break and they went just 25-50 after the break to finish last, 27 games behind the World Champion Cards.

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