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September 11, 1985
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1985 Regular Season Game 138
September 12, 1985
Mets 7, Cardinals 6
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National League Standings, September 12, 1985

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Joe Lanzisera
July 22, 2002
This is one of those Met highlight reel classics. Tie game in the bottom of the 9th. A game the Mets absolutely need to stay in the race. Mookie leads off the 9th with a single. Wally bunts him to second and then Keith goes the other way and punches one past Ozzie into left field. Wilson barely beats the throw to the plate. What a game!

October 14, 2004
I have bittersweet memories of this game. It was the day the Yankees were also playing the Toronto Blue Jays at home, trying to win their division. My brother Andrew had tickets to the Yankee game.

I covered the Met game for Inside Pitch. But that morning, I went to my interview with the magazine's new editors from No'th Ca'lina, and that was just a formality. They gave me the axe. But I still had my press pass for this game, and I didn't want to miss it. My favorite Mets, Ed Lynch, and Keith Hernandez starred, the good guys won in thrilling fashion, and I said my good-byes to my colleagues.

They drove me across town to Yankee Stadium for the second half of "Baseball Thursday," and dropped me in the press parking area. A few handshakes, some backslaps, and my days as an editor of Mets Inside Pitch were over. Then I pulled out my ticket, walked through the turnstiles, up to the upper deck, where Andrew waited, and I was an ordinary fan again.

It really hurt.

David Kaplan
July 16, 2006
This was my first ever baseball game. My grandfather wanted to leave, but I whined and fussed so he stayed, and I'm glad he did. From that game Keith Hernandez became my favorite player and I became a Mets fan for life.

Jim from Connecticut
October 14, 2006
My Dad and I made the trip to Shea from Connecticut to see a great game in the thick of a pennant race. We saw a classic mid 80's Mets game. I'll never forget the sinking feeling and dead silence when McGee hit that HR in the top of the 9th to tie the game. Keith Hernandez's single through the hole between short and third is still one of my most vivid memories of Mets thrills. I'll never forget seeing Mookie round third base in full sprint in his white Mets uniform as the winning run. Nobody ran like Mookie, he had a certain style I've never seen. Hernandez was such a clutch hitter. I miss those days!

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