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May 29, 1986
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1986 Regular Season Game 42
May 30, 1986
Mets 8, Giants 7
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January 30, 2002
This game was typical Mets 1986. All I remember was the end. The Mets were dead in the 10th down a run 2 outs, somehow they tied it. Then with Mitchell on 2nd base Santana popped up the ball in the infield. Mitchell ran full speed while Robby Thompson and Jose Uribe each called for the ball. Finally they both stopped calling for it looked at each other and the ball dropped right in between them. Mitchell scored and the Mets won and Raffy was laughing as he was greeted by his teammates. Definetly top 5 game of the year.

June 15, 2003
Attended this game with my best friend. We snuck in a bottle of vodka and drank it with beers on the side.

We were very hammered, and about the only memory I have is the vivid picture of Uribe and Thompson colliding on the popup. Can picture it like it was yesterday.

December 14, 2004
Ahhh my first ever Mets game. I was 9 years old and my friend's dad took us and we sat in the luxury box for his company which would spoil me for every future game. Free food and drinks! Anyway the game looked over and my friend was bellyaching how he wanted to go home but his dad insisted we stay and I was so glad we did. The place went nuts when that routine popup fell through and I was hooked on the Mets from thereon out. A great memory.

October 8, 2006
The play at the end of the game is my first Mets memory. I was 8 years old and I listened to the game on the radio with my dad. I was already a Mets fan, but this is my first memory. I remember listening to Bob Murphy's call of the ball getting popped up and Thompson and Uribe colliding and the ball dropping and Mitchell scoring from second base. I couldn't believe it and it made me so happy I started jumping up and down. That was the day it really started for me.

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