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June 5, 1987
Mets 5, Pirates 1
1987 Regular Season Game 52
June 6, 1987
Mets 4, Pirates 2
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June 7, 1987
Mets 5, Pirates 4
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National League Standings, June 6, 1987

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Ralph Carhart
February 12, 2002
This was the first major league ballgame I ever went to. I had been to a number of minor league games but my parents weren't fans of the city so we had never gone down to see the big time. Finally, after my parents had suffered through my pain and ecstasy during the '86 postseason, my father, a lifetime Yankee fan, relented and was willing to spend the day not only in the city, but in enemy territory. My seats were behind home base in the upper deck and I spent the first two innings terrified. I had never been this high up in the air, unprotected by walls. But the view, for a small town boy like me, was majestic.

I was intitally disappointed to discover that Darryl Strawberry wouldn't be starting that day (he was my favorite at the time, until HoJo came along), but the Mets jumped to an early lead and all my worries were forgotten. However, a run in the fourth and a run in the fifth (one of them knocked in by some guy I had never heard of named Barry Bonds) and the game was tied. Then, as if from the pages of myth, Darryl came in to pinch hit in the seventh with one on (Rafael Santana I just learned). I wish I could get all misty eyed and say that it was the sweetest swing I ever saw, but, truth be told I couldn't see the batter's box all that well (too high up and the angle too steep for my 14-year old body to compensate). But I did get to see the ball, and it left that park in a hurry, right over the right field fence. The apple popped out of the hat, the crowd went wild and even my father was forced to applaud. I was convinced it would be like that every time I went to a game.

October 7, 2008
I remember this game. Darryl didn't play because he was supposedly hungover real bad. He was sick all day throwing up. He came up to pinch hit and hit a bomb. After he got back into the dugout, he went to go throw up again. No joke. It didn't dawn on me why he was sick but it does now. The night before he was out celebrating with his buddy Dwight and some other Mets after Gooden made his comeback from rehab. Still got a win though.

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