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October 9, 1988
Dodgers 5, Mets 4
1988 League Championship Series Game 5
October 10, 1988
Dodgers 7, Mets 4
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October 11, 1988
Mets 5, Dodgers 1
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May 30, 2001
What a miserable experience. I remember 3 three things clearly: 1. it was raining, I was in the right field upper deck, not too far past first base and I had never seen rain going horizontally before. It was coming at us from the Long Island Sound instead of the clouds. 2. I remember our short-lived ecstasy when the Dodgers pitcher, what was that SOB's name? was ejected when they found pine-tar in his glove and 3. the whole game was summed up by Keith Hernandez getting tagged out reaching for third base, crawling, about 2 feet from the bag: not even close! That's when we knew it was over.

Larry Burns
June 23, 2002
One of my all time favorite Met stories. Before Sid threw in Game 5 of the playoffs in 1988 (The night before was the Scioscia disaster) I got to the ballpark early. The Dodgers were finishing batting practice and Lasorda was holding court with the media in front of the dugout. Some Met fan was at the rail behind homeplate, above the netting, in the Loge. He screamed "Tommy, Tommy" at least 50 times to try to get Lasorda's attention. As Lasorda finished he decides to wave to this obvious fan, as he makes eye contact and waves the guy screams, "Lasorda you fat f**k!" Lasorda looked shocked. I almost peed myself. I figured we were gonna right the ship with that omen, then El Sid goes out and pitches a crappy game and we end up losing the playoffs. Great story, terrible game.

Joe Lanzisera
July 22, 2002
It was the night after the Scoscia disaster and I was sure we would turn it around. I was driving back to college after a weekend home (maybe it was Columbus day) and left early. I remember listening to Gibson take El Sid deep early on and it just went downhill from there. I have this whole series on tape and I've never once watched it. It's too painful.

Jeff In Florida
July 30, 2003
There had been some debate over if it was better to show this 12PM start live in Hawaii (for Hawaiian pitcher Sid Feznandez) which would have been about 3am, or to show it on tape delay. I remember that after Sid was hammered, the guys on TV said that they didn't know the outcome of the debate but if it would be tape delayed, Sid Fernandez might want to burn the tape.

Putbeds 1986
March 1, 2006
To Dave, You were commenting about Game 3. Btw, the weather was sunny but cold for October for Game 5 because my friend Gary has photos of Game 5 and shows them to me once in a while. He sat on the third base side for that game and has great shots of Straw, Jefferies, Gibson and Lasorda.

John T Brooklyn
October 1, 2006
I have chilling memories about this game. We were excited to have tickets to a playoff game, but we did underdress because it was FREEZING and WINDY!! Thank goodness some people brought a blanket to block some of the wind from behind, but after they left early we FROZE!

Someone mentioned this before, but seeing Keith Hernandez trip running third and getting tagged out crawling to was so pathetic, yet appropriate of how the Mets played that day. They just didn't have it then, and the core of the '86 team -Keith, Carter, even Gooden - was past their prime.

One happy note - found a great place in Woodside for some well-earned Irish coffee!

April 9, 2010
I was at this game sitting in my season seat Field Box 163g. Also I was at game 4 that ended in the wee hours of the morning and was right back at less than 9 hours after that game ended with not much sleep. So it was a quick day game after a real late night game.

It seemed the whole stadium was still in shock that the Mets had game 4 won and let it get away with a lot of questionable moves by Davey Johnson that cost the game. No doubt the Dodgers had the momentum as Kirk Gibson hit another home run and the Dodgers got way ahead early and the Mets showed no desire or inspiration to fight back in the game and lost 7- 4 and were in a 3-2 hole going back to LA for the next 2 games.

Two reasons why the Mets did not win the 1988 NLCS was Davey Johnson making some bad decisions and the team showing no heart or emotion which the Dodgers no doubt did have.

I did a two-sport day/night doubleheader this day. Went to the NLCS game 5 at Shea Stadium during the day and after the game headed right to Madison Square Garden to see the Rangers first home game of the 1988-89 season against the Devils. The Rangers lost that game with the Devils scoring the winning goal late in the game. While at the game I kept an eye on the TV as the Giants were playing on MNF in Philadelphia and they lost late in that game as Randall Cunningham just ran all over the Giants single-handedly. My teams were 0-3 on this day.

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