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August 29, 1992
Mets 6, Reds 5
1992 Regular Season Game 127
August 30, 1992
Mets 4, Reds 3
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August 31, 1992
Braves 8, Mets 6
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National League Standings, August 30, 1992

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flushing flash
March 21, 2002
I'm pretty sure this was a Sunday night game broadcast nationwide on ESPN. It was "Turn Back the Clock Night" at Shea: the Mets unis weren't too different but the Reds were wearing the vests and black sleeves that they wore in the early 1960's and which are their regular uniforms today. Rob Dibble blew the save by giving up two runs in the ninth, the last on a hit by Bobby Bo. He stormed off the mound and tore off his uniform as he headed for the dugout. Priceless!

Hank M
August 27, 2005
Bobby Bonilla hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth to win this one for the Mets. After he hit the ball, Jon Miller (ESPN's play-by-play man) said the words "It's going to stay in the ballpark." One second later (no exaggeration) the ball landed on the Mets' bullpen. The next the the TV audience saw was Dibble tearing off his 1962 style uniform vest and leaving it on the field.

From time to time, ESPN has shown a replay of this home run, but only to show what Dibble did afterwards. The never show it with Miller's erroneous call. Tim McCarver once said in a commercial he made "Never say it's out of here before it's out of here." Miller made this mistake, only in reverse. He said it WASN'T out of here before it wasn't. But it was.

January 23, 2013
I recall this game as 'turn the clock back' night. After Bobby B hit a HR to win the game in the bottom of the 9th, I can still see Reds pitcher Dibble tearing his shirt off in disgust!

The National Anthem was sung by 1950's-60's singer, Julius LaRosa. I worked with his daughter at the time and gave her the tix for him to sign. He wrote: "We won!! Julius LaRosa". I still have the tix in my collection.

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