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Dave Shaw
June 10, 2002
The expansion Rockies' first game. I was in the upper deck as a guest of some law firm. Gooden pitched a shutout and Bobby Bonilla went deep once, maybe twice. I'm not sure. We couldn't get a program, though. They sold out two hours before gametime.

flushing flash
April 25, 2003
The ninth of ten consecutive Opening Days that I personally attended from 1985-1994. Dwight Gooden pitched a gem besting the immortal #1 expansion draft pick David Nied.

This was the first game in Rockies' history. Eric Young was the first batter in their history. But no one claimed the first RBI in Rockies' history that day. Later that season the Mets shut out the Marlins in their first game against Florida. In 1997, the Mets shut out the Yankees and Blue Jays in their first matchups. And in 1998 the Mets blanked Tampa Bay the first time those two teams played.

That's five teams who were shut out by the Mets the first time they played them. I'll bet no other team can top that record.

April 25, 2003
Dante Bichette hits the 1st homer in Rockies history

Bob P
May 2, 2003
I was at this game with my then five-year-old son.

Mike, it's hard to hit a homer when your team gets shut out! Bichette's home run actually came in the next game, April 7, in the 7th inning off Bret Saberhagen.

Shickhaus Franks
September 6, 2006
Sat in the upper deck for this one, the first regular season game for the Rockies. They had a moment of silence for Steve Olin & Tim Crews of the Indians who had been killed in the boating accident that injured Bobby Ojeda; I think ex- Jets DE Dennis Byrd threw out the first pitch. (He was injured the previous November with a neck injury that ended his career.) I also remember that there were no programs on sale at all because they were gone, although I did request one by mail which I got a month later! And who was the starting catcher for the Rockies? Current Marlins manager Joe Geraldi.

Dan H.
October 1, 2006
On the this bright and sunny Rockie innaugural game day, Doc Gooden was truly outstanding. We were there early enough to get programs, as well as pendants welcoming the Rockies to the NL.

Karaoke Joe
September 28, 2010
I was at the game in the Upper Reserves behind home plate, Section 2, Row M. I had gotten there early to get two programs- one to keep score and one to save. Remember a fan sitting next to me saying I wasn't going to be leaving Shea with both programs if there was a Mets no-hitter. With the Mets history, thank God that never happened as Andres Galarraga got the first Rockie hit in their history! The Rockies needed 4 more days to get their first regular season victory!

Phil C
August 11, 2015
My only opening day in 55 years of watching baseball. Dwight is lights out, shut out. Went with my buddy Rick. Had a blast - except - NO ROCKIES METS FIRST GAME SCORECARDS. They "fell off the truck!" Right! Then went to NYC and watched the Whalers beat the Rangers 5-4!

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