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May 5, 1965
Phillies 1, Mets 0
1965 Regular Season Game 22
May 8, 1965
Mets 4, Braves 2
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National League Standings, May 8, 1965

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Feat Fan
April 19, 2002
With Cub Scout Pack 448, I'm 9 or 10, our seats are all the way up (I'm terrified). Lemaster vrs Fat Jack Fisher. Swoboda cranks 2 home runs and leads the NL with 8 or 9 at this early juncture. Eddie Mathews hits a line drive home run to right late in the game. We sing BEATLE tunes all the way home.

Joseph Dubin
January 11, 2005
I was at that game with a few friends and not only did Ron Swoboda hit two home runs, driving in all four runs, he barely missed putting out a third to the oposite field, the Braves rightfielder catching it in front of the warning track.

I also got my first major league autograph that day - Billy Cowan signed my scorecard prior to the game

Bill Peck
June 28, 2006
I was 11 years old and had never been to a baseball game before. My dad was really a football fan and did not follow baseball at all. As a kid involved with little league and nightly sneaking the 9v transistor under the pillow, I very much loved the game.

My neighbor, Tom Engleman, took me with his son Tommy, Jr. I had no idea what to expect but came away from this game a giant life-long fan of Ron Swoboda. The two home runs he hit and how the people around me cheered thrilled me to the bone.

I remember Hank Aaron's hits and Eddie Mathews' homer and thinking how great Swoboda must be to do better than these two famous players.

Somehow the Mets held on and won the game. I had been there for the last out. I felt so good. Thank you Ron Swoboda and the New York Mets for my first baseball memories.

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