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Mets 9, Padres 7
1993 Regular Season Game 82
July 7, 1993
Padres 2, Mets 0
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Stephen Costanza
April 19, 2003
Anthony Young, desperate for a win to stop his consecutive wins streak, retired something like 20 straight batters until Kevin Higgins singled with 2 outs in the 8th, and then Archi Cianfrocco hit a 2-run homer for the only 2 runs of the game.

Phil Thiegou
November 29, 2005
That summer it was extremely hot and that day the air conditioning wasn't working at the office so we were all sent home rather than stew in our own juices and smell the "aroma" of everyone else "stewing." So I watched this game that afternoon on TV. Like everyone, I was hoping that AY would break the streak, if not, at least not lose.

Well this game, he was Seaver, Clemens, Carlton, Greg Maddux and Nolan Ryan all rolled into one. However so was the pitcher for the Padres that game and the over-achieving AY was being betrayed by his under-achieving offense. The announcers were on the edge of their seats, the fans were on the edge of their seats, I was on the edge of my seat. Then that fateful 8th inning came upon.

When Cianfrocco hit that home run, it was one of the few times I saw Bobby Bonilla put an effort into something by practically scaling the wall to try to catch the ball but no luck and pounded his glove against the wall out of disgust and Dallas Green came out to the mound and was consoling AY like he was a little boy whose dog just died. You could hear a cumultive gasp from the announcers, crowd, and me as well. I give AY all the credit in the world; he acted like a true professional during "the streak."

They even tracked down the great great grand niece of the guy (she was about 8 at the time) and she asked AY to win a game so her great great grand uncle can keep his record. Weird.

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