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June 14, 2001
I was at this game when Anthony Young was trying to break his losing streak. He battled hard but a cheap hit in the ninth caused the Mets to fall behind setting up AY for another loss. But the Mets came back and won in the bottom of the ninth to win and end AY's much publicized streak. The crowd went wild for AY when he came out of the dugout and raised his hands in the air to the crowd. The fans appreciated his streak was mostly bad luck and was pumped for him that it was over.

Hot Foot
March 1, 2002
I was at the game, Field level first base line- when I saw AY warming up I knew this was going to be the game he broke the streak. When the Mets won that night and it was over, it felt like we had won the World Series...Definately the highlight of the 93 season.

January 11, 2005
Another season where I was only able to catch a handful of games at Shea. My friends here in Florida were all trying to force the Marlins on me but I would have none of it. I went to a good number of Marlins games in South Fla this year, inclduing their first ever game (on my 11th birthday), but watching AY break the streak in person was great. I remember sitting third base side, field level with my dad and my uncle and when the Mets won the game, in pretty dramatic fashion, the place went nuts like they had just won the World Series. It was great. Those were dark years but the end of the AY streak is a memory I will always have.

September 6, 2006
I still have the scorecard from this game stored safely away.

It was myself and my father, and there were 3 men behind us. When AY came into the game in the ninth inning, 2 of the men got up to leave, but the third convinced them to stay. 5 minutes later, AY blows the game yet again and all three men take off.

But even as an 11-year-old kid, I knew... it aint over 'til it's over. I wasn't leaving. My father and I stayed, and watched as (and my memory is fuzzy on this) McKnight led off with a single, Dave Gallagher pushed him to second with a sacrifice, Ryan Thompson tied the game with an RBI single, and after after Orsulak failed to deliver, Eddie Murray hit a SHOT down the right field line that scored Thompson from first.

They carried AY out on their shoulders that day, and I was doing cartwheels for hours.

steve corn
February 15, 2011
I got to this game around the 5th inning. AY looked like he would lose another heart-breaker, but the Mets rallied back in the 9th, and the place went nuts. Like the other posts said, it was like they won the World Series. It was a very exciting moment, one of my all-time favorite games to see in person.

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