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August 13, 1993
Phillies 9, Mets 5
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February 21, 2002
At the Vet, Kim Batiste hits a walk-off grand slam off Anthony Young to win this exercise in humiliatiation.

April 12, 2002
Let's see... 15 years old... I was in Center City Philadelphia that night with a group of kids at an Easter trip reunion. Game was on at this restaurant where we ate. Kept looking backwards from my seat to see Phils winning, then losing, thinking the Mets had it sown up in the 8th, when we all left to cruise around to kill time. Knew the game was over soon after, but couldn't find a store window with a TV tuned to ESPN to get final score. Finally got home around midnight and caught the late Sportscenter with highlights of the Mets' and Anthony Young's meltdown...then heard Harry Kalas' emotional call on Batiste's grand slam, and went to bed laughing and smiling. That was the game I finally knew the Phils had the "team of destiny" tag, and that Dallas Green was no antidote for a truly awful Mets squad.

Jared K
May 5, 2002
I was 10 years old and my family had scored free tickets to this game because my sister's gymnastics team participated in this little event between a few innings. The seats sucked, way upper deck, first base side, and I was the only Mets fan surrounded by a bunch of rabid Phillies fan hell bent on a championship caliber year. Bobby Bonilla's two HRs that day was pretty much all the offense the Mets could muster in the game. Gooden started the game. He had okay stuff, kept the game tied at 5. In the 9th, still tied at 5, Anthony Young was brought in from the pen. Kim Batiste drills an opposite field walk off Grand Slam HR. It was the most devastating Mets loss I remember, even though the team lost 103 games that year. To lose it in a style like that, it was heartbreaking. Those were the truly dark days of Mets baseball.

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