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September 26, 1998
Braves 4, Mets 0
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September 27, 1998
Braves 7, Mets 2
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September 4, 2003
This game just might be the most heartbreaking since I have really started rooting for the Mets back late in the 1992 season when I was ten. We have a share in season tickets, and the playoff tickets had arrived right before this awful Braves series started. I really thought they had the wild card won, especially after taking three out of four from the first place Astros in a wild series in Houston. The fact that we already had recieved the playoff tickets made it all the more painful. How could they go from beating the Astros three out of four on the road to losing two to the last place Expos at home? Then, of course they were doomed to go to Atlanta for three. As I remember, the major mistake Bobby V. made was starting Armando Reynoso instead of Hideo Nomo.

Armando Reynoso had like an 0-6 record with like an ERA of 6.00 career against the Braves. It cost them majorly.

I was in tenth grade, and had the stupid walk-a-thon at my stupid high school the next day. I wore my Mets shirt under a fleece. This girl I am aquantances with who is a big Yankee fan, made a comment at me about the Mets, and opened her coat to show me a 1996 World Champion Yankees shirt she had on. Ohhh, did I want to whack her even though she is coool.

October 20, 2004
There are three games in sports that have always got to me and it feels just as bad everytime I watch the highlights. One is the game where Adam Vinatieri kicks the game-winning field goal in the last super bowl against the Panthers to end the dream, even though they had come so close. The second was the game when the Red Sox almost made the World Series last year but somehow those Yankees managed to come back and then Aaron Boone hit the home run, you know the story. The other one, however (probably the most heartbreaking one) was this game because I had so much faith in the Mets and the Mets needed to win this final game against the Braves while the Giants and Cubs both lost to force a three-way tie for the wild card lead for the first time in history. The Giants and Cubs both did lose their games and all the Mets needed to do was defeat the Braves but Armando Reynoso ruined any hope they had and Andruw Jones caught the fly ball that ended the Mets dreams.

September 19, 2007
What I remember about the game was Hideo Nomo who practically owned the Braves in his career, not starting the game after Bobby V had asked him to.

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