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August 22, 1999
Mets 8, Cardinals 7
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September 8, 2004
The Mets were down 6-1 in the eighth and it was seemingly over but then the Mets rallied and loaded the bases for John Olerud who, with that smooth swing of his, hit one over the fence for a grand slam and it was 6-5! Then Mike Piazza steps up and, one pitch after Oleruds homer, powers one into center and J.D. Drew leaps over the fence but he can't get it and the game is tied. Then the Cards score a run in the ninth, making it 7-6 but the Mets come back again in the bottom of the ninth and then Alfonzo steps up and grounds one through the hole between shortstop and third to drive in the winning run and the Mets won 8-7!

September 15, 2004
An incredible game! Mark McGwire hit a blast off the scoreboard and, in the bottom of the eighth, it was 6-1 Cardinals but the Mets loaded up the bases for John Olerud, who blasted one out of the park for a grand slam to make it 6-5 and the next batter was Mike Piazza, who got a pitch over his head and still managed to overpower it and let it fly over J.D. Drew and the centerfield fence to tie the game at 6. The Cards retook the lead 7-6 in the top of the ninth but then, in the bottom of the ninth, Rickey Henderson stepped up and drove one into right for a double, scoring Ordonez and tying the game at 7. Then, Fonzie stepped up against Ricky Botallico, a future Met, and drove right in between Renteria and Tatis and into the outfield for a base hit to score Matt Franco and end the game.

Mark Freedman
December 28, 2005
One of the most exciting games (especially lately) that I've ever been to. This was the first time in 15 years my whole family went to a Mets game together. We didn't stay for game 2 (thankfully). But Olerud's slam was one of the highlights of all time, followed by Piazza. And to come back in the bottom of the 9th after falling behind again was the topper. Magic.

October 4, 2006
Such a fun day. First of all, 2 games for the price of one, since I already had tickets for the original Saturday game. Even though I'd been attending games for 13 years at this point, it was my 1st MLB doubleheader.

Second, Mark McGwire. My best friend and I drove up to Shea, getting there at around 10 AM, to watch batting practice (1st game started at 12:10). McGwire was putting balls in the parking lot. Then in the game itself, Big Mac hits an oppo bomb, getting stuck in Ray Lankford's #16 on the vertical lineup display of the scoreboard (he was the cleanup hitter!). Even we couldn't help but clap for the man as he circled the bases, our jaws completely dropped. I think it measured out at 501-feet. McGwire hit another one during the twin-bill just for good measure, a fence-scraper that gave him 50 homers for the season.

Then the's already documented here, but Olerud's grand slam and Piazza's homer to dead-center (which almost took out the people assembling behind the fence for the between-game entertainment) tying the game. Then after Benitez decided to make the top of the 9th inning interesting, Alfonzo comes up clutch in the bottom half and drives in the winning run after the Mets tie it back up.

Game 2 was a loss, but it involved one of my favorite pitchers of all-time, Orel Hershiser, so I still couldn't complain too much.

All in all, it was about 10 hours at the ballpark, and it still went by too fast.

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