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October 8, 1999
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Tom Fehn
November 30, 2001
This was my first ever playoff game and this season I went to many many nailbitters and of course of the way to Shea we hear Ed Coleman say Mike Piazza wont play today because of a injured thumb, the 1st thing that came to my mind was I have the worst luck in the world, that at of all the playoffs games I go to Mike Piazza isn't gonna play, but finnally something went my way and that is the Mets beat the D-Backs 9-2 oh man after all the games I have ever went to and all the years of stressful games it felt so great to watch a playoff game and in the 7th inning just relax and not even worry about a rally or nothing, this was my favorite game ever and also I caught a foul ball hit by Tony Womack so it couldn't get better.

July 29, 2002
The first home postseason Mets game in 13 years. . .and I was there! This was the first (and so far only) playoff game I attended and my boys didn't disappoint. They played a dominant brand of baseball that night and took hold of this series against a team they struggled with all season long. The 6-run sixth when they batted around was a thing of precision, as they kept getting one well-placed hit after another. When you score nine runs without a home run, you know players brought their hitting shoes with 'em. Just a great night to be at Shea (although probably not as great as the following afternoon). For a lifelong Mets fan (we're talking since 1973), getting to see my boys in person in the playoffs was a great moment.

January 15, 2003
This was the first playoff game I attended. My family has a share in season tickets for seats on the field level behind third base. It was my dad and I. I was in my junior year of high school. I remember I got called down to the office at school because my dad was on the phone to verify when we were heading off to Shea. The game was awesome. I would have been happy even if the Mets had gotten knocked out in the first round (I did not expect them to beat Arizona). This game the field level was litterly rockin' with all the fans jumpin'.

August 13, 2003
This was the first Met playoff game I ever attended after being a Met fan for 24 years and the electricity was incredible. We were sitting down the right field line and some people were standing up for most of the game. I remember Darryl Hamilton being a sparkplug this night.

Joe From Jersey
December 11, 2005
It was the 1st Mets playoff game I ever attended. My brother, cousin and his ex-brother-in-law was with me. We sat in the mezzanine (3rd base side). And before the game we tailgated with thousands of other fans in the parking lot. Many of the fans were blasting "LA Woman" from the Doors and many more were listening to the Braves-Astros game that was going on that afternoon. The Mets won in a rout and my best memory was of the 4 of us hopscotching to our seats to avoid the clumps of horse manure that the NYPD horsies had left as a reminder. I always wish to this day that my cousin (who had the tickets to all the playoffs, he had the Sunday games package) had invited me to Game 4 aka Todd Pratt's home run off Matt Mantei. Oh well.

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