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October 25, 2000
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October 26, 2000
Yankees 4, Mets 2
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October 27, 2000
I was at the game (first World Series game of my life) and I can't imagine I'll ever see a more sickening sight then the Yankees celebrating on our field. It sounds far too much like the cry of a Brooklyn Dodger fan, but wait 'til next ye

Bob Mercier
November 1, 2000
I was watching this game on fox as part of fox sports coverage of the 2000 World Series and when those damn yankees took the 4-2 lead in the top of the ninth I was becoming very nervous about the possiblity of those yankees celebrating baseball's top prize on the Mets home field. So, when the bottom of the 9th began I did my best to prepare myself where I wouldn't have to look if the Mets lost this game and when the yankees got the last three outs I couldn't watch the site of them partying on the Mets home field so I did my best to not look at the tv until the yankees were finished partying on the Mets field. So, the yankees partying on the Mets home field made me pretty upset, boy, i'm sure all of you can understand that. So, as Mets fans we should show an emotion where hopefully they'll be a day where the Mets celebrate the World Series title on the yankees home field!!! get what I am saying?

flushing flash
November 20, 2000
Bob: you should have done what I did. As soon as that shot by Piazza (which at first looked like a sure home run) landed in Bernie Williams' glove, the television set went off and I went to sleep.

True Blue in NJ
December 27, 2000
Like watching a traffic accident. The last inning occurred in slow motion. I was in total denial for days. Still trying to get over it......

Jose Otero
May 30, 2001
All I know is when I get sick and I cant throw up, all I got to do is look at the very immage of mariano Rivera and the rest of the Skanks cellebrating on our home field and it will come out.

June 22, 2001
Been a Mets fan from the cradle and I always took pride in the fact that NOONE had ever celebrated at Shea, until now. I just sat there with my head down, unable to look up at the screen when the last out was made. I was listening to the radio broadcast of the game and recording the T.V. broadcast. I distincly remember hearing Bob Murphy's voice crack when he said "...and they will celebrate at Shea." I turned off the T.V and went to bed. My wife said that I looked as if I had seen a ghost. Now I know what my dad, formally a Brooklyn Dodger fan (now a Mets fan), felt like all those years. I will never get over this.

Easy Ed
August 23, 2001
Living in Maryland, I always root for the NY team, so I cheered for the Yanks in the 90's. But sorry, when it's Yanks vs Mets, I'm going to go with the Mets. Born in Brooklyn to ex-Dodger fans, there was no other way to be.

Anyway, when Petitte mishandled Leiter's bunt, I figured it was that Ol' Met Magic at work and the Metsies were destined to win. You gotta tip your hat to the Yanks, they just sucked it up and didn't fold like Boston did in 1986. I had a lump in my throat watching them lose that game. I felt especially bad for Leiter. The guy pitched his heart out and he STILL has no post season wins.

Keep the faith. The Mets will be back in the post season soon!

Travis Tastrom
November 2, 2001
For all of my 18 years, I have bled orange and blue. I remember a glimpse of 86, a little more of 88, but when the Mets won that game 7-0 against the Cards, I went crazy. I watched the Mets fight tooth and nail for the first four games. Reed pitched a great game in game three, and all I could think about was that "1986 Year to Remember" tape that I have watched probably over 250 times. All I could think about was that comeback, and thoguht for sure that it was happening again. I was wrong. Probably the lowest moment of my life was in game 5 when Piazza hit that drive. Off the bat I just knew it was gone I held my breath, then jumped up off the couch, and let out a yell. While I was in mid-air, I saw the ball settle into Williams's glove, and it was like I had hit an invisible ceiling. I fell straight down bounced once off the couch, and laid on the floor, sobbing like a little infant. I am not ashamed to say that. That contact of horsehide and leather broke my heart. I had seen this team come from behind to many times. Going into that game, there was not a doubt in my mind that they were going to rattle off three straight.

November 25, 2001
Let me just say this.... I was watching the game from Cityside Bar and Grill in the Cleveland Circle area of Boston with some of my friends from grad school.

And when Piazza hit the ball, I swear I thought it was a home run. When Williams caught the ball, I left the bar and have REFUSED to watch or listen to a replay of that out ever since. God forbid I might get stuck having to hear that stinking idiot Sterling do his Yankees win thing....I think I'd hurl....

December 10, 2001
The key to the whole Series came down to 2 walks:

Benitez's walk to O'Neil in game 1, and Leiter's walk to Posada in game 5.

Dave Marr
December 27, 2001
My worst pro sports nightmare come true. One of these days I'll get over it -- maybe after some intense therapy and a Game 7 win over the Yankees in the Bronx. Hope it happens in my lifetime!

Mike D
February 27, 2002
I remember this game all too well. I was a senior in high school and I had a hockey game that night as well as something for homecoming week. I kept checking the score of the game in one of the classrooms downstairs. My heart sank when the Yanks went up 1-0, but when we went up 2- 1 I was on cloud 9 and convinced that Shea Magic was alive and well, I guess we all know how that turned out. Some of my friends that were Yankees Fans at school, although can I really consider them friends, were telling me to quit dreaming but my reply was, "ya gotta believe!" I got home to see the Yanks tie the game and take the lead and I decided to go to bed hoping that my non- watching strategy, which paid off before, would work again. Needless to say, it didn't work, but the playoff run of 2000 sure was memorable. The next day at school I wore my black Mets jersey and proclaimed I was still proud of my team, and I took my lumps. But the Yanks will go down eventually to us. And a heartfelt thanks goes out to the Diamondbacks for knocking out the Yankees in the 2001 World Series, you made a group of 8 Rutgers University Students very happy on a November night.

March 30, 2002
I was in disbelief when this one was over. A moment that will always stand out in my emotions was when Sojo grounded that single up the middle. It was the microcosm of this series: three different fielders barely missed the ball, and the throw barely missed beating Posada. When Posada walked that inning I had an erie feeling he would find a way to score with two outs and he did.

December 16, 2002
I'm a former New Yorker now living in Israel. I still follow the Mets and I got up every night at 2:00 AM Israel time to watch the games. All in all, it was a fabulous Series, very tense. As soon as Piazza's fly ball was caught, I turned off the TV and made a long distance call to my friend in New York, who is a Yankee fan. They were celebrating, of course, so I congratulated him, then went to sleep for a couple of hours before going to work.

Justin Hester
April 23, 2003
I have been a Mets fan since 1986, I was 7 years old, even though the Mets lost this game and the series, I will always consider Al Leiter to be one of my all time favorite players. He pitched his heart out that night.

June 8, 2003
Hey there. The way this series turned out pissed me off. My family has a share in season tickets and I got to go to three playoff games in 2000, including the fourth game of the World Series. I was a senior in high school that year. I remember they had designated a school day for showing off your favorite team's colors in honor of the Subway Series. I made a bet with these Yankee fans that the Mets would win it. Here is the part where you will think I am stupid, the Mets were already down 2-0 when we made the bet. If the Mets lost, I would have to pay five dollars and stand up on my desk in class and dance like a monkey. Of course, we all know the result. But, I was prepared for the possible humiliation. Immediately when I got to economics (the class I had with those guys), I walked into the classroom dancing like a monkey with the monkey noises and all. I had to do it a total of like three times over the near 45 minutes we were in the class and pay the five dollars. Anyway, I am not shot on the 2003 season yet. LETS GO METS!!!!!

June 19, 2003
I was born in 84, so I have no recollection of the 86 series other than the highlight reels. This was my first experience with a World Series that actually had meaning. My dad happens to be a die hard Yankee it wasn't fun living in my house that week. I remember just getting up from my couch in the bottom of the ninth and leaving the house. I could not watch the rest of the game and listen to my dad's "You should root for the real champs" anymore. Because I never give up, I watched the rest of the game from the porch looking into the window, but when the third out fell I took a walk and didn't come back inside for an hour. In hindsight this was a pretty dumb move because it was midnight, chilly, and I wasn't wearing any shoes. I just remember walking up and down my street in complete denial and damn close to tears. I then gathered up the strength to slink back inside and go to sleep. To this day I refuse to discuss the series with my dad! One day we will get our revenge!

October 21, 2004
I got to the game at 3:30, knowing that if the Mets won, I could see Roger Clemens and Mike Hampton in Game 6, which promised to be a great game. I watched batting practice and caught a foul ball from Al Leiter and then watched him hit a BP home run.

The pitching matchup was Al Leiter and Andy Petitte and the game was good from the beginning. Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams each hit solo shots but the Mets made it 2-1 before Bernie's homer and it was fun to watch Al Leiter get his first hit in a year on an infield hit.

But in the ninth, Luis Sojo hit a ball up the middle and everyone blames the Mets losing on Bobby V leaving Al Leiter in for a 141st pitch but that wasn't why they lost. Jorge Posada was on second and someone else was on first when Sojo got the hit and Jay Payton made an incredible throw home that should've nailed Posada and ended the inning but Piazza wasn't covering the plate right. Instead of playing in front of home plate so he could catch it and tag Posada he was playing behind home plate, allowing the ball to hit Posada in the knee instead of going into Piazza's glove, the ball gets away, and another run scores and then Piazza hits one in the bottom of the inning deep but not deep enough at exactly midnight and my heart sunk and everyone was cheering as the Yankees ran out on the field and were mobbed by the media and it was horrible. Shea Stadium had been abducted by Yankee fans.

October 18, 2004
Being a Yankee fan before a Met fan, I was happy with the World Series' outcome.

But I remain annoyed to this day that New York could not hold a joint parade for both teams. The Yankees and Mets gave New York two great pennant runs and a great World Series. They were both champions.

They should have been honored together in a joint ceremony.

Tom M
February 10, 2005
My wife and I were at the Met playoff clincher vs. the SF Giants and the NL clincher vs. the Cards as well as this game. Left the game before the bottom of the ninth and have never seen (and never will) the final out or the Yankee celebration. Worst Met loss I have ever attended in my 37 years going out to Shea. I still haven't gotten over it. (Maybe the Mets haven't either.)

Jose Otero
March 9, 2005
I think the ghosts of Shea past cursed the Yankees when they started celebrating at Shea. The spirits of Gil Hodges, and Casey (Even though he used to mannage the Yanks) cast a spell on them when they started to jump around the field like jackasses, carring Joe Torre on their shoulders like he was god or something, and parading the trophy long after the game while thier degenerates, I mean fans was still at Shea like it was the Bronx. Now the Yankees have not won a title since then, and not to mention they had the biggest collapse in sports history. Next time they win anything at Shea they should do it old school. Run off the field, celebrate in the locker room, and stay in the locker room.

Professor G
July 13, 2005
Worst night for me at Shea EVER. Even the 1988 NLCS Game 4 wasn't as bad. I still haven't gotten over this game and this Series. Why the Yankees? Why, of all teams to lose a Series to, why did it have to be the Yankees? Lee, you called it EXACTLY right. Payton nailed Posada and Piazza was on the wrong side of the plate. And just as everyone else thought, I just knew Piazza's drive was going to tie the game - just as I thought Todd Zeile's ball in Game 1 at Yankee Stadium surely had cleared the fence. We absolutely should've won Game 1, Game 2 was a complete humiliation at the expense of that jackass, Roger Clemens, Game 4 was complete frustration not being able to score a measly run to tie that 3-2 loss and losing Game 5 on Luis Sojo's 97-hopper up the middle...I remember being monumentally depressed the next year, too, when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees in the Series, wishing it could've been us who dethroned them.

Mike C
August 2, 2006
My dad got tickets for this game and I went with him, my sister and my uncle.

I was in college in Maryland at the time, and even though the game was on a Thursday and I had an exam the next morning, I couldn't turn down the chance to go to a historic game like this one.

I drove from Baltimore to New York after classes on Thursday and made it just in time for the first pitch.

What a great game. Our seats were in the mezzanine, way down the third base line. Leiter was tremendous, fans from both teams yelling back and forth at each other.

I remember the sight of awful Sojo's dribbler up the middle and I remember leaping out of my seat when Piazza hit the ball that became the last out. The ball made a great sound off the bat. I yelled out, "He did it!" but then saw Bernie settling under it near the warning track in center.

I slumped in my chair and just sat there for about 5 minutes.

When we got back to my parents' house, I was so wired from the game, I decided to drive straight home to Baltimore at 1 a.m.

The next day, I took the exam and got an A. Go figure.

October 21, 2007
I was home for this game. I am a Yankee hater as well as a Met lover but honestly as horrible as the sight of the Yankees winning on our field, it does not rank as my worst moments as a Mets fan. I rank losing to the Dodgers in 1988 and the Cardinals last year. Perhaps a reason for this is that we lost in 5 games and the pain would have been deeper if we had lost in 6 or 7. Nonetheless this was a nightmare. I will not make excuses for us, we lost and that's it. We made too many mistakes and bungles in this series and you cannot do that against an experienced World Series team like the Yankees and I hated people coming up to me and saying well you guys played well. I don't care how well we played or how close the games are we lost 4 games to 1. I am and will always be proud of my Mets and someday retribution will come and when we play those Bums in the series, As my mom used to say, Payback's a bitch.

Shickhaus Franks
December 17, 2007
All I want for Christmas is PEACE ON EARTH, TO WIN THE MEGA-MILLIONS AND SPEND NEW YEARS EVE IN CANCUN WITH A BEAUTIFUL FOX NEWS ANCHORWOMAN. I know, I know that those things may NOT happen but I want one thing for the holidays is for Bud Selig to put a big fat (*) on the 2000 World Series because of the Evil Yankees and their Better Living Through Chemicals program.

Joe Lanzisera
February 25, 2009
I still can't watch the final out without thinking that Piazza's drive is going out. We saw him hit a hundred balls out on swings just like that. I literally jumped to my feet just in time to see the ball fall into Bernie's glove. I still think about how that felt.

June 18, 2009
I remember this game as well as any game. I was watching the game at my house in South Florida as I was preparing to fly to Tampa, FL the next morning for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. They also were watching the game, my grandfather was always a big Mets fan and loved the Dodgers before they fled from Brooklyn. My grandparents always remembered those Yankees-Dodgers Subway Series, so this was special for them too. Only fitting this Subway Series took place on their 60th anniversary. Yes, the Mets did lose and the Yankees celebrated at Shea and it's hard to forget it but was a great year. As this turns out, this game was the last World Series game ever at Shea Stadium. When my aunt picked me up in Tampa the next day we had to drive by the Yankees spring training complex and we saw a worker literally painting over the Yankees World Championships board changing from 25 to 26 titles.

July 7, 2012
When Piazza hit that fly ball was a quick glimmer of hope until it fell in Williams glove. The second darkest day in Mets history next to the 2007 fall.

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