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June 22, 1962
Colt .45's 16, Mets 3
1962 Regular Season Game 67
June 23, 1962
Mets 13, Colt .45's 2
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June 25, 1962
Pirates 13, Mets 3
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National League Standings, June 23, 1962

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September 30, 2002
This is the game that hooked me on the Mets. I was 9 years old, knew almost nothing about baseball. I had asked my dad what an "error" was. He explained but then said the best way to learn the game was to watch it. He sat me down in front of the TV and turned on this game. He explained the Mets stunk. I asked him why he liked them. He said he always roots for the underdog. I was in awe of Ashburn's 2 homers. Mets kicked ass and I was a Mets fan for good.

Bob P
May 22, 2004
Richie Ashburn hit two homers in this game: one over the fence, and one inside the park.

Not only did Wille McCovey have three homers, but he hit the three homers in the first four innings!

As of today, a player has had three homers by the end of four innings only nine times in major league history.

Steve Abuisi
August 23, 2006
I was 12 years old and a Richie Ashburn fan since about 7 or 8 or since I heard Dizzy Dean (I believe) on a Saturday afternoon broadcast say "that Ashburn, he can run like a deer" and what 7 or 8 year old kid wouldn't want to "run like a deer" especially after fly balls! His 2 homers that day were an amazing part of an amazing year. I think he also crashed into a wall that day making a "routine" catch.

Gary Broitman
May 28, 2007
My first Mets game ever. Only 11 years old. Still a Met fan and still going to games 45 years later.

Ken Leonhardt
July 13, 2008
I was three days shy of my tenth birthday and attending my first baseball game. My dad had bought a suit at Howard Clothes and they were giving away two Mets tickets for each suit purchased. We sat behind first base in the upper deck at the Polo Grounds and I was in awe the entire afternoon. Richie Ashburn hit two homers and the Mets enjoyed one of the few laughers that year.

I have always been more a Yankee fan but I will remember and cherish that day forever.

April 10, 2012
My mother caught a foul ball bare handed and a kid behind us yanked it from her hand. My first MLB game and never have gotten a foul ball.

Ed K
August 11, 2015
Ashburn hit the second inside-the-park homer ever by a Met in this game. Gil Hodges had hit the first one on May 16th and Charlie Neal hit one in 1963. Those were the only ones that the Mets hit in the Polo Grounds.

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