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June 26, 2005
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March 1, 2006
It was a hot muggy night in the Bronx. The Mets won the first 2 games of a weekend series and were well on their way to sweeping the series when in comes Braden Looper and spits the bit in the 8th. I went from talking major smack to the Yankee fans in the upper deck to walking out with my head held low while being ridiculed about my "closer".

Killer K
April 28, 2006
Now, as a long-time Met fan, I've seen my fair share of heart breaking, soul-crushing games (the Braves figure prominently in many of these memories). But never in my life have I had to bear this kind of humiliation or sense of letdown in person. After the Mets had taken the first two games of this series, on the brink of sweeping the Yanks (at a time when the jobs of both Stottlemyer and Torre were on the line), I drove to the Bronx and bought some scalped seats, anticipating history. I should have known better, of course.

Randy finally decided to pitch decently against the Mets, and both teams played awful baseball throughout. When Roberto came on the eighth to barely hold the lead, I figured that destiny was on our side. But in the back of my mind I knew that one run was not enough of a lead, especially when that bullpen door opened to welcome our beloved closer for the ninth...

If you've never experienced the singular pleasure of walking down the halls of Yankee Stadium, clad in Mets gear and having arrogant, front-runners cheer "1986!" in your ear, I suggest you try it. It humbles you in a way that can't otherwise be equalled. As the Mets rampage the league in the first week of this season, I wait with baited-breath for our meetings with the Bombers this year; you think Giambi will be able to deliver another game winning hit against the lefty firearm of Billy Wagner? Don't think so either...

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