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May 20, 2006
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tom g-NJ
August 23, 2006
Damn you, Billy Wagner, and shame on you Willie Randolph for putting him in to start the 9th inning. He should have let Duaner Sanchez start the 9th inning as he pitched well in the 8th, and if he got into trouble, brought Wagner in. McCarver and Buck both said that 2 minutes after I was screaming that at the TV from New Jersey!!! Bad loss, a gift they gave to the Yankees. However, you have to credit Melky Cabrera for hanging in there fouling off pitch after pitch after pitch. That was the key at bat of the inning. The one I feel bad for is Pedro, as Wagner messed up ANOTHER SHOULD HAVE BEEN VICTORY for Pedro. He should have been at least 7-0 at the time. He pitched so well, and gutsy when he needed to in the few key at bats he needed outs in. DAMN YOU BILLY WAGNER!!

August 23, 2006
This has to be the most demoralizing loss in my life as a Met fan. Up 4-0 in the 9th and Wagner literally implodes. Could not believe Mets lost this game, especially the way it was lost. One third of an inning 2 hits, 3 walks 1 hit batter and 4 earned runs. Don't understand why Willie stood with him so long. I understand he is our closer but when someone obviously doesn't have it you take him out. Said all along that Billy didn't need to pitch in this game, Willie could and should have stayed with Duaner Sanchez for 1 more inning, or even Jorge Julio who was pitching much better of late. Felt my heart rip out in the eleventh. SO MUCH FOR THE SWEEP.

Brooklyn 539er
July 12, 2006
A classic Mets meltdown that will be forever remembered in the lores of Mets ineptitude. Once again Billy Wagner showed that he's the expensive version of Armando Benitez and Braden Looper by choking BIG TIME.

Pedro pitched a 7-inning gem despite the occasional errors by both teams, highlighted by a dribbler to Giambi and tried to ole it to Mussina only to go way over his head. I couldn't cheer because I was laughing my butt off.

Well the 9th came in and as Wags came in to "Enter Sandman", which caused the Yankee fans who stayed to declare heresy for Wags "stealing" Mariano Rivera's trade, I had a funny feeling that this wasn't going to be easy. Well, by the time he hit Bernie Williams, the Shea faithful were calling for his head.

So after the game was over, the Yankee fans that stayed took over Shea and let us know about the failure all the way back to Times Square on the 7.

On a "lighter" note, Joseph Gannescoli, "Fat Vito" from the Sopranos was at the game and once he was spotted, everyone was yelling out "Johnny Cakes" to him and to his credit, he was laughing it up with everyone else and took about 40 pictures with the fans he met on the way out. The next night while I and everyone else was at Shea for the Series finale (which Wag did NOT blow), Vito got whacked on the show. Maybe someone on the Mets should whack Wagner before he becomes "The Boss" of choking.

October 11, 2008
Major meltdown by Billy. I really thought Bernie was out, but that's my opinion. This was only the second time that I had witnessed the Mets lose to the Yankees live. The only other time was the Benitez meltdown on the Sunday in 03. What's with meltdowns and me?

John B
March 12, 2013
I was 9 when this game happened. In my opinion the worst the Mets ever suffered to those damn Yankees. Wagner could have gotten 3 easy outs;p he allowed 2 hits but he kept walking and hitting guys.

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