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May 27, 2007
Mets 6, Marlins 4
2007 Regular Season Game 50
May 29, 2007
Mets 5, Giants 4
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May 30, 2007
Giants 3, Mets 0
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National League Standings, May 29, 2007

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A Kamani
April 4, 2008
One of the best and most unusual finishes to a Mets game. I remember that the Mets were down early 2-0 after Perez gave up 2 first inning bombs. Delgado eventually tied up the game with a 2 run blst in the fourth after the Mets had been pretty much dominated by Lincecum through the first 3 innings.

I left to go pick up my wife from work just as the Giants were tying up the game in the 7th, man was I bummed about that.

Anyways by the time I got back the game was still on and the Giants had first and third and 1 out and Winn at the plate. They scored the run on the grounder to first. (Still don't understand why Delgado bothered to get the out at first.)

Then the bottom of the 12th: Reyes walks. Then came the first balk. Chavez gets the bunt down. Then when Beltran failed to get the run in I thought that was it, game over. Then as Delgado stepped to the plate I see him point out at the pitchers mound, then I hear Dusty Baker say "they are calling another balk, I can't believe it". As Reyes walked home I was jumping up and down. Then Delgado goes deep and I think I danced around my living room for about 5 minutes as my wife looked at me wondering what the hell I was doing. I will remember this game for as long as I live.

July 6, 2012
Thinking back to this game makes me sad. A truly fantastic ending (and in my view an underrated great moment from recent Mets teams). But those first 2 months of the 2007 season were the last time that you could say that the Mets really were the BEST team in the National League. Despite the 06 playoff loss (helped brought on by last second pitching injuries), the 2007 Mets started out like gangbusters and were rolling through the league just like the year before and dominating. And then soon after this Delgado walk off homer, the team would pretty much play .500 ball for the rest of the long season. (And despite the 2008 Mets being a good team, we've never again felt the Mets being the best team in the league at any given time.)

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