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July 7, 1962
Cardinals 3, Mets 2
1962 Regular Season Game 82
July 8, 1962
Cardinals 15, Mets 1
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National League Standings, July 8, 1962

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Ed K
February 3, 2003
My first Met game at age nine. I recall the fans booing the entire Cardinal line-up except for Stan Musial who got cheered. The only game I went to with my grandfather and father before the former passed away the next year. We had box seats on the third base side and almost got a baseball during batting practice when AL Jackson was shagging flies and threw in a ball that rolled near us. And boy did centerfield in the Polo Grounds look like it was forever.

Bob P
January 31, 2004
Stan Musial hit three homers in his first three at bats after hitting a home run in his last at bat yesterday.

Stan the Man, age 41, became the oldest player ever to hit three homers in a game. I'm not sure if that record still stands.

Brad H
June 14, 2004
This was also MY first Met game. I still have the ticket stub. I was two and half weeks short of my eighth birthday. My dad and I attended the game at the Polo Grounds and I also recall very clearly how vast centerfield seemed. I was very excited.

Twenty Five years later, in 1987 I returned the favor and took my Dad to see the Cardinals play at Shea. He was only 59 years old, but suffering from macular degeneration, a dibilitatiting eye condition that left him with peripheral vision only. I described most of the action on the field to him, and you know? We had a blast!

He passed away suddenly in May 1988, and I am so glad we shared our Met baseball together!

The Big H
June 30, 2009
This game would be where to place the remark, that I once read that Musial was ready to retire after 1961, but when he saw the names on the Mets pitching staff he decided to continue. Based on his stats against the Mets you can see why.

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