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April 3, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, St. Louis Cardinals 4
Jeff In Florida
January 2, 2005
A Great opening day. Doc walks the bases loaded in the first but gains command as the game goes on. Hojo blasts a bomb off his favorite pitcher Todd Worrell and the Mets have an easy victory over the hated Cards.

Brian from Jersey
March 25, 2006

I'll never forget this game, it was the first Opening Day game I had ever been to. Hojo was my favorite Met at the time and to see him hit one over the right field fence is something I'll never forget.

April 16, 1989 Busch Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals 5, Mets 3
Jeff In Florida
January 10, 2005
I remember being concerned early. Ten games in and already 5 games out of first. The Cubs were hot. The Mets had a respectable year but never played with passion. A 3-7 start is not the end of the world, but you could see the lack of guts on this team.

April 17, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, Philadelphia Phillies 2
Russell Poage
June 1, 2008
I caught a foul ball off the bat of Mark Ryal of the Phillies. I was sitting 4 rows behind the 3rd base dugout with my wife and my father-in-law. It was a line drive that I caught with one hand while I had my beer in the other hand. When we got home we had three messages on our answering machine and one was from my friend who lives in Philadelphia and happened to be watching the game and saw me on TV. I would love to get a tape of this game as I heard that even Fran Healy commented on what a great catch a fan made!

John Petrellese
August 11, 2015

I was waiting for the right moment to ask my fiance to marry me, when the Mets hit 3 consecutive home runs! Its was amazing! Everyone in our section was cheering even more after they noticed what happened. We left and returned shortly after to more cheers! One of the best days ever..!

April 18, 1989 Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 7, Mets 1
September 21, 2009
One of the worst in injuries in the history of Shea unfortunately occurred during this game. Phillies RF Ron Jones crashed into the plywood wall and severely tore a knee ligament. A promising career was derailed. The outfield wall was padded the next year. Mr. Jones passed away in 2006 from "natural causes," may he rest in peace.

Rob C.
January 14, 2011

John Updike references this game in his novel "Rabbit at Rest" on page 184. He mentions a third inning three-run home run by Mike Schmidt, his fourth of "the young season" and the five-hundred-forty-sixth of his career, putting the Phillies up 5-0.

April 19, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Philadelphia Phillies 2
John L.
April 15, 2011
Went with this kid from work Dave and his father. Sat field level down the first base side. The game was unremarkable for the most part. Remember late in the game getting some ice cream from the concession stand in rightfield and yelling at Darryl Strawberry to demonstrate some leadership.

March 9, 2016

Lee Mazzilli hit the game winning 3-run homer in the 8th inning in this one to win it. One of his last real big hits as a Met.

April 22, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, Chicago Cubs 1
May 1, 2005
I attended this game with my mother, as I did many times as a child. This game was horrendous. Yes, the Mets won, and they beat Greg Maddux, who fell to 0-3 with the loss. But the overwhelming memory of this game was the fact that it was 40 degrees out, windy, and simply a miserable day. This was compounded by the fact that Sid Fernandez was working at a snail's pace all afternoon. It didn't matter that the bases were empty. He took no less than a minute between pitches.

To this day, my mother will groan and talk about this game whenever she hears the name Sid Fernandez.

Joe Figliola
April 12, 2012

I, too, was at this game. And I agree with Mets2Moon... it was FRIGID. After about four innings, my parents had to leave Shea Stadium because of the windy, chilly conditions. I, on the other hand, froze my you-know-what off and stayed. It's a wonder that my parents didn't drive off and leave me to catch the train home! (They wound up listening to the game on the radio in a toasty warm car.)

The highlight of the contest was Hernandez's home run. In the bitter cold and the wind against the hitter, he blasted an opposite-field shot over the wall in left. Keith must have had TNT in those guns of his to hit a ball that hard and long under those circumstances.

Yes, it was cold out. But that win began a hot year for me, as I witnessed 11 wins at Shea Stadium in 13 appearances.

May 3, 1989 Shea Stadium
Cincinnati Reds 6, Mets 4
October 21, 2015
I was ten years old and went to Shea with my dad. Must have been already the fifth game we went to that year. I only really remember it because Darryl Strawberry had an inside-the-park home run. The sheer power and speed he had was amazing to see especially as a kid. I was in awe. The memories will last forever.

May 4, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, Cincinnati Reds 2
John L.
October 11, 2009
I went with Eddie, a coworker of mine. He had lived in Beach Channel and we passed through his old neighborhood to pick up his friend Joey. We bought tickets at the box office. The seats were located down the left field line near the foul pole. Ed and Joey amused themselves by smoking some pot during the game. Ed thought it was cool when it was posted on the DiamondVision that Reds starting centerfielder Rolando Roomes had attended Beach Channel High School. Because of the location of our seats we could see into the Reds bullpen. Thought it was funny when we saw Rob Dibble flip the bird to Mets fans who were cursing him out when he was warming up late in the game. Left after the top of the 10th. Heard the roar of the crowd outside when Hojo hit a game winning home run off of Dibble in the bottom of the 10th. Ironic, because the last time I attended a Mets-Reds game in April 1985, Strawberry hit a game winning home run off of John Franco to lead off the bottom of the ninth inning.

May 7, 1989 Shea Stadium
Houston Astros 5, Mets 0
Lawrence A. Goldberg
July 2, 2002
This was the first baseball game my daughter attended. She was a little more than 2 months old at the time. My wife, daughter, and I were attending the game with another couple who also brought their infant son. We had seats very close to the field, up the first-base line at Shea. In the second inning, someone hit a wicked foul ball that just missed us by a few rows. Needless to say, it put a fright into us concerning the safety of our kids.

As far as the game itself, Jim Deshaies was masterful for the Astros, while Dwight Gooden looked mortal. He had his strikeout pitch (the "rising" fastball) working, but his control wasn't stellar, and Kevin Bass (the Mets' nemesis in the '86 playoffs) got to him. We had been hoping to tell our daughter as she grew older that her first game was pitched (and won) by a Hall-of-Famer, but it was not to be.

May 9, 1989 Riverfront Stadium
Mets 3, Cincinnati Reds 1
Bob P
April 28, 2004
Leading off the bottom of the ninth, Barry Larkin hit a grounder to Kevin Elster and Elster booted it. It was Kevin's first error in 88 games, a major league record for a shortstop.

By July of 1990, Elster was kicked out of the record by Cal Ripken, Jr, who went 95 games without an error.

May 13, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, San Diego Padres 3
John Cirilli
June 11, 2007
This was the first game I went to and it was glove day! I remember Mackey Sasser slammimg a home run, Lee Mazzilli chasing down a fly ball and flopping over the small Shea Stadium retaining wall in left field, and the Mets winning in extra innings.

May 28, 1989 Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers 4, Mets 3
Bob P
May 22, 2004
You've heard of games ending on a walk-off? Well, this game ended on a BALK-OFF!!!

Doc fell behind Fernando early, 3-0, with Mike Davis driving in two early runs. But the Mets came back to tie it with one in the fifth on an RBI single by Barry Lyons, and two more scoring in the seventh on a Gregg Jefferies pinch-hit double.

Rick Aguilera and Randy Myers combined for five innings of shutout relief while Dodger relievers Tim Crews, Jay Howell, and former Met Ray Searage did the same.

Roger McDowell came in to pitch the bottom of the twelfth, and he started it off by walking Dave Anderson. Willie Randolph followed with a single and after an error the Dodgers had runners at second and third. While pitching to John Shelby, McDowell balked and the Dodgers scored the winning run.

According to espn.com's Jayson Stark, a game has ended on a balk only three times in the last 30 years.

May 29, 1989 Candlestick Park
San Francisco Giants 3, Mets 2
October 18, 2008
I believe this was the game where the Mets got 4 outs in one inning.

What happened was there was a runner on 1st with 2 outs. On the next pitch the batter struck out but Barry Lyons threw to 2nd anyway to get the runner going to 2nd. The ball got away and Dykstra picked it up and threw home to get the runner trying to score, and he was called out.

I narrowed it down to this game. I know it was 1989 at San Fran. I know Dykstra was still on the team and Lyons was catching and it was a night game, so this seems like the only game it could be.

June 2, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, Pittsburgh Pirates 2
June 29, 2011
A very unexpected ending to this one. Dave Magadan, who did not hit many homers at all in his career (very good hitter though) hit a game-ending 2-run homer to beat the Pirates this night. Funny enough, Magadan had 2 game-ending homers as a Met (also one in 1992). Not bad for a guy with no power.

June 6, 1989 Wrigley Field
Chicago Cubs 8, Mets 4
Ed K
September 23, 2005
Vern Law lined into a 3-6-3 triple play in the 5th inning, Dave Magadan and Kevin Elster fielding for the Mets who lost anyway.

Educated Fan
September 16, 2007

I thought they would win this game, and bounce back from the 15-3 blowout the night before. The Mets had been very good at doing that.

Looking at the Retrosheet site, I see that the Mets had a 15-game winning streak up to this time in games following a loss of 6 runs or more. This dated back to September 1986, and it unfortunately ended here.

June 9, 1989 Three Rivers Stadium
Pittsburgh Pirates 4, Mets 3
Bob P
April 28, 2004
Darryl Strawberry's 200th career home run gives the Mets a 3-2 lead in the top of the ninth, but the Pirates get an unearned run off Randy Myers in the bottom of the ninth to tie it up.

Strawberry then misplays Andy Van Slyke's leadoff single in the tenth and Van Slyke goes all the way to third. After intentionally walking Bonilla and Bonds, Roger McDowell gets Jeff King out, but pinch-hitter Benny DiStefano hits a slow infield grounder and the Mets can't turn two. Pirates win, 4-3--despite three homers by the Mets-- thanks to some questionable Mets defense.

June 14, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Chicago Cubs 0
Ed K
January 10, 2009
Nails had his last hit as a Met in this game - a homer that provided one of the two runs in the shortened win for the Mets.

June 16, 1989 Veterans Stadium
Mets 15, Philadelphia Phillies 11
Chris Marietti
August 18, 2011
My family and I came to this game on a bus trip through my mother's work from about two hours north in NJ. There was a two- to three-hour rain delay after the first inning and since we were dependent upon a bus, we had to leave at a specified time, which was during the delay. Anyway, we got to see a whole game's worth of scoring in the one inning we were there for. The Mets jumped out to a 8-0 lead in the top half and the Phils responded with 5 of their own in their frame. I remember still getting home in time to see the end of the game.

June 18, 1989 Veterans Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 6, Mets 5
September 24, 2001
Better remembered as the day of the second Massacre. Mets fans never forget...

idan solon
June 13, 2003

I'll never forget sitting in the car listening to the game with my grandparents. Von Hayes won the game with a home run. All through the game, the announcers said the Mets and Phillies had made a trade, to be disclosed after the game. We were trying to guess who it was.

September 22, 2007

I remember the Mets "Dynasty" as we knew it then, took the biggest hit at the end of the game when they traded Lenny Dykstra and Roger McDowell to the Phillies for Juan Samuel. That trade WAS the beginning of the end of that great team. Davey Johnson ruined ANY talk of Dynasty when he endorsed that trade DURING the game.

October 13, 2008

My father drove us to Veteran's Stadium from Queens. The game was close. For some strange reason they pinch hit for Nails in the middle of the game. We had no idea. After the Mets lost we turned on the radio in the car to hear that the Mets made one of the dumbest trades they ever made. Lenny Dykstra for whiff machine Juan Samuel. Sure Dykstra tried to hit too many HR's but he really was the CF of the future at the time. Mookie was aging and would be gone a year or so later. Juan Samuel in CF. Ugh. The Horror.

June 19, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, Montreal Expos 3
Glen G.
May 6, 2002
Bye bye Nails!! We'll miss ya! In Retrospect... a very very sad day.

Bob P
February 6, 2004

This is the first game for the Mets after the Dykstra/McDowell for Samuel trade, and Dwight Gooden beats the Expos to improve to 9-2 on the season. HoJo hits two 2-run homers off Kevin Gross in the first two innings.

It is Gooden's 100th career win against just 37 losses. The only pitcher to have 100 wins with fewer losses than Doc was Whitey Ford, who started his career 100-36.

June 21, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Montreal Expos 0
Joseph Tyson
January 14, 2011
This game was played the day my son, Sean Tyson, was born. I recall listening to the game on an old 60s transistor radio.

June 25, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Bob P
February 6, 2004
The Mets beat the Phillies 5-1 behind Sid Fernandez, and the Mets set a National League record by having no assists in the game. It was only the second time in history that a team did that. The only other time was on July 4, 1945 by the Yankees in Cleveland.

Sid struck out nine in seven innings of work ,and Rick Aguilera struck out four more in two innings. The other fourteen Phillies outs came on 12 fly balls/popups and two ground balls to first base.

June 27, 1989 Olympic Stadium
Montreal Expos 3, Mets 2
Chris C
April 27, 2002
I remember listening to this game on WFAN. Down a run in the 9th, Howard Johnson hits a home run off Tim Burke to tie the game. It goes into extra innings. In one of the extra innings, Mookie Wilson gunned down a runner at home plate to keep the game alive but the Mets later lost it in the 14th.

July 4, 1989 Astrodome
Houston Astros 10, Mets 3
July 4, 2009
I remember this game 20 years ago today. Bob Ojeda was hit very hard in the 1st inning. It was a day game played at the Astrodome.

As a die-hard Astros fan, I always liked beating the Mets back in the day.

I also remember Mike Scott pitching great baseball. Too bad we never got to see Scott pitch in Game 7 vs the Mets. I know we would have won the series (sigh).

July 5, 1989 Astrodome
Houston Astros 6, Mets 5
Shad Stanleigh
August 11, 2015
Gary Cohen made some sort of cryptic comment just now about how this was a significant date and Keith Hernandez immediately recognized this. I don't remember anything about this game, but from looking at the box score I see Keith didn't play. My general memory is that the Mets at the time were not getting their act together and the egos were colliding in the clubhouse (ultimately they got back in the race but fell short). Did Keith throw a tantrum and refuse to play in this game? Was Davey Johnson ticked at him and benched him? I'm drawing a total blank. Early signs of senility, I guess.:)

July 6, 1989 Shea Stadium
Cincinnati Reds 10, Mets 2
Johnny Styne
January 9, 2011
Kevin Tapani's only Shea appearance as a Met. I'm pretty sure it was a day game.

July 8, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, Cincinnati Reds 3
Professor G
June 10, 2005
I can't believe no one has posted about this game! In an otherwise miserable year, which saw the trade of Lenny Dykstra, this was the game that Tim Teufel swung on Rob Dibble after getting drilled in the back with a pitch. One of the biggest brawls ever, which included Juan Samuel landing a karate kick to Reds' reliever, Norm Charlton.

July 12, 2006

Yes, I was at this game with my Dad and sister. I was only 10, but I still hate Rob Dibble to this day for that. Teufel was 4 for 4 and Dibble came in and drilled him. I loved Teufel's fake to the ump that he was calm and then sprinted around him to charge Dibble. Then, after we thought everything was calmed down Samuel with the jump kick.

I remember all these guys around us in the upper deck cheering on the fight and my sister crying and yelling at them, "Stop it, stop it!!"

October 18, 2007

I remember that when Tim Teufel was interviewed about this after the game, he pointed out that he was from SOUTHERN Connecticut, whilst headhunter Rob Dibble was from NORTHERN Connecticut. The big payoff was the next day, in which Juan Samuel took Dibble deep. Great series.

July 17, 2007

I also remember Strawberry calling the Reds clubhouse trying to continue the brawl and challenging anyone to a fight who would. I remember after hitting Teufel, Dibble came straight after him and taunted him. It was wild.

Mike C
October 21, 2015

I was at this game with my parents and sister, a very rare event since my Mom wasn't much of a sports fan. I was 9, but I remember very little other than that my Dad and I had gone to the bathroom, and when we came back the crowd was roaring and standing. We had missed most of the fight between Teufel and Dibble, which was a shame. But I do fondly remember to this day the back page of the paper the next day: "Teufel Scuffle" Genius!

July 9, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Cincinnati Reds 3
Garett McIntosh
November 11, 2006
This was the first and best baseball game I ever saw. I was hoping someone else who was there remembered some details as I was only 8 years old. My best memories are: Darryl Strawberry robbing a home run in right field; Eric Davis getting injured while trying to make a catch, with manager Pete Rose walking to the outfield to a chorus of boos; incredibly loud "Dibble" chanting during his brief appearance; and Juan Samuel's game-clinching homer. Other notes: Someone taped the game for me but it broke not long after. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were guest announcers for this fantastic game. And the Mets welcomed my family and me on the Jumbotron thanks to friend of the family Glenn Close.

Shickhaus Franks
March 31, 2007

Garett, you are right!!! This was the game where Robin & Billy were in the booth and as I remember it, Robin even caught a foul ball much to the amazement to Billy (who is very funny, even though he's a fan of the Bronx Evil Empire) and this is a HISTORIC game as well. This would be the LAST SHEA STADIUM appearance for Charlie Hustle as he would be banned one month later from Major League Baseball by the late Bart Giamatti.

June 11, 2007

Diiiiiiihhhh-Bullllll! This was the day after Dibble threw at the Mets heads, and Samuel repaid him with a HR. Great theater, plus the Mets won.

Wesley McIntosh
July 6, 2012

Garett! Holy crap! Here I am looking up my fav baseball memory and whose post do I find but yours! To add to what you said (and I could be wrong being 10 and all): Strawberry was slumping and the fans were booing him his first couple ABs. Mid-way through the game he robs a HR and throws out the runner at 2nd in one motion. The boos turned into "I love you Darryl". When Dibble came in and fans started chanting Dibbbbbbble Dibbbbble, he walked the first batter on 4 pitches. Then Samuel hit the home run on the first pitch. I remember watching the tape and listening to the reg play-by-play guys laughing their heads off at Robin and Billy. Something about stealing bases in Russia, in a Russian accent.

July 14, 1989 Fulton County Stadium
Atlanta Braves 3, Mets 2
Bob P
April 30, 2004
Sid Fernandez struck out 16 in this game, and maybe more amazingly, did not walk anyone. But his record fell to 7-3 when Lonnie Smith led off the bottom of the ninth with a home run.

Sid struck out everyone in the Atlanta lineup at least once. In fact, Smith had struck out in all three of his previous at bats in this game. Oddibe McDowell also was a K victim three times.

Miserable Crank
June 11, 2007

Mets fans (or Braves for that matter) may find this funny or bizarre. I needed to make a "party tape" of music for a Summer get together I was having.

Well, instead of recording tunes to a cassette tape, I decided to record a 3 hour continuous mix of music to a Betamax (remember those VCR days!) tape.

However, even though I was only going to play the audio, I needed a video control track to stabilize the recording.

Well, the Mets at the Braves on July 14th 1989 was a good video source as any. I recorded that game on SuperStation TBS as the video source.

It is funny to watch because it is essentially a 3 hour music video baseball game. The big, round eye glasses of the day are a real hoot to watch in 2007!

Lonnie Smith's top-of-the-ninth solo shot to win it for the Braves 3-2 was even set to music.

Looking back, it is a visual study in baseball anthropology.

July 30, 1989 Wrigley Field
Chicago Cubs 6, Mets 4
Bob P
April 28, 2004
Mark Grace hit a walk-off 2-run homer off Randy Myers with two outs in the ninth as the Cubs swept a weekend series at Wrigley.

Bob Ojeda and the Mets fell behind early, 3-0, but got back in the game when they scored two runs in the fifth on an infield out and a sac fly.

After falling behind, 4-2, the Mets tied it in the seventh with a two-out rally. Gary Carter singled, Kevin Elster doubled, and pinch-hitter Keith Hernandez singled them both home to make it 4-4. Aside from that flurry, the Mets managed just two other hits the whole game.

August 5, 2009

Mark Grace did hit a walk off 2 run homer off Randy Myers to complete the weekend sweep. I remember before this series no one was sure how good the Cubs were and how long they would hang around in NL East contention. I knew after this series that the Cubs were for real and they never fell out of 1st place the rest of the way.

August 1, 1989 Busch Stadium
Mets 11, St. Louis Cardinals 0
Bob P
February 6, 2004
In my book, this was the saddest 11-0 win in Mets history, because on this day the Mets traded Mookie Wilson to the Blue Jays for LHP Jeff Musselman.

Sid Fernandez pitched a complete game 4-hit shutout and had some odd numbers: just one strikeout and two walks allowed. Kevin McReynolds drove in six runs and hit for the cycle with a double in the second, a 2-run homer in the sixth, an RBI single in the eighth, and a bases-clearing triple in the ninth.

August 4, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 11, Montreal Expos 5
idan solon
June 26, 2003
I was eight years old, remember being at this game. Samuel got caught stealing and a guy screamed "Samuel, you suck!" Jefferies got thrown out at the plate from first base with the score 11-3.

Mike Truiano
July 6, 2012

This was my 8th birthday and the first game I ever went to. HoJo hit a bomb over the center field fence. I remember looking for the ball in the parking lot after the game.

August 6, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Montreal Expos 1
June 9, 2011
Although it's generally forgotten today, Kevin McReynolds had more late inning big homers than anyone on the team from 87-91. And this game was one of them. I remember it well, an exciting game between two teams who were both in the race. And Kevin ended it in the Shea Twilight. Shea looked so weird and strangely awesome on TV when the game was still going on in the very late afternoon/early evening around 5-6:00. And this game was one of those, a great memory.

August 13, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, St. Louis Cardinals 2
January 8, 2016
Due to all the rain that New York was getting during this period of time, Shea's outfield was beyond wet. And this was the game where Strawberry decided to wear plastic bags in his shoes to try and attempt to keep his feet dry. It was funny watching him leg out his triple with the bags in his cleats. Mid-August was definitely the high point of the 89 season, as the Mets were playing their best baseball and looked primed to catch the Cubs. Didn't quite work out that way.

August 15, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, San Diego Padres 2
Hank M
May 31, 2006
I was at this game watching from the field level seats just to the left of home plate. Howard Johnson homered into the Mets' bullpen for their only run until the ninth, when two guys named Kevin came through in the clutch.

With one out, Kevin McReynolds hit one into the Padres' bullpen in left to tie the game. Later in the inning, with Barry Lyons on first, Kevin Elster came up. He hit one into the left field corner. Lyons (who was not a "speed demon") came around third and headed home. Bip Roberts' relay throw came up short, bouncing off catcher Benito Santiago. Barry was safe and the Mets had a 3-2 win. What an ending!

August 16, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 7, San Diego Padres 2
February 15, 2011
I remember watching this one as a youngster. There was a rain delay during the game and WWOR put together a nice musical piece on the Mets to pass the time...it was fun. I also remember Strawberry hit an absolute BOMB to the very back of the right field fence, past the bullpen.

August 20, 1989 Shea Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers 5, Mets 4
August 29, 2000
Don Aase. He gave up a three-run homer to Willie Randolph in the top of the ninth with the Mets ahead 3- 2. It was Randolph's only home run the whole year! The Mets went into a tailspin after that and couldn't catch the Cubs. It was also Ramon Martinez's rookie season (he started the game) and he did a decent job.

August 18, 2005

One of my top 10 worst regular season losses. Willie Randolph taking Don Aase deep to the opposite field...I still have nightmares about it. Aase will always live in infamy for that home run.

Stu Baron
June 1, 2008

I didn't attend this game, but watched it on TV...Future manager (but for how long?) Willie Randolph came on Kiner's Korner to talk about his 9th-inning homer that won it for the Dodgers, and said, "Sorry, Met fans..."

For some reason, I'll never forget that...

August 25, 1989 Jack Murphy Stadium
San Diego Padres 5, Mets 3
Educated Fan
May 28, 2010
This had a very frustrating occurrence. In the 6th inning, the pitcher Ed Whitson doubles, and the Mets believe that he did not touch first base. So they appeal. However, Sid Fernandez balks in the process. Ed Whitson takes third, and the appeal is lost.

Mental errors like this were not uncommon with the Mets in this era.

August 26, 1989 Jack Murphy Stadium
San Diego Padres 9, Mets 4
ciesaro, "The Irate Mets Fan"
April 28, 2006
My friend and I made a road trip to see the Flushing Nine that particular day. It was a mostly forgettable game. The Mets were out of it after the fifth inning. The reason I remember this is because the game was so frustrating for the Mets, that after the eighth inning, Darryl Strawberry caught the final out, and then he threw the ball over the right field stands, and into the parking lot, where it proceeded to hit the windsheild of a car!

August 28, 1989 Dodger Stadium
Mets 1, Los Angeles Dodgers 0
flushing flash
April 23, 2002
This was the first time ever that the previous season's two Cy Young Award winners faced each other in a game.

Stu Baron
August 9, 2010

This was the "salami" game that gave me my 15 minutes of fame. Abe Lebewohl, the owner of NYC's famous Second Avenue Deli, had announced a promotion offering a free salami to anyone who showed up with a ticket stub from a game won by new Met Frank Viola. Being kind of a wise-ass, I thought it would be fun to see their reaction to a ticket from a road game. I ordered a ticket through the Dodgers, and had it sent via FedEx. I showed up at the restaurant the next morning with my ticket, and the next thing I knew, I was besieged by media and got my picture and a story in all the major city newspapers. Lebewohl gave me a whole box of salamis!

September 7, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 13, St. Louis Cardinals 1
March 19, 2016
Just watched the old tape of this one. Gregg Jefferies delivered one of the most impressive offensive games in Mets history. He went 4-5 with 2 homers. In the 1st inning he hit a rocket off the top of the wall for a double. In the 3rd he hit a line drive home run. In the 4th, he hit a rocket for double. In the 5th he hit another home run. And in the 7th he hit a ball to the warning track.

He was as locked in as any hitter I've seen for a single game.

September 9, 1989 Shea Stadium
Pittsburgh Pirates 8, Mets 5
Joe From Jersey
January 7, 2006
Me, my cousin, my late aunt and another person went to this game and we met Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo of WFAN who was asking people to give their opinions on sports topics for a TV show that would air later in the year. My cousin was interviewed and he went on that show. I also remember the traffic was pure heck because of the U.S. Tennis Open going on across the street; that is probably the reason why the Mets mostly play on the road on the final weekend of the Open.

September 12, 1989 Veterans Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 2, Mets 1
Tom Shannon
October 28, 2006
I can't believe nobody mentioned this game. Dickie Thon with a walk-off home run. God, 1989 sucked!

This was my first game at Veteran's Stadium. I was 8. All I remember is talking junk to the kids behind me about how the Phillies sucked.

Lenny pinch hit in the ninth before the Thon-Bomb off of Aase. I booed as loud as I could. For some reason, I had a lot of hate towards Dykstra at that time. Probably because Samuel stunk up the place.

September 13, 1989 Veterans Stadium
Mets 10, Philadelphia Phillies 4
Hank M
May 13, 2006
I watched this game from the front row at Veterans Stadium. My sister was working in Philadelphia and got tickets from her employer, which owned a box along the left field foul line. Before the game, Ron Darling came down to our area and signed autographs.

The game was close for a while, but the Mets then won easily. Gregg Jefferies and Howard Johnson hit homers. Tom O'Malley got a 2-run single in the ninth.

There was one pleasant surprise for us on this night. I looked in front of me and I saw Number 16 walking to the mound. Dwight Gooden was making a relief appearance! He pitched three shutout innings, holding the Phillies down as the Mets slowly piled up runs. What a treat this was!

A Mets' win on the road, Doc in relief and seeing it from a front row seat. Great night!

September 17, 1989 Olympic Stadium
Montreal Expos 1, Mets 0
Chris C
April 27, 2002
My family and I traveled up to Montreal for the weekend to see this game (and the night before as well). This was my first time ever at a domed stadium and I was so infatuated with domes back then. The Mets were in the race with the Cubs and they had won the Friday night game, I was pumped. So they get blown out Saturday night and in this particular game got shut out 1-0 by Mark Langston. Pretty much put an end to our post season hopes. But it was an experience for me even though the Mets only scored 1 run in the 2 games I witnessed.

April 29, 2002

This was my first ever game, to celebrate my 9th birthday the next day. I got HoJo and Randy Myers' autographs before the game, and was sorely disappointed in the results. I still remember worrying that all games I'd see in my life would be this boring, just one run and the Mets shut out on three hits. If only I knew that the next 13 years and 75 games I'd see would all be unique in their own ways. But I'll always remember this one fondly.

September 18, 1989 Wrigley Field
Chicago Cubs 10, Mets 6
April 15, 2003
When I look back at the career and life of Darryl Strawberry, the first thing that comes to my mind is dissapointment. The Mets are in my blood. I recall so many games and players it scares people. I fondly look back at the days of Straw, Carter, Keith, Doc, etc. However that fondness doesn't come without its fizzling feel of underachievement. I feel Straw epitomized the Mets underacheivement in the 1980's. On this day in 1989 during a season where the Mets dynasty and Darryl's life and potentially tremendous career were both unravelling, Darryl is called back from the clubhouse (he had gotten undressed after the Mets had falled behind 10-4, assuming a loss) after a Mets rally puts them within 4 runs with the bases loaded with two out. What I felt was the true beginning of the end of the greatest Mets era ever, Straw strikes out on 3 pitches, putting the Mets out of the race. When Straw went public not long ago and broke down in tears over his troubled life I too could not help but shed tears also. In a way I feel NY was awfully hard on him, too hard in fact. I also feel that he denied his raw talent which may never been seen in a Mets uniform again, by his inability to exorcise his personal demons. I'll always remember Straw for the great player he was, not the great person we wish he could have been.

September 20, 1989 Busch Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals 5, Mets 3
flushing flash
May 16, 2002
This game marked the end of an era: it was the final time Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter appeared in the starting lineup in the same game.

September 21, 1989 Busch Stadium
Mets 6, St. Louis Cardinals 1
Ed K
May 31, 2006
Sid Fernandez hit his only major league homer in this game. It came off the late Dan Quisenberry in the 8th or 9th inning.

September 23, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 13, Montreal Expos 6
flushing flash
May 16, 2002
Gary Carter's last hurrah as a Met. 3 for 5 with 5 RBI. Those were his last runs batted in as a Mets player.

hot foot
May 24, 2002

I remember that it was quite warm before the game and I wore shorts, but then around the 2nd inning a cold front blew into Shea and it became like 40 degrees. I also remember Gary getting all those hits. Gary doing well that day is one of the best memories I've ever had at Shea.

March 27, 2008

It was very warm at the beginning of the game, but quickly turned windy and very cold. They gave wool ski hats out for the promo, we didn't realize at the time we would need them so soon. It was my first date with my future wife, it took me years to get her to another game!

September 24, 1989 Shea Stadium
Montreal Expos 6, Mets 5
April 28, 2005
I cite this game as probably the worst game I attended in my youth.

The Mets were in the teeth of a pennant race with the Cubs and desperately needed to close this game out to keep pace.

David Cone kept the game close early, long enough for HRs by Elster and Strawberry (who had not had a hit in about a week, and was booed mercilessly throughout the game...until the HR) gave the Mets a 4-1 lead. It wa a 5-1 lead in the 9th.

This would be when the roof caved in.

With Myers on in the 9th, the Expos preceeded to chip away. Galarraga singled. Brooks dunked a hit. Wallach hit an RBI double. Grissom struck out. Fitzgerald slapped a 2-run single to make it 5-4.

At this point, the crowd was murderous. That was it for Myers. On came the Iguana man, Julio Machado.

He fared no better.

Raines pinch hit and walked. Wallace Johnson pinch hit and struck out. Otis Nixon, who had pinch-run for Fitzgerald, and Raines pulled off a double steal with Dave Martinez at the plate. He worked the count to 1-2, a few fouls, a few balls, the count full, the crowd on their feet.

Martinez then looped a dying quail into left. Mark Carreon was playing there that day. He came in...in...dove...

And missed it.

Nixon and Raines scored. 6-5 Expos.

The Mets would put 2 on in the last of the 9th, but ultimately fail.

1989 is an eminently forgettable year for the Mets, in my opinion. An ugly year where the team as a whole vastly underachieved. And this game is the lasting memory I have from that season. Close, but embarassingly far away.

September 25, 1989 Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 2, Mets 1
October 1, 2006
This loss officially eliminated the Mets from playoff contenion for the 1989 season. Another year the Mets should have won!

June 16, 2009

Yes, the loss did eliminate the Mets from contention under the 2 division winner format but not the case if there were wild cards then. There would have a tight race for 2 spots between the Mets, Padres, Cardinals and Astros. Mets and Padres would have been the winners as the 2 best records of teams not to win division. 1989 NLDS would have been Mets vs Cubs and Giants vs Padres.

September 26, 1989 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, Philadelphia Phillies 0
March 13, 2008
My first game at Shea. It was one of those nights when El Sid was "on". He threw a complete game shutout and only allowed three hits over the nine innings. On top of this, he ended up providing offense also! A wonderfully pitched game.

I remember it was tough to see Lenny Dykstra in Phillies pinstripes when we had Juan Samuel. . . it just seemed wrong. Funny - it still does.

September 27, 1989 Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 5, Mets 3
July 30, 2003
The last home game of the 89 season, Gary Carter and Keith Hernandez pinch hit and get a standing O. I remember the line when Carter hit a double down the left field line and I liked the call Bob Murphy made: Gary Carter ripped it!

Steven G
September 24, 2004

How about the fight between Roger McDowell and Gregg Jefferies after the last out. I never saw Darryl run as fast while playing in a game than he ran toward the mound that night, wearing a winter-like parka, I might add.

Another disappointing finish of the late '80s.

Putbeds 1986
February 26, 2006

Was watching this game on Channel 9 and then all of a sudden all heck breaks loose when McDowell and Jefferies start to rumble. I'll never forget Roger's post-game comment: "Gregg's been through some tough times this season. There's been a lot of pressure on him and maybe it all got to him. I never disliked him, but I don't think we'll be exchanging Christmas cards this year."

September 29, 1989 Three Rivers Stadium
Mets 6, Pittsburgh Pirates 2
May 19, 2003
Wow, this was actually my first ever Mets game that I had ever been to. Hard to believe that its been 14 years since that doubleheader at Three Rivers, but I am still a hardcore Mets fan till this day. I don't remember much about the games themselves, but I just remember being so thrilled that the Mets swept the doubleheader!!!

Bob P
May 19, 2003

TCOR, you've come to the right place! Here's what happened in game one of the doubleheader:

Frank Viola pitched a seven-hitter, allowing two unearned runs, and the Mets came from a 2-0 deficit to win, 6-2. Kevin McReynolds opened the Mets scoring with his 21st homer, then Gregg Jefferies hit his 12th to tie it in the 5th. The Mets took the lead on an RBI groundout by HoJo. Another infield out scored run number four, and RBI singles by Dave Magadan and Juan Samuel in the 9th put it away. As for game two...please see my comments in that listing!

September 29, 1989 Three Rivers Stadium
Mets 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 0
Bob P
May 19, 2003
The Mets swept this doubleheader, but another disappointing season was coming to a close.

The defending Eastern Division Champions were poised to finish the 1980's with another championship, but the team never rose to the occasion. After the Mets fell out of first place right before Memorial Day, they never were able to get back to the top of the division. All summer long, the Mets, Cards, Expos, and Cubs were jockeying for position. The Mets looked like they were fading when they lost seven straight in late July, but they came back to within a game and a half of the Cubs by August 24th. But from that point on this group that should have had a lot more to show than one World Series ring and one Division half-pennant could only manage to split their final 36 games while the Cubs finished 22-13 in their last 35.

Anyway, enough editorial commenting: the second game of this doubleheader was a great performance by David Cone, who pitched a complete game shutout, allowing just three hits and striking out ten. Howard Johnson hit a 3-run homer in the fourth inning to give the Mets a 4-0 lead in a game they eventually won, 7-0. The last two runs scored on a bases-loaded single by Tom O'Malley. The Mets did not allow an earned run in either game of this doubleheader and the bullpen got the whole night off.

October 1, 1989 Three Rivers Stadium
Mets 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 3
September 28, 2012
Just watched this one on the old tape. El Sid finished the season well and the Mets won 4 games at Pittsburgh to finish...something they'd have A LOT of trouble doing the next few years unfortunately. 1989 was easily one of the weirdest years in team history. Everyone kept waiting for the Mets to pull away from the Cubs and Expos all through the season but they never could put together a long stretch of great baseball. Keith and Carter barely played and when they did they sadly contributed nothing. Their on-field production and leadership was sorely missed. Straw, while having a good season in general, had the worst season of his Mets career. The trade of McDowell and Dykstra for Juan Samuel proved to be one of the most ill-advised trades in team history. Gooden missed 2 months. In a strange way, 1989 really proved more than any other year just how much more talented the Mets were than other teams in that era. With the exception of HoJo's career year, almost NOTHING went right for them that year, and they still won 87 games basically in their sleep.

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