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April 3, 2001 Turner Field
Mets 6, Atlanta Braves 4
J. Jay
April 25, 2001
Robin Ventura gives an early indication that his 2000 struggles are behind him, with two homers to help beat the Braves in Atlanta on Opening Day!

January 7, 2006

I was in Logan Airport, getting ready for a four month trip to Europe, and kept checking the crawl on Headline News to see how the Metties were doing. I didn't find out they won the game until late April, but still thought it was some sort of an omen for the year to come. Wrong.

April 6, 2001 Olympic Stadium
Montreal Expos 10, Mets 6
July 7, 2012
The Expos had some crazy weird pregame ceremony for their home opener where players were lifted around like it was a rock concert.

It was early, but this series ended up concerning me when it was all said and done. First sign the magic of 1999-2000 wasn't quite coming through anymore.

April 9, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 9, Atlanta Braves 4
Russell J. Lydon
October 24, 2004
I remember it was almost 90 degrees and sunny. I left Shea with a sunburn. I was and wasn't excited for the game because the Mets sweep by Montreal. The crowd yelling nasty things when John Rocker was introduced and as it would turn out to be one, if not the final appearance with Braves even though he didn't pitch during the series. Anyway, Piazza homered twice, Shinjo got his first MLB home run and his first curtain call. Bentiez gave up a 9th inning home run (what else is new). The Mets raised the 2000 NL Championship banner in centerfield with the rest of the pennants. They wore the 20/60 patch for the first and only time of year. One of the games that WASN'T a indication of the topsy tirvy that would come.

April 12, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 1, Atlanta Braves 0
Won Doney
April 22, 2001
Has Ordonez ever had a game-winning RBI before this game? I don't remember.

October 4, 2004

You go to a Mets-Braves game and you think of seeing Leiter vs Maddux. So I draw Rusch vs Burkett, oh boy. Turns out to be a pitchers duel with Ordonez getting the walk off hit in the drizzling rain. What a weird game. However it did change my usual bad luck at Met games.

April 14, 2001 Shea Stadium
Cincinnati Reds 1, Mets 0
August 20, 2004
I was at this game and Leiter pitched a gem. Sadly, the bats never woke up. As a result the Mets lost. The Mets are 1-6 whenever I'm at Shea. The last time they won when I was there was on August 13, 1989.

Joe From Jersey
December 3, 2005

It was the day before Easter, a 1-0 nailbiter. The bats went cold. I rememeber actress Lesley Boone from "Ed" singing the national anthem; she was friends with Todd Ziele so she got to sing it and the first pitch was thrown out by Kerry Collins and Micheal Strahan because they had played in the Super Bowl a few months earlier.

April 15, 2001 Shea Stadium
Cincinnati Reds 3, Mets 1
January 9, 2011
Beautiful Easter Sunday at Big Shea, but some Schmo (Jim Brower) throws a great game and Alex Ochoa reaches into his toolbox for a game-winning RBI triple.

April 28, 2001 Busch Stadium
Mets 6, St. Louis Cardinals 5
March 27, 2008
I remember after this game Turk Wendall said that this was the game that was gonna turn the season around after our poor start. Umm....not quite.

January 23, 2013

Caught the end of this game so missed most of the magic, tuned in right after McEwing's homer in the 9th. First real exciting moment of 2001.

And the post above is correct and funny - I remember Turk saying that. Funny that the team really turned it around, but much later in the season... well after Turk was traded

May 1, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 7, Houston Astros 5
January 9, 2011
The Mets rally to win Dicky Gonzalez's debut game with a five-run 7th keyed by a Ventura grand slam and a pinch-hit triple by Lenny Harris.

Frank S
October 19, 2011

This was the first game I took my kids to. They were 5 and 7. They loved Mike Piazza, and left the game as Robin Ventura fans for life. Saw Piazza HR and Ventura Grand Slam in the same game. Great memories.

May 2, 2001 Shea Stadium
Houston Astros 6, Mets 5
May 7, 2001
Last Wednesday I was at Shea to see Appier's best game as a Met. He went 6 2/3 giving up 1 run, 3 hits, 4 BBs and 4 K's. Not dominant, but very good major league performance. Then the bullpen melted down. Turk gave up a bomb to Biggio over the picnic area. He then gave up a bigger bomb to Alou to dead center. Dennis Cook got into the act and gave up a shot to Daryle Ward. Three solo HR's in the 8th to tie the game at 4. Benitez survives a shaky 9th, but gives up back to back solo shots to Lance Berkman and Alou. 6- 4 Astros after FIVE solo HRs in three innings. Mets load the bases with nobody out against Billy Wagner but can only score one run. 6-5 Astros. Wasted performance by Appier. Disgusting.

August 8, 2004

I witnessed this game from the best Shea seats I've ever had. Seven HRs at Shea - how often does that happen?

I viewed this game as close cousin to the Mike Scosia playoff home run against Gooden in 1988, but on a much smaller scale.

I.e., it was a turing point for the worse. The bullpen, esp. Benitez, was terrible. The way the team destructed in the late innings was a real kick in the throat. This one really hurt.

I also recall that jose lima, a cowardly headunter in the tradition of pedro martinez and redneck clemens (I refuse to capitalize their names) hit Jay Payton in the head.

Of course this was yet another time when Bobby Valentine, the most hated man in baseball, sat back and just took it - no retaliation by the Mets at all.

Think of Jay Payton getting beaned by dave whats his name from the Cardinals in the last game of the 2000 playoffs. Nothing happened after that; same with clemens/Piazza. We had the lame attempt by Shawn Estes to scare clemens, but the real opportunity (like to drill Jeter take him out at 2nd base hard) was missed.

So, this game was a microcosm of why the post- 2000 Mets were a real drag. Late-game meltdowns, other teams throwing at our heads, and no response at all. Not just boring, but boring wimps.

Thank God the 2004 Mets are fun to watch, almost as much as the 1999 version. The 2001 - 2003 versions were horrible, and this night against Houston demonstrated why.

May 5, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, Arizona Diamondbacks 1
June 1, 2004
Caught my first foul ball in almost 30 years of attending games at Shea. Almost fell out of the Mezzanine section doing it, but it was worth it! Oh, yeah, the Mets thumped the D'Backs, too.

May 7, 2001 Coors Field
Mets 10, Colorado Rockies 9
January 23, 2013
Jay Payton tore his hamstring running to first base in this game. He wasn't the most amazing player, but needed in the Mets thin outfield. Mets were starting to even out after a bad start, and this set them back for a while.

May 9, 2001 Coors Field
Colorado Rockies 6, Mets 0
October 21, 2008
As soon as I heard that my sister and brother-in- law would be moving to Colorado and would be near Denver, I immediately planned my first visit to coincide with the Mets' visit. He knew how much I wanted to go to a game and got the tickets for us to go. Coors Field was a wonderful experience. The Rockies fans were great. The game itself was forgettable for the Mets, Mike Hampton pitching a gem and the 6-0 loss. I had bittersweet memories of the previous year when Hampton pitched the Mets into the World Series, and I'm sure any Met fan who was there felt the same (unless they were cursing Hampton for not signing with the Mets). A year or so later my sister and brother-in-law moved, and I never got back to Coors Field.

May 15, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 1, San Diego Padres 0
May 16, 2001
I said at the beginning of tonight's game that I wanted Bobby Jones to lose 1-0, and he did. how much would I like to see his 2.85 era back on the Mets?

January 9, 2011

Bobby J. Jones' return to Shea in a Padres uni and is outdueled by Rick Reed and loses on a RBI single by Ordonez of all people.

May 16, 2001 Shea Stadium
San Diego Padres 5, Mets 2
May 17, 2001
This team right now is putrid. its disgusting to think that people are going to the games and paying money to watch this. id rather see the AAA team play the padres, as long as they look like they have some life. now, I know they could be in first place in 2 months, but things are not looking good at all right now. the pitching is absolutely not there, and who knows if leiter will be effective when he comes back, and they get about 6 runners on base every game, and strand them all. on the bright side, I think they are 2 or 3 games ahead of where the 93 Mets were at this time. of course that team lost 103 games. ok I need a drink.

May 17, 2001 Shea Stadium
San Diego Padres 15, Mets 3
Happy Recap
May 17, 2001
Steve Trachsel gave up four homers in the third inning. I don't know if that's a club record or not, but I sure hope it is. I'd hate to think anyone ever gave up five! In the ninth inning, Desi Relaford, who had been at shortstop the whole game, takes the mound and pitches a perfect inning. This season has gone from bad to horrible, and now has suddenly become absurd.

January 11, 2005

Attended this game with my mom and we met my uncle and his girlfriend's son. Mets were off to an awful start and then newcomer Steve Trachsel only added ten gallons of fuel to the fire with his four home run inning. We left after the fifth inning. We later turned on the radio to hear the game and the first thing we heard was Gary Cohen say "this is just getting ridiculous." Of course, he was referring to the score at that point. So ironic that Trachsel has become one of their best starting pitchers over the last four seasons.

July 6, 2012

This was one of the funnier games I ever listened to on the radio. Trachsel was unfathomably terrible.

May 18, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, Los Angeles Dodgers 0
August 17, 2002
In Leiter's first start off the DL, he looked like he never got hurt. Also, Wendell got to bat.

Karaoke Joe
July 5, 2011

Over the years my father used to take me and my siblings to many Mets-Dodgers games. Ten years ago was the last one we attended together. Dad claimed Kevin Brown left after 4 innings due to injury though I claimed it was because Brown stunk at this point in his career. In the end Dad was right as Brown went on the DL a few days later. Still, I got to see the Mets beat dem Bums one more time with Dad. Plus, I caught a T-shirt shot into the seats that night and to this day I still have the T-shirt and the ticket stub.

Karaoke Joe
May 22, 2011

Over the years my father used to take me and my siblings to many Mets Dodgers games. Ten years ago this past Wednesday was the last one we attended together. Dad claimed Kevin Brown left after 4 innings due to injury though I claimed it was because Brown stunk at this point in his career. In the end Dad was right as Brown went on the DL a few days later. Still, I got to see the Mets beat dem Bums one more time with Dad. Plus, I caught a T- shirt shot into the seats that night and to this day I still have the T-shirt and the ticket stub.

May 19, 2001 Shea Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers 10, Mets 2
Michael SanPietro
April 1, 2008
This will probobly be my last visit ever to Shea Stadium. I haven't lived in NY for over 20 years at this point. Anyway, It was also my last pre 9-11 flight as well. Ok, very hot Saturday afternoon. The game was on FOX and I got a field level seat and sat next to some guy that still acted like the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. Kevin (bad contract) Appier started and kept them close and then the pen let them blow it wide open. Alfonzo went yard and then so did I since I knew it was a lost cause. There was a Met home run in the 9th. Since 2001 , I have been to six Met games at Turner Field in ATL. I will have to go to Citi Field in 2009 to see the Mets defend their World Series win of 2008.

May 26, 2001 Shea Stadium
Florida Marlins 7, Mets 3
met fan
July 2, 2001
I went to this game and all the pictchers were horrible. Glendon Rusch only pitched four innings and gave two home runs to former met Preston Wilson. Amazingly Rick White picthed two innings and did not give up a run. The other two pitchers (Donnie Wall and Dennis Cook) sucked because they give up hits to terrible players like former met ryan mcguire and david berg. But the Mets had chances like in the 2nd inning the Mets had bases-loaded none out and desi relaford swung on the first pitch and popped out to shotstop. The rusch struck out and hawiian man flew out. The Mets lost the game to the marlins by the final score of 7-3. The losing pitcher was rusch the winning pitcher was dempster.

May 28, 2001 Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 5, Mets 3
June 30, 2009
Piazza hit a homer off Jose Mesa to tie this one in the 9th, but Pat Burrell hit a two-run shot off Benitez to win it in the 10th.

May 30, 2013

Another Met killing by Pat the Bat.

June 3, 2001 Dolphin Stadium
Florida Marlins 1, Mets 0
June 20, 2001
What a heartbreaking game this was, I had traveled the 4 1/2 hour drive to miami for this game, in the ninth inning Piazza had fouled out to the firstbaseman with 2 on and 2 out in the 9th. the bottom half of the ninth was torture, the game ended on a ball bouncing of john franco's leg for the winning run, 1-0 a good game, won by the wrong team.

Jared K.
May 18, 2009

I remember watching this game on a sunny Sunday afternoon as I was being star of the show at my high school graduation party!

Only two things stick out about the game; the first being how dominant AJ Burnett was that day for the Marlins, and the second being the absolute inner strength I needed to restrain myself from choking a couple of my Yankees rooting relatives who giddily clapped as Preston Wilson slapped a ball of Franco's leg, beat out the ball to first, and enabled the winning run to score home. The wounds from the 2000 Subway Series loss were still very, very fresh at that time!

June 6, 2001 Veterans Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 6, Mets 1
Jared K
October 4, 2005
Ahh, yet another one of my infamous Mets- Phillies games I attended down in Philly with my crazy rabid Phillies fan uncle. Usually he gets us great seats, but these seats were way back in right field, couldn't even see half the field. Good thing too, the way the Mets played that day.

The Phillies got a complete game win from some second rate scrub named Amaury Telemaco. Glendon Rusch got hammered early and often in the middle innings. The only other thing I remember from this suckfest was when Desi Relaford fielded a ball and tried to make this limp-wristed backhand shuffle manuever to Rey Ordonez on a double play ball. Of course it went into center field. How he didn't get charged for an error was beyond me.

This was the only time I ever left a non-blowout baseball game early. As I was leaving, I knew right there that the Mets had NO shot of getting back to the Series that year!!

June 8, 2001 Tropicana Field
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 7, Mets 5
June 20, 2001
I had looked forward to this game since the schedule was released. Afterall how many times does your favorite team come from 2000 miles away to play on your birthday at the stadium near you. Well it happened to me. The Mets were in tampa, I lived only 2 hours away. I had my tickets and a hope for a win. Down 7-0 in the 9th I was disheartened until the Mets rolled out 5 runs with the help of mark johnson's first homer of the year. It ended with a Piazza fly out, oh well I was coming back 2 days later for the appier-lopez pitching duel

June 9, 2001 Tropicana Field
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5, Mets 2
June 12, 2001
This Game was just horrible. The Devil Rays, the worst team in the league, were playing as if they were the Yankees or something. The Mets just couldn't put Pitching, Hitting, and Fielding all together at once. The Defense was horrible and no one could come through to hit in those big time chances they had to score. The good thing out of it all was Piazza's shot down the line to left and Ventura's Powerful "KILLING" of the ball to left. Nothing seemed to go right for the Mets and they ended up losing a series to a team like the Devil Rays, but at least they didn't get swept, and they taught 'em a lesson the next day with Kevin Appier great performance.

June 10, 2001 Tropicana Field
Mets 10, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 0
June 20, 2001
This game was much different than the one I had attended 2 days previously. I had much better seats and by the time the 7th inning stretch came around almost 98% of those great devil ray fans had left the stadium. The rest of us diehard Mets fans that were left had joined in chorus "Let's Go Mets" as the two idiot fans dressed as fred flinstone ran around holding up john rocker jersey's tried to escape getting their asses kicked. I had a great time...

June 12, 2001 Camden Yards
Mets 10, Baltimore Orioles 3
May 4, 2005
On one of our first dates, I took my now-wife to see the Mets (my favorite team) at Camden Yards (my favorite stadium). We sat in the front row of the left right field stands on a beautiful night and watched Reed pitch, Ventura hit, and Timo run. One of my best baseball memories. (Better than my first trip to see the Mets at RFK, when Seo gave up a blast to Livan.)

June 13, 2001 Camden Yards
Mets 7, Baltimore Orioles 6
Frankie H.
June 14, 2001
The Mets were down 6-0 going into the 7th inning, but they came back to win 7-6 on another clutch hit by Tsuyoshi Shinjo in the 10th. It's the kind of win we haven't seen much of this year. Is this the beginning of the Mets march to the playoffs? I doubt it, but maybe it will give them some momentum going into the coming series with the Yankees. Glendon Rusch had another horrible outing - his ERA is up over 6.00, and over 9.00 on the road. He needs to do something to turn himself around.

July 15, 2003

Made the trip to Baltimore. Saw a great comeback, and a great stadium. Got Leiter's auto before the game. Overall, a great experience.

January 10, 2005

I drove down to the game, and sat next to the bullpen.. I told Chuck McElroy (former Met then on Orioles) that we needed him back on the team! He laughed, talked to some other guys during the game, which was a total blow-out for a while. Then the miraculous comeback, and the trip to Balitmore was totally worth it. One of the best games I ever attended!

May 27, 2012

This game came towards the end of a brutal, month-long road trip and was one of the few bright spots. The Mets offense was anemic and unclutch all year, so this was a welcome surprise.

June 15, 2001 Shea Stadium
New York Yankees 5, Mets 4
June 16, 2001
yet again the Mets show their fans why they are considered second class citizens in New York, behind the skanks...just one run short, its like a metaphor for this whole team. watching that clip of rivera jumping up and down again made me want to puke. when are we going to win a championship??? I HATE THE NEW YORK YANKEES.

February 6, 2002

i was at this game. Shea was nuts, both fans supported their teams, and todd zeile learned that he was not a third base coach. He doubled off the wall and when the ball got away, Piazza, the tying run should have stopped at third. Zeile, screamed for mike to try and score, eventually getting Piazza tagged out at the plate with no problem, costing the Mets the game. Ventura then hit a ball that would have ended up scoring Piazza if he would have stopped at third. Thanks Todd, have fun in Colorado.

July 7, 2012

Before the game started I was excited because it was the first Subway Series game since the World Series. I really wanted a win to get back at them for the World Series loss and saw the whole game only to be disappointed. Just like all the other Mets-Yankees games in the 99-02 seasons the Mets were one run short. For some reason the just couldn't beat those Yankees. I hate the Yankees.

June 16, 2001 Shea Stadium
New York Yankees 2, Mets 1
May 21, 2005
This was a painful game to sit through. Appier gave up an RBI single up the middle to Mussina, which turned out to be the game winner. Then, the Mets just could not come up with the big hit when they needed it, and they had plenty of chances. But it was the hit by Mussina that I will never forget.

June 17, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, New York Yankees 7
June 18, 2001
shinjo showed tonight how much this team could use some more team speed. they were trying to come back against the immortal carlos almanzar when he hit a grounder in the infield which wasnt quite a routine 4- 6-3, but probably wouldve been had anyone else on the team hit it. as it was, shinjo beat out the throw (sliding into first and hurting himself, no less), relaford scored from third, and then Piazza came up next and hit a ridiculous bomb over the picnic area to take the lead. those are the little breaks and hustle plays that this team has been sorely lacking all year.

Jimmy D.
April 25, 2003

Gary Cohen's call of Piazza HR ("deep into the night!!!) is probably his best one ever.

SI Metman
July 30, 2003

As of now, the best game I ever attended. I scored the tickets about 10 days before on Mets.com and decided it would be my father's day present for my Yankees fan father. I had my Mets fan mother on my side though.

The Mets seemed to had many chances against Ted Lilly who allowed many baserunners and had no control early on, but he managed to keep them off the plate since the Mets offense couldn't get that timely hit.

The Yanks pulled away off of Rick Reed and added two more in the 8th to make it a 5 run lead. That's when the Mets offense started clicking with hit after hit. Shinjo's hustle to break up the DP and set the stage for Piazza's homer was the key to the inning. That play would send Shinjo to the DL, but send the fans home happy. I didn't even see where Piazza's homer landed. All I saw was his bat connect with the ball and the ball flying away on an upward path. I didn't need to see where it was landing to know it was gone. The few of us Mets fans left on that late Sunday night went wild.

Armando almost gave it away in the 9th though. He served up a meatball to Bernie Williams that landed in the Right Field Mezz, but foul by only inches. Thankfully, he'd get Bernie to K on the next pitch to end the game.

January 9, 2011

Very frustrating game until Piazza finished them off with a bomb to center! I sat with my then-boss and his young son, and he was appalled by my language. This is why I try not to go to games with work colleagues.

April 15, 2013

At this point neither the Mets or Yankees had ever swept a Subway Series. I remember staying up till what I considered late at the time (I was a freshman in high school) listening to this game on the radio, legitimately worried the Mets were about to get swept first. The Piazza home run seemed a bit bigger than it actually was in the grand scheme of things.

Little remembered fact - Shinjo hustled hard to beat out a double play that would've pretty much ended the game right before that Piazza shot, and was injured on the play. Dude played hard in 2001.

June 19, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Montreal Expos 1
June 27, 2005
Everyone here knows who Troy Mattes is, right?

Well, in this game, his Major League debut, he threw a perfect game into the 5th inning, and shut the Mets out through 7. He came out with a 1-0 lead.

The Expos bullpen would promptly blow the lead and the game in the 8th inning. 3 errors, including an absolutely airmailed throw by Vlad Guerrero from RF practically into the Loge section behind 3B contributed to the undoing.

June 23, 2001 Shea Stadium
Atlanta Braves 9, Mets 3
P Gola
April 19, 2010
Can't say I remember much about this game except I found the ticket stub so I obviously went. Reading the box score I vaguely remember Rick White giving up 6 runs in the 11th and all of us being disgusted.

May 31, 2013

Alex Escobar hit a home run and I remember thinking it was the first of many for a future Mets superstar...

Desi Relaford tied the game late off Mike Remlinger in a memorable shot (John Rocker got traded this season. Possibly even the night before, I remember the reaction at Shea. It was definitely while the Mets were playing the Braves.)

But the lasting memory I have is Rick White giving up a boatload of runs in extras, one of which was a catchable ball Darryl Hamilton pulled up in front of in the outfield. As he walked off the mound, some guy from the Mezzanine screamed "RICK WHITE!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!" Pretty much summed up the afternoon.

June 29, 2001 Turner Field
Mets 3, Atlanta Braves 1
Happy Recap
June 30, 2001
In the morning, my wife gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, then in the evening Steve Trachsel beats the Braves at Turner Field. That's two miracles in one day!

Also, Mike Piazza broke his toe. That wasn't a miracle. The way this season has been going for the Mets, and injury to Piazza seemed inevitable.

Michael SanPietro
April 5, 2008

This was my first Mets game at Turner Field. I seen one at Fulton County in 89. I had a seat in the outfield on 1st base side a few rows back and parallel with the right fielder. Before the game I was yelling at Shinjo who was running by himself and had bad hamstring at the time but he wouldn't turn around. Joe McEwing walked over and gave a few autographs but I just watched. Trachsel almost hit a home run as well as pitch good. I seem to recall a close play at home that resulted in ruuning out on squeeze play...I think.

July 4, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Chicago Cubs 1
Shickhaus Franks
February 22, 2007
I remember watching on tv and it was an afternoon game on a overcast day (but NO rain) and during the game the announcers had a nice chat with actor & Cubs fan Gary Sinese who happened to be in a play in Manhattan at the time. Sometimes when a non-baseball person shows up on a baseball telecast it can be ruined (i.e. when Joe The Jerk Buck talked on the phone to noted baseball "fan" Simon Cowell during the 2003 World Series) but Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump hit it out of the park on this occasion.

July 7, 2001 Yankee Stadium II
Mets 3, New York Yankees 0
Jared K
September 18, 2005
This was probably the best Mets-Yankees regular season Subway Series game I have ever attended. I was the only guy wearing Mets crap in the middle of the right field bleachers at Yankee Stadium. Luckily I'm 6'4" 280lbs, and sitting next to my Yankee rooting buddy, so no one dared to mess with me when I was rooting on my beloved Mets. Appier and Mussina were both pitching gems. It was 0-0 at the end of the 9th. Mariano Rivera comes in and blows like the 2nd game of his entire career, literally. Mike Piazza had a big gamebreaking double to get the first Mets runs in that 10th. The Mets held on to the shutout.

July 12, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Boston Red Sox 2
November 14, 2001
What a game.Al Leiter is like a Babe Ruth out there.He almost hit two homers in the game.Leiter is going to hit a home run some day.I saw Alfonzo hit a home run.

July 13, 2001 Shea Stadium
Boston Red Sox 3, Mets 1
M Fuchs
July 18, 2001
I was sitting in the first row of the upper deck box...It was Italian night and they gave out posters of some Italian Mets. During the later part of the game when the Mets were losing 3-0 some fans in the upper deck by me folded their posters into paper airplanes and threw them off the upper deck to see how dar they can go. The furthest one hit the dugout. there was a pretty decent size crowd in the upper deck and we did the "wave" a couple of times. The moment of the game came in the 9th when Piazza hit home run #300..it was an amazing shot. After he hit the homer I saw many people throw their "airplanes" off the upper deck. My friends and I were cheering like crazy and we wanted a curtain call, sure enough Piazza came out and gave us one. Too bad the game ended 2 mins later witha Mets loss. And then the super fun part-waiting 45 mins to get out of the Shea parking lot!!!

July 14, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Boston Red Sox 0
March 18, 2002
Fantastic game. There were about 53,000 people at the game, the most at a game I had been to since the playoffs in 2000. Four years after interleague play started, I finally went to an interleague game. I went with a friend who was a Yankees fan so we would both have a reason to root for the Mets.

We sat next to some hillarious Red Sox fans that were quite knowledgeable. They bet me $50 against me throwing my Mets hat off the upper deck that the Red Sox would win (needless to say, I couldn't take the bet in good conscience -- the hat is too valuable!)

In retrospect, I really should've taken the bet. Rusch pitched a fantastic game, in which the only hit was one of the infield variety in the first inning. The game really got the Mets rolling and was the first of a five-game winning streak.

Bob P
September 9, 2004

As Glenn mentioned in March of 2002, this may have been Glendon Rusch's best game as a Met. he pitched eight innings, striking out ten, and allowing only one hit. The hit was a bunt single by Trot Nixon with two outs in the top of the first inning when Rusch couldn't get over to first base in time to take the throw from first baseman Lenny Harris.

Mark Johnson drove in both Mets runs, the first with his third home run of the year. The win gave Bobby Valentine his 1,000th career victory.

P Gola
May 28, 2010

If I remember correctly, an overcast day at Shea. Rusch pitched a great game. I believe this series was the first Red Sox visit to Shea since the '86 series.

Shickhaus Franks
August 9, 2010

A correction for P. Gola: The Red Sox Nation paid visits to Shea for series in 1997 and '99. Also they played a charity exhibition game in 1987 (the season after the '86 Series). I remember a sign in the stands that said "Thank You, Bill (Buckner)" during the '87 game.

July 15, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Toronto Blue Jays 2
Shickhaus Franks
October 19, 2011
I was at this game. The Mets and Blue Jays wore replica Negro League unis and it was quite rare that a series started on a Sunday.

July 17, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 1, Toronto Blue Jays 0
April 30, 2005
The Mets scored the lone run of the game in the bottom of the 1st. McEwing was hit by a pitch, Fonzie singled him over, Piazza drove him in. Blankety blank the rest of the way. Leiter threw a nice game over 7. Benitez made it hairy in the 9th, allowing runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs, but recovered, struck out Izturis, popped out Jeff Frye and struck out Shannon Stewart to end it.

This was not a particularly fascinating game by any stretch, however, this was the 164th Mets game I had attended (not counting Postseason), and the 100th of those games that they won.

July 18, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Florida Marlins 3
August 7, 2001
Terrific performance by Bobby Valentine, and one of the reasons he's such a fun manager to have around.

In the fourth inning, a goofy baserunning incident puts Zeile and Ordonez briefly on 3rd base at the same time. A confused third-base ump initially calls out Zeile, then both runners (which would end the inning), before Bobby emerges and, while keeping his team in the dugout, over the next 10 minutes convinces the umps they made a mistake, and they put Zeile back safely at third. This prompts the opposing manager (Tony Perez) to earn himself an ejection and poke his own eyes out when Zeile scores on the next at-bat.

The Mets win in the 11th when Shinjo smokes a double.

Bob P
August 20, 2004

It took a strange series of events (described by Jon above in August, 2001) to get Florida manager Tony Perez ejected from this game. It is his first ejection in 31 years and over 3,800 games as a player, coach, and manager.

July 21, 2001 Veterans Stadium
Mets 6, Philadelphia Phillies 3
Won Doney
July 22, 2001
I thought the world was going to end because I saw Rey Ordonez hit a home run.

July 22, 2001 Veterans Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 3, Mets 2
Bob P
August 20, 2004
Bobby Abreu homered leading off the bottom of the eighth off John Franco to give the Phillies a 3-2 win. The homer was the first by a left-hand batter off Franco since September 22, 1993 when Dave Clark did it for the Pirates.

July 28, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Philadelphia Phillies 3
June 17, 2005
The day after the Wendell/Cook for Chen deal, Wendell comes in to pitch the 9th for Philly, hangs a slider to Ventura and Robin smoked it out of the ballpark for the Game Winner.

May 15, 2013

I came up with some friends from Tampa to visit a buddy who lived in Jersey. His mom surprised us all with tickets. It was my first baseball game outside of the dome that is Tropicana Field. I remember getting to the game and parking in our seats in the right field bleachers. I didn't explore the stadium much. I was 20 years old. Alcohol wasn't involved; I was just there for the game. I vividly remember the Ventura home run, and I got to witness "the apple." Luckily I have a photo from our seats, and it instilled a bug in me to visit more stadiums. Since, I have been to eight other parks, notably old Yankee, Wrigley, and most recently, Fenway. But there was something about Shea.

July 29, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Philadelphia Phillies 5
January 9, 2011
Nice Sunday at the park. Shinjo hit a 2-run homer in the 8th and Piazza a walkoff bomb off Rheal Cormier to the back of the visiting bullpen. Nelson Figueroa started this game for the Phils.

August 1, 2001 Astros Field
Mets 8, Houston Astros 2
Bob P
September 1, 2004
Edgardo Alfonso hits a three run homer in the top of the tenth, and the Mets score six runs in the tenth to beat Houston, 8-2. It is the most runs the Mets have ever scored in the tenth inning.

August 3, 2001 Bank One Ballpark
Arizona Diamondbacks 7, Mets 0
Ken Akerman
April 24, 2003
I was at this game. This was "Randy Johnson Bobblehead Night" and appropriately, the Big Unit was pitching. I got a Randy Johnson bobblehead doll and watched Johnson and Troy Brohawn combine on a two-hit shutout, winning 7-0. Luis Gonzalez (a.k.a. Gonzo) hit one of his 57 home runs that season in this game, and Matt Williams also hit a home run.

I'm saving my Randy Johnson bobblehead doll in its box and keeping it as an investment. Perhaps I may sell it on eBay when Johnson gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, so I can get maximum value for it.

August 8, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, Milwaukee Brewers 4
March 20, 2002
Trachsel pitched pretty well this game, but the score shouldn't have been so close. Benitez came into the game in the 9th looking to get the save.

Benitez is throwing hard and he gets the first two batters out. He then gives up a homer into the bleachers in left center. Not a problem; we still have a 2-run lead. The next batter, 3 pitches later, leaves the ball in the Mets bullpen. At this point, the crowd is becoming slightly upset.

The next batter is ex-Met Luis Lopez. Lopez hits a high fly ball, deep to left center, that hits off the top of the wall, and is but a few feet from being the game tying homer. Popez winds up on second witha double.

Eventually, Armando gets the third out without the tying run scoring. The performance, however, was classic for Benitez. The one inning serves as a great definition of Armando -- he got the save, but made sure it wasn't easy.

Shickhaus Franks
August 2, 2006

Went to this game without a ticket, however, I bought one that had me field box and behind home plate from a scalper as I got off the 7 train. It was the hottest Mets game I've been to in all my life. And thank god it was a NIGHT game! I think the game time temp was 96 degrees.

August 10, 2001 Shea Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals 7, Mets 6
Jared K.
May 5, 2002
I remember going to this game with my best buddy from school. The day had been rainy and nasty, but the weather cleared up at night and the game was played. At first, it looked like it was going to be a happy recap. The Mets jumped out to an early 5-0 lead in the second or third inning. However, the Mets pen blew the game in atypical fashion. The pitching had been the bright spot in an otherwise miserable season. The Cards went on to sweep the series. The Mets had that little run at the end, but it was too little too late.

August 16, 2001 Jack Murphy Stadium
San Diego Padres 6, Mets 5
Shickhaus Franks
November 28, 2014
The last game Tony Gwynn ever played vs the Mets. Ironically, he struck out as he rarely struck out.

August 18, 2001 Dodger Stadium
Mets 5, Los Angeles Dodgers 4
November 28, 2014
I had just gotten back from a summer camp and was watching this game at my friend's house. Apparently the Mets season had gone from terrible to unbearable while I was gone, and NY was now something like 13 games out of first place.

For some reason I was still into this game and vividly remember Alfonso's homer. Strange that this game started an incredible streak that brought the Mets within 3 games of first place with 3 to play in Atlanta in late September.

August 21, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, Colorado Rockies 2
Sasha Karma
March 20, 2002
Nice to have seen the Mets tear up Mike Hampton in the first inning in his return to Shea. A bright spot in a very disappointing season.

Jamie Thompson
August 20, 2006

My first ever baseball game and first (and as yet) only visit to Shea. I live in Sheffield, UK and was in New York for a month after finishing University and decided to go to a game. I knew it had to be the Mets and not the flash Yankees.

I wasn't 100% certain of the rules but the Mets first inning yielded 4 runs and ended in a 5-2 victory.

A great night. I hope I can return before the move to the new stadium. I distinctly remember chants of 'Yankees suck' on my way out of the stadium.

A great night topped off with a Piazza homer...a great night.

January 9, 2011

Piazza's home run was estimated to have traveled 463 feet, crashing off the center field camera stand. Take that, Mike Hampton!

August 23, 2001 Shea Stadium
Colorado Rockies 10, Mets 0
October 13, 2003
Jason Jennings became the first pitcher in the modern era to pitch a shutout and hit a home run in his major league debut. It's always nice to witness history.

Dan H.
August 23, 2006

It was a rainy night, and the Mets looked pretty flat against a young strong talent in Jennings.

August 27, 2001 Shea Stadium
San Francisco Giants 6, Mets 5
July 7, 2012
Weird game.

Mets almost rallied but I believe both Relaford and Zeile got hosed on K calls with a few aboard in the last inning.

And I remember Rob Nen SPRINTING like a bat out of hell from the bullpen in between the top and bottom of the 9th, desperately trying to save the game before a massive rain storm rolled in. It did delay the game, and the Mets antics in the bottom of the 9th occurred about an hour later.

August 29, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 7, Philadelphia Phillies 5
July 6, 2012
Very exciting game. The only Mets-Phillies game I went to. Shea was very energetic for the game. Mets got off to a good start but Phillies fought back. Thank God Benitez saved that game so I won't go home dissapointed.

August 31, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Florida Marlins 1
July 13, 2004
Great triple from Al Leiter in this one. He faked to bunt and then 'ripped' the ball into the left centre gap. He chugged around the bases as the fielder tracked back to the wall. Looked as though he'd need oxygen as he stood huffing on puffing at 3rd.

September 1, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, Florida Marlins 2
August 17, 2002
Appier smoked a single to drive in the 1st 2 runs of the game. Pitcher Magic!!

April 27, 2005

Yes, Appier did drive in the first 2 runs in this game, however it was Jay Payton who drove home the last run, with an 11th inning double, scoring Jorge Toca who made a most ungraceful belly flop across home plate.

This was also Benny Agbayani's last game with the Mets. He broke a bone in his hand in the early innings and was lifted in the 4th. He was out for the rest of the season and never played for the Mets again.

July 6, 2012

I remember Gary Cohen on the WFAN postgame saying at one point, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "And Cliff Floyd took his sweet time getting to the ball...," which led to a burst of laughter from me and my father. Who knew Cliff would be joining us at Shea two years later, and become a fan favorite!

September 9, 2001 Dolphin Stadium
Florida Marlins 4, Mets 2
Joe From Jersey
January 3, 2006
The Marlins won the game 4-2 but this game will sadly be remembered as the last game the Mets played with the World Trade Center still standing. Monday was a off day and they were in Pittsburgh when.....

September 17, 2001 PNC Park
Mets 4, Pittsburgh Pirates 1
Ed K
October 4, 2006
First game back after 9-11 and the Mets won it in the 9th inning to keep their faint playoff hopes alive. Gary Cohen has said it was the toughest game he ever had to announce.

The original schedule had the Mets playing in Pittsburgh on 9-11 week and then hosting the Pirates at Shea the following week and I had company tickets to one of the Shea games. Because Shea was being used for rescue efforts, the two series were flipped on the schedule. The games in Pittsburgh were played during this week when they were supposed to be played at Shea, and the games at Shea were played during make- up week at the end of the season when all the other games postponed from 9-11 week were held.

Ed K
February 11, 2014

One other note: this was the first Met game played in PNC park.

September 19, 2001 PNC Park
Mets 9, Pittsburgh Pirates 2
August 17, 2002
Good long-relief pitching by Gonzalez. He looked sharp at PNC

September 21, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, Atlanta Braves 2
Happy Recap
September 21, 2001
This was no ordinary ballgame. As the first major sporting event in New York City after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, it also served as a tribute to those who risked or lost their lives in the attack. It served as a patriotic tribute to America, and freedom. And it served as one small step towards a return to normalcy.

I wasn't at this game, although I wish I was. I watched on TV, and my eyes watered as Diana Ross sang a rousing version of "God Bless America." A few minutes later, there was a moment of silence. Shea Stadium had over 41,000 fans in attendance, and the park was absolutely, extraordinarily, silent. During the seventh inning stretch, Liza Minnelli sang "New York, New York" and reminded us once again of the enduring power and character of the world's greatest city. (And after her number she gave Jay Payton a big hug and kiss, which left a lipstick mark that was visible to the TV camera.)

Oh, and one more thing... with the Mets trailing 2-1 in the bottom of the eighth, Mike Piazza hit a monstrous home run to center field, and the crowd went wild. And the Mets went wild. And that was the best part of the evening, seeing thousands of New Yorkers cheering in unison, as if baseball really mattered. It showed that the healing has begun, and that despite the evil plans of insane terrorists, New York, America, and yes, baseball, will endure.

All in all, it was one heckuva night.

September 26, 2001

I have been to many games in my history as a Mets fan. I have seen many memorable games, as well. From the 6-0 comeback on Opening day in 96, the Todd Pratt HR game, and Bobby Jones' one-hitter last season. But none were quite as moving or important as this one. In the wake of one of the darkest events in our nation's history, the Mets returned home and brought with them quite a show. I will remember this game not for the ceremonies, the stars or Liza Minelli kissing Jay Payton, but for the reaction that resulted from Mike Piazza's 8th inning HR. From a crowd that seemed lethargic all evening came the loudest and exhilirating cheers I have ever experienced. People I didn't know were hugging everyone in sight, slapping fives, and for that moment in time, the horror of the past weeks was forgotten. Thank you, Mike Piazza, for bringing smiles to the faces of us all. Perhaps you aren't a hero in the larger scheme of things, but you brought smiles to the faces of every Mets fan in attendance that night.

Ralph Carhart
February 13, 2002

In my opinion, this is the most important game in the history of the Mets. I work at a small theatre in downtown Manhattan, not too far from the WTC and the previous ten days had been hell. I would burst into tears for no readily apparent reason. I was looking for any solace and my Mets coming home brought me just a ray of sunshine.

I was working during the game so I listened to it on the FAN. Knowing that the baseball fates aren't much for cosmic justice I was feeling pretty low in the bottom of the eighth. Then, the one man who has continued to lift this team up on his beefy shoulders for the past three and a half seasons, hit his magical home run and before I could stop my myself, I realized I had burst into tears again. They weren't tears of joy really (I wasn't ready to feel joy) but it was perhaps the most cathartic cry I've ever had in my life.

It's just baseball. A game that, in the face of over 3,000 deaths, doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. But I knew, as I listened to the Shea faithful give the largest cheer I have ever heard, that in some collective way, it did matter. And that's why I love the game.

Billy G.
September 25, 2002

I was there and I remember the chants of USA and how it took an hour to get into the stadium

Jimmy D.
April 25, 2003

No Met game ever brought tears to my eyes. This one did.

May 9, 2003

I have been to many great games in my life, but this is one I cherish more then any. Piazza is OUR hero, he did for us what we needed, he picked us up and willed us to win this game. He did it for NY and for US the Met fans who put aside ours fears for 3 hours of baseball. He would not, could not and did not let us down. I will tell this story to my kids and grandkids. Thank you Mike.

February 4, 2007

With all that happened I wanted baseball back so bad just to escape reality. Everyone in NYC needed a baseball game to feel normal again.

I knew that Piazza was going to deliver. I still remember jumping up and down, screaming at the top of my lungs when Piazza's shot struck the camera tower in center---releasing all that emotion that had been trapped inside for 10 days.

Probably the biggest HR in NY history besides Bobby Thomson in 1951.

April 4, 2010

First game back at Shea after 9/11. I was 15 years old and I remember watching this game on TV. After 9/11 it seemed like everyone forgot we were still in a race with our arch rival Atlanta Braves for first place. It just didn't seem important anymore. We just wanted a reason to celebrate and be happy after all we had been through. I remember one of the fans held up a sign that said "New York Mets and Atlanta Braves, two rivalries now stand united." I would have never thought I'd ever see a sign like that in my life.

We were trailing 2-1 nearly the whole game until the bottom of the 8th. I think Edgardo Alfonzo took a walk, then with one out Mike Piazza launched a huge home run to dead center. The fans just went berserk. I screamed my lungs out. It was like layers of anxiety and sadness built up for weeks that we couldn't realize. Then when big Mike hit that home run we just let it go.

One of my most favorite Met games in my lifetime. I will never forget it.

Robert Ford
May 28, 2010

I was a few months out of college, with a job assisting a Japanese sportswriter. However, I wanted to be a play-by-play announcer. Because of this job, I had a Mets press credential (since my boss regularly covered Tsuyoshi Shinjo) and I would use it to get into Shea before sneaking into the upper deck to call games into my tape recorder.

This game was one of the ones I called. I remember my call of Piazza's homer like it was yesterday: "Karsay sets at the belt...the pitch...hit DEEEEEP to centerfield...Andruw Jones is baaaaack...FORRRR-GET IT!...Mike Piazza with a two-run homer to give the Mets a 3-2 lead!"

That winter, that call was the first one on my demo tape that I made looking for a broadcasting job in the minor leagues. That tape landed me a minor league job for the 2002 season and I've covered baseball in the minors and majors every year since.

Shickhaus Franks
August 30, 2011

1) This is one "Mets Classics" I DON'T mind being a constant rerun at all. 2) SNY should start a program called "METS TOP 10 MOMENTS" since the 50th anniversary of the team is coming up next year and in the category of "TOP 10 HOMERUNS IN METS HISTORY", Piazza's emotional dinger in the 8th would be #1; END OF STORY!

Shickhaus Franks
January 23, 2013

I still get chills and a lump in my throat when I see Piazza's home run on Mets Classics (A replay that will never get boring). Without a doubt the greatest Mets home run in their 50+ years.

September 23, 2001 Shea Stadium
Atlanta Braves 5, Mets 4
Sasha Karma
March 20, 2002
Damn you, Armando! We we're so close. Why can't you just blow your saves in less significant looking situations?

August 8, 2003

This just may have been the most agonizing game I have ever watched. At least starting from the top of the ninth inning. We had to get a new portable phone because the volume adjuster came off from me throwing it in anger. I felt sort of bad my folks bought a new one. The phone was fine except for the volume adjuster. I told them they should have sent the bill to Armando Bumnitez. Whoops, I mean Benitez. Note my sarcasm in the previous sentence. I think Bobby V. should have brought John Franco or someone else in right after Brian Jordan hit the home run to make it 4-3. But, as he has done a lot, he stayed with a pitcher too long.

Russell J. Lydon
May 26, 2004

Worse then the Pendleton game in 1987. I was sitting in the upper deck. I never heard Shea get so quiet since I've started watching baseball again in 1998. Worse feeling ever leaving a ballpark.

March 17, 2006

This was when the Mets needed a win, they had a lead, and Benitez blew it by giving up a homer to Brian Jordan and then giving up more runs.

January 26, 2007

I remember this game clearly. It was the first, and only time I caught a foul ball. It was hit off B.J. Surhoff's bat in the 10th or 11th inning. Even though the Mets lost (horribly!), I'll never forget this game.

December 9, 2011

I caught the foul ball with my 11 month old baby in my arms. I am looking for the video of this game to share with her. I hope someone can help

September 29, 2001 Turner Field
Atlanta Braves 8, Mets 5
September 17, 2004
One of the worst losses in Mets history. As a met fan, you had to be thinking there is no way for a replay of the previous Sunday at Shea. I was at a wedding, checking the radio in the parking lot between beers, and Leiter was absolutely cruising. And then the ultimate Armando meltdown. He permanently lost the faith of the fan base that day.

August 20, 2004

What a disgrace. Were there any words for this game? The Mets, running high and playing very well for the better part of the month, get themselves into position to finally dispose of the Braves. After losing the big first game in Atlanta, where they've just been horid, the Mets take a 5-1 lead into the ninth, only to watch Benitez choke and filthy Franco serve a pitch my grandmother could have it out of the yard. That was basically the Mets season right there. They eventually won the next day but that 2 game swing really threw them off...I believe it would have cut distance between them and first place Atlanta to 2 games...anyway, the Mets lost, and losing just continued the following season, into the next and into present day...miserable.

Russell J. Lydon
August 20, 2004

Just when we thought we put the final nail on the Braves coffin. It didn't happend. I felt bad for John Franco because it really wasn't his fault. Bentiez should had been the "closer" he was meant to be and end the game. Another Pennant hope dashed in 2001.

May 10, 2006

This was it. Do or die. And Benitez made them die for the most part and Franco put the nail in the coffin.

February 4, 2007

One of the worst losses in Met history. Benitez and Franco, as always, choked under pressure. What could have been...

Won Doney
September 19, 2007

This is the worst regular season loss in my memory. I don't think I uttered another word the rest of the day. It felt like someone kicked me in the stomach after Brian Jordan's grand slam. I thought that throwing darts at my dartboard with the Greg Maddux card attached would help me feel better, but it didn't work.

October 6, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Montreal Expos 0
Bob mercier
October 13, 2001
Well, there was one positive that did come out of this game and that is the Mets did get their 5th straight winning season and 19th one in history to go along with their 21 losing seasons. and they keep 1996 as their last losing season heading into 2002 and with them finishing over 500 in 2001 hopefully it will do carrying over into 2002. I think that them ending up over 500 is a good way to finish up what was a up and down year for them. Since for quite a while they were in danger of making 2001 be their first losing season since 1996.

Elliot S.
August 18, 2005

Next to last game of the season, the only thing I really remember about this game is that Lenny Harris broke the major league record for career pinch hits.

March 22, 2006

Not an incredibly exciting game until Lenny Harris got his 151st career pinch hit to set the record. The crowd was cheering but seemed sort of tired after a season with such great expectations.

October 7, 2001 Shea Stadium
Montreal Expos 5, Mets 0
Shaun Kehoe
October 8, 2001
Today was by far the best game that ive was ever at. We arrived at the frozen stadium at 10:00am. My dad works for port authority and so the Mets invited us along with all the other rescue workers for a special day at the ballpark. We stood outside for about 10 minutes before we were brought through the Mets clubhouse and on to the field. Once we were on the field we stood and waited for about an hour. I was so excited. I thought I was going to see one or two players and leave.

At about 11:00 am up came Jason Phillips and Mark Corey. Ok, I was still hoping. Then came Riggan and Roberts and Vance Wilson. These guys were the coolest guys around. We stood and talked to them and then they let us take pictures with them. That was enough for I was ready to go. It already was the best day of my young life. But the Mets weren’t done. Up came Zeile, Ventura and Agbayani followed by Appier, White, and Floyd, then there was Mookie and Randy Niemann, and Steve Trachsel, Super Joe, John Franco, Mark Johnson, John Stearns and then came the two people I was dying to meet: Al Leiter and Bobby V.

Al and Bobby are the nicest guys on the team. Bobby was giving out pins and taking pictures. But there was no need for pictures. This was a day that none of us will forget. Bobby then led us onto the centerfield grass and made a great speech to all the kids with motto "we got to stick together."

October 8, 2001

Well, my memory of this one is markedly different from Mr. Kehoe's. I arrived at the frozen ballpark 20 minutes before game time, and froze my tail off in the upper deck for what was fortunately a quick game. Neither team looked like they wanted to play, just get up, take their hacks and go home. Really, the game was a pretty sad end to a sorry season. In the past, players would stick around on the field after the last game, watch the season highlight video, and toss their caps into the stands. They didn't do that this year. Not the finish we would have hoped for, but as any Brooklyn Dodger fan would say, "Wait til next year!!!"

Shickhaus Franks
December 17, 2006

I remember watching part of this game visiting family in Worcester, Mass. on a cold Columbus Day weekend. The game was on MLB Extra Innings via digital cable but I wasn't totally into the game since the Mets were long eliminated as I watched the Dolphins-Patriots game on the CBS Boston station & the news that the USA had just started bombing Afghanistan & the Taliban.

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