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April 8, 2011 Citi Field
Washington Nationals 6, Mets 2
Shickhaus Franks
April 10, 2011
The 50th home opener in Mets history and it was my 5th (there was a 6th but it got rained out in 1997).

THE TRAIN RIDE: Talked to some guys and they told me that they were in Port St. Lucie for spring training (FYI, It's on my bucket list, that and a Mets road trip).

THE PRE-GAME: Howie Rose did his usual outstanding intros, Mookie Wilson got a big ovation, so did Wright, Reyes, Ike Davis, Dickey and even Chris Young got a nice cheer but Pelf and K-Rod got booed. The moment of silence was emotional as they put Dallas Green's granddaughter on the video board along with Duke Snider, former Mets manager Joe Frazier among others. The American Flag unfurling was a lump in the throat moment and Michael Amonte did a fantastic job with the Anthem. Ralph Kiner (you better treasure him, Mets fans) threw out the first pitch and Mookie caught it to a great ovation.

THE WEATHER: The winter that won't ever end continued; 42 degrees and very cloudy. I was hoping for a miracle of 65 degrees and sunny but if life were fair, I would be filthy rich and be married to Joy Behar.

THE GAME: Dickey did his best despite a split fingernail and hardly any run support. Then Parnell unraveled in the 8th when Pudge Rodriguez opened the floodgates with a big hit. Jayson Werth (who truly looks like Edge from the WWE) got big boos from his Philly days as well. Many fans left after the Pudge hit but I stayed til the end as usual as a bit of rain hit during the 9th inning. All in all, the food was great (Blue Smoke Ribs, Nathan's and peanuts) and so was the Pepsi Max on tap. But the 2011 Mets are a work in progress and Terry Collins has a lot of work ahead of him.

April 10, 2011 Citi Field
Washington Nationals 7, Mets 3
Shickhaus Franks
April 17, 2011
For the second year in a row, we celebrated my friend Kathy's son Adam's birthday (He turned 5) at Citi Field on a cool and cloudy "winter" afternoon. Chris Young pitches 7 innings of one-hit ball but because of his past arm troubles (he's now on the DL) and pitch counts; Terry Collins takes him out and the Nats tie the game. The Mets should've won in the 10th but in the 11th, bad old Blaine Boyer (NICE KNOWING YA) gives up 4 runs etc...you get the picture. The three of us stayed until the final out as usual and for the second year in a row, Adam's b-day is spoiled by a Mets loss to Washington. However, the magnet schedules given out courtesy of SNY are the nicest I have ever seen!!

April 13, 2011 Citi Field
Colorado Rockies 5, Mets 4
Paul G
April 22, 2011
A rainy cold night at Citi Field. There was this incredible mist the whole night. You could not see the top of the upper deck because of the mist and fog. Small crowd. Troy Tulowitzki killed us this game with a big HR and another hit.

My friend Rob G got great seats, in the Delta Club area. Saw Wayne Garrett in the Delta Club restaurant. Go Wayne!

April 21, 2011 Citi Field
Mets 9, Houston Astros 1
Shickhaus Franks
May 2, 2011
First things first, I sat in section 129 courtesy of the New York Daily News contest on a clear, cold and windy "November" evening. Terry Collins gets ejected. (I was hoping he would kick dirt like Earl Weaver used to.) Jason Bay came back from his DL stint to start at LF. David Wright went yard, so did Mike Nickeas for his first MLB dinger. (I love it when I see a Mets player hit his first HR.) And Ike Davis...

Me and my buddy Billy sat next to a guy wearing a West Virginia University cap and I said to him that the weather was much suited for the annual WVU-Pitt "Backyard Brawl" football game than for the summer game and he agreed 100%.

On the way to the 7 train, there were a few morons from the Bronx praising Satan aka the Yankees and I shot back with the usual "YANKEES STINK" but I didn't say STINK and I added some very funny and very not-so-PC comments about Jeter and A-Bum as well.

By the way, Whenever I'm asked why I root for the Mets, I give them these 2 answers: I've been a Mets fan since I started watching baseball in the mid 1970's and my late mother who was very religious told me to NEVER, EVER WORSHIP SATAN....CASE CLOSED!!!

April 24, 2011 Citi Field
Mets 8, Arizona Diamondbacks 4
Ed K
August 11, 2015
First time the Mets played on Easter Sunday in Citi Field!

April 26, 2011 Nationals Park
Mets 6, Washington Nationals 4
September 26, 2013
My dad went to me and said that we were going to D.C. for a day trip during Easter break. I was like YES! He brought up that the Mets will be playing the Nats during the break and there was a chance that we could get tickets to the game. We went to the game and had a great experience. The ballpark is great. Chris Young as usual pitched a great game and Thole got the key hit that won the Mets the game. K-Rod got me nervous towards the end but got out of trouble. Great seats, great ballpark, great game!

May 1, 2011 Citizens Bank Park
Mets 2, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Shickhaus Franks
May 8, 2011
On the diamond in South Philly; it was Mets 2 Phillies 1 in 14 innings but the MOST IMPORTANT outcome on this night would be: U.S. Special Ops 6, Osama Bin Laden DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!!!!!

May 15, 2011 Astros Field
Mets 7, Houston Astros 4
Ed K
July 6, 2014
Jason Pridie stole home in this game - the most recent Met to do it to date.

May 20, 2011 Yankee Stadium III
Mets 2, New York Yankees 1
community chest
May 22, 2011
I hope we'll be able to look back on this game as the one in which R.A. Dickey turned his season around. He went into it with an ERA over 5, and he shut the Yankees down over 6 innings. R.A. needed this one as much as the fans did.

May 22, 2011 Yankee Stadium III
New York Yankees 9, Mets 3
Joe Figliola
May 29, 2011
It's one thing to acknowledge how you defeated another team. It's another when the team you lost to has to get arrogant and rub it in.

Two things bothered me about this game more than Pelfrey losing it on the mound in the 7th inning: The first was Cano's RBI single. The camera got a shot of him smirking and waving to the crowd as if he was a big shot. With the exception of the curtain calls following their home runs, you never saw the '86 Mets genuflect to the crowd after every hit they made. Cano's gesture matches his personality: classless!

The second was A-Rod's remark on how he "showed them." First of all, you clown, you were lucky to catch some lumber that resulted in that 45-foot swinging bunt. Second, why don't you show some class and say something respectful like how the Mets put up a fight in spite of a depleted lineup. Then again, this is A-Rod we're talking about. All his life is Cameron Diaz and swinging a 34-inch, 32-ounce Louisville Syringe.

I give the Mets credit for putting up a fight in spite of difficult circumstances. However, there will be a time when the Yankees will receive a heavy dose of instant karma and the Mets will shine on!

May 26, 2011 Wrigley Field
Chicago Cubs 9, Mets 3
Shickhaus Franks
July 18, 2011
As they say, baseball is a game of numbers: The average temperatures in Chicago for May 26th are 74 degrees for the HIGH and 55 degrees for the LOW. The game-time temperature for this afternoon contest at the Friendly Confines was 42 DEGREES which is perfect for the likes of Stan Mikita, Rod Gilbert, Gale Sayers or Sam Huff.

June 1, 2011 Citi Field
Pittsburgh Pirates 9, Mets 3
Shickhaus Franks
June 4, 2011
The headline says: MOUNT COLLINS ERUPTS!! Manager Terry Collins rips a bunch of new ones into the Metsies after this horrible loss. He was part Vince Lombardi part Clint Eastwood; under Jerry "Gangsta" Manuel it was Buddy Hackett at the Comedy Club but GUESS WHAT? THE COMEDY CLUB IS CLOSED!!

June 18, 2011 Citi Field
Mets 6, Los Angeles Angels 1
Shickhaus Franks
July 5, 2011
My first Mets game at Citi in 2 months and it was a great game. Pelfrey goes the distance; Beltran hits a great HR; got to see yet another AL team in the Angels; Glenn Close sang the National Anthem and messed up a little towards the end but recovered (unlike Christine Aguilera at the Super Bowl). I wore my Gary Carter t-shirt and got emotional when they showed the video of The Kid in the 7th inning. An almost perfect night except for the Brooklyn Burger for which I got one word for it: "MEH".

June 19, 2011 Citi Field
Los Angeles Angels 7, Mets 3
Ed K
August 28, 2012
We have seen Neise pitch a great weekend game at Citi Field in 2010 but not on this Fathers Day afternoon. He just did not have it.

July 4, 2011 Dodger Stadium
Mets 5, Los Angeles Dodgers 2
Shickhaus Franks
July 18, 2011
Nice win for the Amazin's on our nation's 235th birthday. FYI, the Mets all-time record on July 4th is now 29-32 and they have played every year on this date except 1981 (the strike year).

July 16, 2011 Citi Field
Mets 11, Philadelphia Phillies 2
March 5, 2012
As a Mets fan, this game was great, from the ball that dropped in the bottom of the first inning to the Scott Hairston bomb in the bottom of the seventh, but the best part was taunting the annoying Phillies fans once the game was over. The best Mets win of the 2011 season right there, folks.

July 19, 2011 Citi Field
Mets 4, St. Louis Cardinals 2
Shickhaus Franks
August 31, 2011
Sat in section 337 for this game where I spewed my venom towards the Stepson of Bucky BLEEPING Dent aka Yadier BLEEPING Molina. I also yelled at St. Louis Steroid #5 for coming back so soon from a broken wrist (courtesy of the LaRussa Law Office/Pharmacy). They also toned down the Pepsi Max T-Shirt launch in the wake of the tragedy at the Texas Rangers game. Devil Hernandez worked 3rd base and I made sure that I yelled "Hey Angel, your buddy MONGO McMichael says HELLO." Lance Berkman slams a tape measure dinger onto the Shea bridge but the Mets pull out the close win on a warm but NOT humid Tuesday Night at Citi Field.

August 13, 2011 Bank One Ballpark
Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Mets 4
Ken Akerman
August 18, 2011
I attended this game at Chase Field. The key moment occurred in the bottom of the fifth inning. With the Mets up 4-2, starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey was hit in the right elbow by a line drive off the bat of Gerardo Parra, forcing him to leave the game and putting Parra on first with an infield single.

D.J. Carrasco came in to relieve Pelfry. Three batters later, after a hit by pitch to Willie Bloomquist, Ryan Roberts hit a three-run home run to put the Diamondbacks ahead for good, 5- 4.

Diamonbacks starting pitcher Daniel Hudson pitched eight strong innings for the win, and helped his own cause by driving in an insurance run in the sixth inning with an RBI single. J.J. Putz earned his 29th save of the season with perfect ninth inning.

August 15, 2011 PETCO Park
Mets 5, San Diego Padres 4
February 24, 2014
I was at this game and even though I was rooting for the Padres, I saw Jason Isringhausen get his 300th and final save.

August 21, 2011 Citi Field
Milwaukee Brewers 6, Mets 2
Shickhaus Franks
August 31, 2011
I was supposed to be at this game but an illness prevented me from going. I already had gotten the tickets for the BJ Clubhouse section for me, my friend Kathy and her son Adam (they went anyway). Watched it on tv anyway; I'm hoping for at least one more visit to Citi Field before the season ends!

September 7, 2011 Dolphin Stadium
Mets 1, Florida Marlins 0
Shickhaus Franks
March 31, 2012
Last ever Mets at Marlins game at Pro Player-Land Shark-Dolphins-Sunlife etc....SPIN THE WHEEL and that's the name of the stadium for this week as R.A. Dickey pitches a 7-inning masterpiece. Since the Mets began in 1962; they have played regular season games at 55 ballparks (including the Polo Grounds, Shea Stadium and Citi Field) in 5 countries (USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Japan.) In May 2012, make it 56 when the Mets pay their 1st visit to the new Marlins Stadium (that's the name as of this moment) which is on the site of the late, legendary Orange Bowl. They have yet to play at Target Field in Minnesota but I have a feeling when the new inter-league schedule kicks in 2013, the Amazins will be there in the near future as well.

September 24, 2011 Citi Field
Mets 2, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Shickhaus Franks
March 5, 2012
My first Mets game in 2 months due to my illness and it was a great day! It all started when I got off the 7 train and there was the New York Lottery booth and guess who was signing autographs? Yolanda Vega!!! She's much more beautiful in person than she is on TV. (In my opinion, Yolanda would look amazing in a floral print bathing suit.)

It looked like a 60% chance of rain but it didn't even drizzle at all. There were way too many rude and crude Phillies fans. (They kept saying "The Mets are going home" etc.) but I shot back by saying "The only good things about Philly are ECW wrestling, Rocky Balboa and college basketball."

Our own Crash Davis, aka Val Pascucci, tied the game with a crushing HR and then David Wright got the game-winning hit as the Mets won 2-1. I was gonna stay for game 2 that night but me, my friend Kathy and her son Adam were all tired from a lot of things that have gone on lately. A nice last season victory over those cheese-steak-eating bums. (WE PREFER NATHANS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.)

September 25, 2011 Citi Field
Philadelphia Phillies 9, Mets 4
January 23, 2012
This was my last game of the 2011 campaign. It only makes sense that they lost because in the games that I went to this year, the Mets were 1-5. Still, I got to see some call-ups like Val Pascucci, Josh Satin, and Dale Thayer. I hope I'll have better luck next year.

September 28, 2011 Citi Field
Mets 3, Cincinnati Reds 0
Shickhaus Franks
January 23, 2012
I exchanged tickets from an August 3rd rainout for the home (and season) finale on a cool, gray afternoon. Before the game they honored groundskeeper Pete Flynn as he was retiring after 50 years with the Mets. Then Reyes takes himself out of the game and many in the crowd booed big time (we were hoping for at least until the 5th inning) but he did win the NL batting title (the first for the Mets) then Miguel Batista at age 40 pitches a 2-hitter (still waiting for the no-hitter) as the Amazin's end another non-playoff year (yet again) on a high note. Mike "Whitestone, Queens" Baxter even hit his first MLB HR to the cheers of the remaining fans. Then the game ended as me and my pal Billy said a sad goodbye to Citi Field until April 2012 when we celebrate the Mets 50th Golden Anniversary and hopefully a return to serious October (post-season) baseball as Steve Somers of WFAN would say!

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