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Ed Bouchee
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Ed Bouchee
Ed Bouchee
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 376 of 1043 players
Edward Francis Bouchee
Born: March 7, 1933 at Livingston, Mont.
Died: January 23, 2013 at Phoenix, Ariz.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 210

Ed Bouchee was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 25, 2013, and February 5, 2014.


First Mets game: April 11, 1962
Last Mets game: July 29, 1962

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October 29, 2001
It was 1962 and I was 13 years old and really excited about the Mets. They were new and differant and all their games were on television. I was living in Connecticut and had never been exposed to national league baseball. I used to come home from practice and catch the tail end of Mets games on t.v. They would be hopelessly behind and would pinch hit Gus Bell and Ed Bouchee. I remember looking upo,their stats and wondering how they could be so inept. They had always hit and were only in their mid 3o's! It is amazing now to think of how quiclky back then players got "old"

November 29, 2001
Ed Bouchee was the first pinch hitter in Mets history. He pinch hit in the first game against the Cardinals in 1962. He was also the poor soul who would get booed by the Polo Grounds crowd when he played first base instead of Gil Hodges.

originalmets 62
March 7, 2002
This guy got into some trouble with the law, when he was with the Phillies. I remember him hitting a home run in the Polo Grounds in an April doubleheader against Philadelphia.

July 23, 2002
Ed's 1962 Topps baseball card was the first one we got to show a Met in the home uniform, and it really was my all-time favorite. My buddy got so sick of me carrying it around, and showing if off, he took the card and flipped it on top of his house. It never came down after blowing into the gutter. I never saw another 1962 Bouchee card and have been looking in card stores without success.

September 26, 2002
I was lucky enough to become acquainted with Ed recently. As a matter of fact, his wife gave me a 1962 Mets card of his, which he signed for me. He continues to be a GREAT guy!!!

Joe Figliola
October 10, 2002
A decade ago, I was putting together a manuscript on the Mets and their baseball cards. I had a section where I would select the best card from each year's set. Ed's 1962 card was a no-brainer because it shows him nicely in the compete Mets uniform. (The only other card to feature a Met in his proper colors was Al Jackson.)

As part of the feature, I wrote to Ed in Illinois and asked him to offer his thoughts on the card. You couldn't get a nicer response from a nicer man. At the time, he was working for AC-Delco and he remarked that he could not believe he played for a team that had nearly three pitchers with 20 losses. Oh, yeah, he liked his card, too. Thanks, Ed!

May 27, 2003
Bouchee had a great Rookie Year with the Phillies. It went downhill from there. He got in trouble with the law, was traded to the Cubs and taken by the Mets in the expansion draft. I recently read that Bouchee was no fan of Casey Stengel and allegedly told Stengel in no uncertain terms that he should be playing more. Stengel sent him to Buffalo.

Rufus Jones
January 9, 2004
Ed was such a true Philly when they told him he had been traded he said "I'd rather stick it out in Philadelphia!"

fletcher rabbit
October 10, 2004
Ah! Ed Bouchee.

Was he not the 1b who dropped the throw when Roger Craig picked off Maury Wills, and then, when Craig threw over again, and AGAIN picked off Wills, managed to drop the ball once more?

Oh we happy few who survived those years!

Bob P
March 4, 2005
Ed Bouchee, unfortunately, peaked in his rookie season of 1957. He played in all 154 games for the Phillies that season, batting .293 with 17 homers and 76 RBI. He also walked 84 times and was hit by a pitch a league-leading 14 times so he had an impressive on- base percentage. He finished second that year to Phillies teammate Jack Sanford in the Rookie of the Year vote.

Ed did miss the first half of the 1958 season due to a suspension because of legal troubles as mentioned in an earlier post. He bounced back in 1959 and had a good year, but just a month into the 1960 season the Phils traded him to the Cubs (along with future World Champion Met Don Cardwell). Bouchee did not put up good numbers in two seasons with the Cubs and so they left him unprotected in the October 1961 expansion draft.

BaseballLibrary.com reports that Bouchee was frustrated at having to sit while past-prime veterans like Gil Hodges played. Ed bounced back and forth to the minors, and quit at age 30 in 1963 out of frustration.

Ken K
May 18, 2005
I remember Ed Bouchee. I remember he had an odd batting stance: he batted lefty with his right foot sort of pointing towards the pitcher. I was in Little League then, and my uniform was #11 (same as Ed's) so for a while there he was my favorite Met.

Ron Consiglio
August 5, 2005
I believe Ed was the first Met to homer with at least one man on base. Up to his first Met homer, they were all solo shots. I remember reading about his scrape with the law. Believe me, if it happened today, he would have gone to prision for a long time.

Jamey Bumbalo
September 6, 2006
First, some people have made references to Bouchee's troubles with the law. What happened? Second, in a fantastic baseball book called "We Played The Game," Bouchee comes across as a whiner. "I was the best first baseman in the Mets' organization, but they sent me to the minors and kept me there," he claims. He rips into Casey Stengel ("So don't give me no b-t about Stengel being a good manager!"). Regarding Gil Hodges, he said, "I was the guy who should have been playing first base." He goes on: "I don't really think there were good things about being on that Mets team. I'm not even sure the Mets fans were as great as they were cracked up to be." Maybe his feelings are legitimate; I can't judge. Still, he seems like a crybaby.

mIKE t.
January 30, 2013
Good or bad player, he was an all-star when it came to signing stuff through the mail. Thanks, Mr. B. R.I.P.

January 30, 2013
RIP Ed Bouchee. A rookie of the year runner up in 1957, he couldn't convince Casey to play him over Gil Hodges. Incredibly, his last 22 big league appearances came in losing causes.

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