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Ted Schreiber
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Theodore Henry Schreiber
Born: July 11, 1938 at Brooklyn, N.Y.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 175

3b ss 2b

First Mets game: April 14, 1963
Last Mets game: September 29, 1963

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john breen
Shortly after leaving baseball in the mid-sixties Ted Schrieber went on to become the basketball coach at Nazareth High School in Brooklyn

January 22, 2001
Mr. Schrieber also was my gym teacher at dewey Brooklyn n.y. In 1965

John Paige
March 18, 2001
If memory serves correctly, I was listening to the last game played in the Polo Grounds. I believe that Ted Schreiber was a pinch hitter--maybe the last at bat there.

Bill Deegan
October 22, 2002
John Paige is correct. Ted was the last man to bat in the old Polo Grounds. I remember that there were only a few thousand fans in attendance. Nowadays, they'd make such a big deal out of it the place would have been packed.

December 17, 2002
While playing for the Mets, Schrieber used to live in the Rockaways. I was living there as well, and I joined a few friends trying to search for his home. He was listed in the phone book. With our bikes, we reached his home. We were going to knock on his door-BUT we chickened out! This is my only recollection of Ted Schrieber!

Choo Choo
October 14, 2004
I met Ted once. He did make the last out in the Polo Grounds. It was a line drive double play to second and as Ted described it he 'wuz robbed'.

Maria Arena
February 24, 2006
I think he was a teacher at Montauk JHS in the mid 1960's.

August 20, 2006
Ted is living in Georgia these days. I had the pleasure of listening to him tell some stories about his college days at St. John's (including hitting a game-winning homer at Ebbets Field in 1958, after the Dodgers left) and the Mets. The one that sticks in my mind is about Casey Stengel -- Schreiber felt he could have gotten a longer look. There was an extra-inning game once, Casey was looking for a pinch-hitter, and finally decided to send in Ted. "He had to. I was the only guy he had left!"

bill delgaudio
January 11, 2007
Ted Schreiber was my math teacher at Dewey Junior high school. I was living in a bad family environment that was both physically and emotionally dangerous. I had better things to do than go to school. One day I had nothing better to do so I went to school. Mr. Schreiber stopped me after class and said "Bill, you are a smart kid, why haven't you been coming to school?" He was the only adult who asked and listened. That day he saved my life. I want to thank him in person but I don't know how to contact him. My email address is Please if anyone reads this let him know that I have spent 25 years trying to thank him for literally preventing me from being a dead statistic.

Please please please ask him to contact me.

Sincerely, Bill Delgaudio, MA(1999)

James Van Der Wall
June 1, 2007
Didn't Ted Schreiber become a Met because of a special draft set up to enable them to select players frorm the rosters of other teams? I am sure I am right about this.

August 5, 2007
He was great I did have him in the mid eighties as a teacher not sure of subject. He did have a photo poster of all the Mets who played third base and there he was he was a real nice guy.... Thanks Mr.Shreiber

Mets fan in Maine
January 6, 2008
He was an OK hitter in the minors in 1962 (Seattle) and 1963 (Buffalo), batting .279 both seasons. Despite spending almost an entire season with the Mets, he only appeared in 39 games, with just 50 at- bats. In '64 in Buffalo he hit only .211. He has a baseball card in the One-Year Winners series. Sounds like he was a great teacher.

Don Gelman
May 7, 2009
I knew Ted Schreiber in P.S. 206 in Brooklyn, in either the fourth or fifth grade. We were friendly for a while. Ted was the greatest athlete I had ever seen; he could run toward the handball court wall and take two steps up the wall!

At the time I knew Ted, I had to wear glasses during exams, but was ashamed to let other people see me wearing them. During one exam, I was hunched over so that no one could see me, and I peered around. In so doing, I spotted Ted, who was also wearing glasses, and trying to hide that fact.

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