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Roy David McMillan
Born: July 17, 1929 at Bonham, Tex.
Died: November 2, 1997 at Bonham, Tex.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 170

Roy McMillan was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 27, 2006, and October 12, 2008.

ss Manager
Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Manager 1975
  • Coach 1973 - 1976

First Mets game: May 9, 1964
Last Mets game: August 3, 1966

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Gus Bumbol
May 21, 2001
Roy was a great shortstop in his prime. By the time he reached the Mets, his prime was over. Still a terrific ballplayer and a fine little fella.

richard ellison
September 15, 2001
I have been a Reds fan for over 50 years and saw many game when Roy was playing shortstop for the team.

He made plays I have never seen other players make,and he made them time and time again.

Itisunfortunate that Roy was not a great hitter, this in some way obscured his amazing fielding skills. Not as far as real baseball fans were concerned, but for the average hotdog eater who think they are a real fan.

I never think of Roy that I do not get a smile on my face in remembering the great pleasure he brought to those of us who appreciate true defensive skills.

harvey k
January 29, 2002
roy was still a great fielder when the Mets obtained fact he started a triple play sometime north of the 15th inning to extend that famous 20 some inning game against the giants in the second game of a double header in 64or65.

Jim McEnroe
May 18, 2002
I saw Roy McMillan pull off the triple play. It was on May 31, 1964 in the second game of a 23 inning game. I will always remember that double header because I was there and it was my first visit of many to Shea Stadium. It was the longest night game in time 7 hours plus. And the longest double header in innings (33) of all time. Roy was a top notch shortstop and a great competitor and is also remembered as a long time coach for the Mets. And a replacement manager after the firing of Yogi Berra.

Roy McMillan
December 23, 2002
Roy was a great shortstop, as we all know. That and the fact that I had the same name as him made Roy my favorite player. My memory of him is a personal one. When I was a kid (in 1964), my aunt took me to my first Mets game. She was dating one of the Mets executives at the time and he arranged for me to be brought down into the Mets dugout to meet Roy. He was a really nice guy and chuckled as I was introduced to him, "Roy McMillan, meet Roy McMillan." I'll never forget that moment!

Jonathan Stern
April 30, 2004
When they hired him to be their manager, the Mets hailed McMillan as a strong-and-silent manager in the Gil Hodges mold. But, according to Kiner, "He was just silent."

September 15, 2004
Great, talented, defensive shortstop, who hit .215, but gave the Mets a touch of respectability when they needed it.

Finished up the mess when Yogi was fired as manager in 1975. I'm sure he did not enjoy it.

April 27, 2005
I recall a game in the 60's when there was a pop fly to Roy. Ron Swoboda came charging in from the outfield, crashing into him from behind. Roy toppled backwards over Ron, but managed to catch and hold on to the ball. One of the funniest plays of all time.

May 18, 2005
They don't make 'em like Roy McMillan, Marty Marion, Eddie Brinkman, Mark Belanger, Dal Maxvill or Gene Michael anymore; guys who could really pick it at short and were not good hitters but who played for years and years because of their slick fielding. Unfortunately these guys who could do "little things" with the bat like bunt, advance runners and get clutch hits from time to time would never make it today because nowadays you have to be 6' 3" tall and 200 lbs with power to start at short for most teams.

Guys like Roy McMillan and the like were like "poetry in motion" in the field. I was a shortstop myself when I was younger and when I was 12 my best friend's grandfather (may he rest in peace) told me that a good shortsop was like a ballerina and he saw some of the great ones.

As for Mr. McMillan, another friend of mine wrote him a letter about me when he was coaching with the Expos and how I was a shortstop and Roy wrote me back a very nice letter stating how "similar" we were because we were both shortstops, amongst other ineresting tidbits. He seemed like a very nice man and I was sad the day he passed away.

Brian Tasman
October 1, 2008
Roy was a fabulous fielder even in his later years with the Mets. He had to be to last so many years without much hitting, and he didn't steal either. I was about 11 when Roy came to the Mets. At the end of his time with N.Y., Bud Harrelson was battling for the job. Harrelson was exciting and could steal a base. I still remember Roy going deep in the hole at short, stabbing the ball near the ground, and making a long overhand throw in time to first. Too bad I didn't get to see him in his prime.

October 6, 2008
You are right about him going into the hole and making a backhand stop. I don't think I ever saw him make an error doing that. A fine fielder.

Peter McCullough
October 19, 2011
I was at that game, the second half of a twin bill on Memorial Day, 1964. Along with my brother Bill and friends John and Steve, I was going to the NY World's Fair. But my friend John and I opted to attend the Mets and Giants doubleheader; $1.30 well spent. Along with witnessing Roy McMillan's spectacular triple play we were also treated to the rarity of seeing Willie Mays play shortstop in the 15th inning, a result of the Giants running short of players. As a 13 year old I had not seen Roy in his prime, truly a shame since he was incredible in the sunset of his career.

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