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Robert Francis Klaus
Born: December 27, 1937 at Spring Grove, Ill.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 200

Bobby Klaus was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on October 15, 2012.

2b 3b ss

First Mets game: July 30, 1964
Last Mets game: October 3, 1965

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I remember playing hookey on a freezing, raining Thursday in April to go to Shea. This had to be the most miserable weather I have ever watched a game in. The guy selling hot chocolate was making a bundle. This has to be either 64 or 65. Anyway....Klaus wins the game in the 10th (thank God) with a shot down the left field line, just above the orange line.

January 11, 2002
Frank, I was there that day too, in the boxes on the third base line. Bobby's Home Run hit the foul was cold day..I was 12 years old...I believe he had a brother Billy who played in the Yankees system.

January 11, 2002
Frank , it was 4/14/65 Mets beat Houston 7-6 10 innings, you know your comments made me remember that day

February 22, 2002
Believe it or not I was at that same game on 4/14/65. It was Holy Thursday against Hoston. The Mets were playing LA, Hstn and SF on this opening homestand.

Klaus was a terrible hitter whose brother played in the AL but not with the Yankees.

FRED of Nyack
March 18, 2003
My recollection was that Bobby Klaus was a hustling, ballplayer with limited talents whose best work was in his initial appearances. To get them both in the lineup in 1965, Casey put All-Star Ron Hunt at third base for a while, which Hunt wasn't crazy about, until the Peter Principle caught up with Bobby. While his brother, Billy (also an infielder) may have been a Yankee farmhand, I know he played for the Phillies.

March 21, 2003
Isn't the Internet wonderful? Totally obscure bit players like Bobby Klaus live on in cyberspace. My family lived in a two-family house in Flushing during the late '60's, and one of our neighbors said that Bobby once rented it too. It was cheap rent but I guess ballplayers didn't make much then. No way you'd catch a big leaguer living in a working class neighborhood like that today.

May 5, 2003
It's a long time ago, but, if I'm not mistaken, Sandy Becker mentioned Bobby's game-winning homer on his show that day. Sandy also commented that the Mets had a 2-game winning streak! One of my prevalent memories of Sandy Becker is his mention of Bobby Klaus on his show that day. Anyone back me up (please!!)??

rich edwards
May 6, 2003
Chris, it's very possible. I remember watching the game on tv. It was 4-15-65 (not 4-14) as some have said. Klaus' home run made Jim Bethke the winning pitcher. I think he was only 19 at the time. The Mets also made a weird triple play that day. Sandy Becker was great. My favorite was k lastima.

May 29, 2003
Bobby Klaus' brother Billy Klaus played with the Red Sox. I think Billy was also traded from the Boston Braves to the New York Giants with Johnny Antonelli in the Bobby Thomson trade.

June 23, 2003
I remember the game he won in the 10th inning, too - my only memory of him! Is it possible schools were closed for Easter vacation or were we ALL playing hooky that day? It was the first win of the year, I thought - I remember the Mets first win coming progressively earlier each year from '62 to this point. The triple play - I think it went from right field to home nailing a runner trying to tag up from third (was it Johnny Lewis who made the throw) and then a runner from first trying to move to second on the throw home - I can't remember what I had for dinner last night but I can remember a triple play from 1965 - is there a medical term for a condition like that?

June 25, 2003
When I was 5 I lived next door to Bobby Klaus in Flushing. I played with his daughter and I remember him as a great guy who played catch with us and taught us the "Meet the Mets" song. I was very sorry to see such a nice family move on.

April 13, 2005
Bobby Klaus was a ballplayer who will live on in the Hall of Good. He was very decent, and could hit, but like many good ballplayers, his best numbers were run up in the minors.

At Cincinnati, he would have been backup to Pete Rose, Leo Cardenas, Tony Perez, Deron Johnson, and Chico Ruiz, not to mention a developing Tommy Helms. At New York, he was in the company of Roy McMillan, Chuck Hiller, and Ron Hunt. Like many good ballplayers, you have to ask the question, would he have made it with another team?

I was overwhelmed when the expansion San Diego Padres picked him. But San Diego sent him away to the Pittsburgh Pirates system. Bobby's brother Billy was the starting shortstop for the Boston Red Sox before being traded to the Baltimore Orioles.

A namesake, Richard C. Klaus was an infielder during the 40's and 50's before becoming a manager. About him, I know very little.

jamey bumbalo
November 25, 2005
While Bobby Klaus only played in the majors in 1964 and 1965, his brother Billy lasted longer, playing from 1952 to 1963 with the Boston and Milwaukee Braves, Red Sox, Orioles, Senators, and Phillies. It's too bad the brothers were never in the majors at the same time.

Kelly Klaus
December 28, 2005
I just googled my dad, Bobby Klaus, and got this website. I was the daughter that lived in Flushing and hung out with "Sally". I have great memories of the New York Mets, they were a team full of heart and family. It is great to have Cyberspace to live on and remember. At our last family reunion my uncle Billy wore his uniform and we all had fun. My dad was old school baseball, very humble - couldn't believe he was making a living doing what he loved most. He turned down coaching positions because he couldn't handle the new "attitude" of the modern players. He is enjoying his grandchildren and still in touch with the teammates throughout the different teams he played on. Once in a while he is invited back to the San Diego Padres Old-Timers games and he has no regrets.

Del Jakabosky
April 28, 2006
I remember watching Bobby play with the minor league Padres in 1967 and '68. He was a player coach and led the Padres to the PCL championship in old Westgate park in San Diego. I wanted to play second base just like him.

October 28, 2006
I knew Bob at U of I, where he was an excellent player who was a true student of the game. He loved baseball and there was no doubt he was going to play major league baseball somewhere. There was always a game of street ball going on behind the T dorm and he was always in the competition.

January 6, 2007
I lived in Manhasset until the age of 8. I moved to California in 1967 and became an Angel fan. My first team, however, was the Mets. I was enamored with Bobby Klaus. My dad was on a business trip to Chicago in around 1965 or 1966 and, lo and behold, he was staying at the same hotel as the Mets. He got ahold of Bobby Klaus and had him call me! I don't remember a lot, but I do remember being thrilled that I was talking to a real major leaguer. He was my first "favorite player." I've had a few since then, all Angels, but you never forget your first of anything. Thanks Bobby.

Gene Daly
October 6, 2010
Bobby was a class act who lived on my block in Flushing (41st Ave bet Murray Street and 154 Street) during the 1965 season. I was a 17 year old senior in high school at the time and met him in the Fall of 1965 after the baseball season was over. He was working in the off season for Rheingold beer and came home one afternoon and asked if he could join our touch football game we used to play in the street. The rest was history; he played all fall and winter with us until he was traded. He befriended me and even took me to a Jets football game vs Houston where I sat with Bob Murphy and Miss Rheingold.

Jim Eckert
January 21, 2011
Memories of Bobby in this forum open with his game winning homer in a cold April game, 4/15/65 - a 5-4 win over Houston. One comment that caught my attention was that the homer was said to have hit the foul pole.

I have strong memories of at least another of his four career Met homers hitting the pole. It actually glanced off the outside of the LF pole, quite near to where I was sitting. This was in another 5-4 Mets win 8/23/64, this time over the Cubs. It was a solo shot coming earlier in the game so it wasn't a walk- off winner. But the Mets swept two that day (1st game 2-1) with Ed Kranepool and Charlie Smith getting game winning walk-off singles (first game in 10th, second in 9th) in respective games. What a rare feat in a 53-109 season.

Bobby must have been in his major league glory that day with a 9 3 5 1 doubleheader to get his average then to an unKlaus-like .302.

September 6, 2013
I remember waiting to take batting practice with the reserves before a game in the summer of 65. Bobby just happened to be standing next to me at the batting cage. He kind of looked at me at one point and said " I'm gonna get me a cigarette." He then walked away.

This is a true story!

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