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Jack Fisher
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Jack Fisher
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Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 217 of 1043 players
John Howard Fisher
Born: March 4, 1939 at Frostburg, Md.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 225

Jack Fisher was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on November 9, 2015, January 22, 2016, and June 15, 2016.


First Mets game: April 17, 1964
Last Mets game: September 27, 1967

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Michael Bagleone
I enjoyed Jack Fisher. I liked that his nickname was Fat Jack! Could you imagine the commercial possibilities for him today?

Sol Rosenfeld
December 29, 2000
Jack was a wonderful man who enjoyed going fishing in the off season. He used spiders as bait and once caught his hook in Al Luplow's crotch.

Jerome Spitz
June 8, 2001
I used to watch him when he pitched and thought he had the biggest rear end of anyone I ever saw. That distinction was taken away when the Mets got Sid Fernandez.

July 19, 2001
"Fat Jack"is the current owner of a sports bar in Easton Pa.

Gary Friend
August 18, 2001
Recently played golf with Jack in Savannah GA. Found him to be a likeable man and a good golfer. Going to visit him personally to have him autograph some baseballs

November 1, 2001
From 1964-1966 Jack was the closest thing the Mets had to a "stopper". Then Seaver came along in 1967. Whenever the Mets could score 3 or 4 runs Jack would keep it close for 7 or 8 innings. If you get the opportunity to visit "Fat Jacks" in Easton you will find him to be a very gracious person and the food is good.

January 31, 2002
Here's one thing about Fisher: he was not bad with the bat to the point that he'd be an "automatic" out. The only thing with that, though, is if Fisher had to do baserunning--it would invariably affect his pitching in the ensuing innings.

I remember going to a game with my aunt's boyfriend (who took me to a bunch of games at Shea and Yankee Stadium) during my childhood when Fisher pitched. He was doing REAL well on the hill (I forgot who they were playing--I wanna say the Braves, but I'm not sure); but at the bottom of the 4th or 5th inning, Jack reached first on a single. The next batter up singled; and when the ball was misplayed by the outfielder, Fisher took off--and, sliding hard--made third base safely. Unfortunately it was all for naught, as he died at third. My aunt's boyfriend was upset that he had to do all that running--saying that because of his weight, he was going to be "tired-out" when he took the mound.

Sure enough, taking the mound in the next inning, Fisher walked the first two batters, then got "lit-up."

February 3, 2002
I happened to visit "Fat Jack's" in Easton recently. He evidently is no longer an owner but is still friendly with the staff and stops by often. Among the stuff he has displayed there is an old contract calling for an $8,000 salary.

rich edwards
March 15, 2002
One of the Baby Birds in the late 50s early 60s. Gave up no. 60 to Maris. Actually did some good pitching for the Mets.

Morrisville Graduate 2002
June 20, 2002
Jack was the speaker at our 2002 graduation, hopefully he was a better pitcher than he was a speaker. When I turn 21, I can't wait to go to Fat Jack's in Easton, PA.

July 8, 2002
People tend to forget that after the '63 season, MLB, in all its charity, made a pool of players available to the Mets and Cost 45s almost as an apology for the sorry bunch of players available to them in the original expansion draft. The Mets got Fat Jack and a first baseman, Bill Haas, from the Dodgers who was tremendusly overhyped (a Dodger tradition back then that, for some reason, no other teams wised up to), and who never played a day in the Majors. I don't recall who Houston got but it wasn't much better

July 27, 2002
Back in August '64 I went to my first Mets game at Shea, and Jack Fisher was going to pitch against the Cubs. The previous several Mets games had resulted in shutouts by the New York starters, and I bet my buddy $3 Fisher would also pitch a shutout ($3 was a lot during 1964 to a 14 year old, today less than $20 is considered chump change).

Fisher pitched a shutout and I went home making money.

al venti
December 25, 2002
I think Jack is awesome. I rememeber his card in 1968. It said Jack once suffered 24 losses in one season. He is a trooper. I wish him the best.

June 25, 2003
I remember going to a game in late September. I believe it was in 1966. I had free tickets for entering Banner Day. It was a cold Friday night and Fisher battled Larry Dierker in one of the greatest duals ever. Going into the ninth the score was 0-0. Fisher got the side out in the 9th. Dierker had retired the first 24 batters and was in the same shoes as Harvey Haddix. The Mets then got two questionable hits in plays where Joe Morgan was involved and won the game 1-0. I believe that Ron Hunt may have gotten the game winning hit. Does anybody else remember this game?

Tony Hoffman
February 21, 2004
Jack Fisher started the first Mets game I ever attended; I went with my father for my birthday around July 15 of (probably) 1966. His opponent was Juan Marichal, who had beaten the Mets in something like 18 straight decisions and had never lost to them. The game turned into a bit of a slugfest--the Giants of those days had a formidable offense led by Mays, McCovey, Cepeda; also Jim Ray Hart, Jim Davenport and others. Though Fisher apparently didn't figure in the decision, the Mets held on to beat the Giants and hand Marichal his first loss against them ever. (If anyone has more details about this game, please let me know.)

Bob P
February 24, 2004
Tony, that game was on July 4, 1967. Fisher was the winner as the Mets beat Marichal for the first time, 8-7. There are a few more details if you look in the memory section for the 7/4/67 game on this site.

Feat Fan
February 28, 2004
"Fat Jack" was quite the competitor for the lowly Mets of the mid 60's. He was originally a Baltimore Oriole, having come up with a stellar crop of young arms (Pappas, Barber, McNally, Estrada) and went on to the San Francisco Giants before Flushing.

He ate up innings, usually posting 7 9 4 2 4 lines and dropping 5-3 decisions!

I remember a May 8, 1965 game vs Milwaukee when he bested Denver LeMaster 4-2 aided by two Rocky Swoboda home runs!

In '68, with the White Sox, finished the year with a fine ERA of 2.98 (year of the pitcher) despite his typical 8-13 mark. Wore number 22, my HS and Little League number.

March 6, 2005
Another Met before my time. I read his numbers and they aren't too bad for the product the Mets had on the field! Usually good for 230 innings, and he relieved in between starts as well! Can't figure out why he was thru at 30 years of age!

Jamey Bumbalo
November 10, 2006
He had a decent major league career, and in his years with the Mets he was their best starter--he made it into double digits in wins in 1964 and 1966.

John O'Hare
July 16, 2008
I remember Jack Fisher as the Craig Swan of his day, a decent pitcher on a bad team.

I think that if anyone from the Mets is reading this, Jack should be brought to Shea to throw out the first pitch of the last game, just has he threw the first real pitch in the first game.

Jack Pesserilo
February 2, 2009
Jack was always my favorite pitcher. For four years he TOILED for four hapless Met teams. He always pitched plenty of innings as the Mets had only one other consistent pitcher (Al Jackson). When I was a teen it was very difficult to understand how other pitchers on high scoring teams would have almost the same ERA as Fisher (e.g. Tony Cloniger, Sammy Ellis) and they won 25 and 22 respectively and Fisher was 8-24 with a not-too-bad ERA of 3.92. I took most of his losses quite hard. I remember on Dec. 15, 1967 while listening to WMCA the trade to the White Sox was announced. It deflated me. Looking back, Fisher and Jackson would have been only #2 or #3 starters on most teams. However on the Mets and with me they were #1.

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