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Frank Lary
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Frank Strong Lary
Born: April 10, 1930 at Northport, Ala.
Died: December 14, 2017 at Northport, Ala.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 5.11 Weight: 175

Frank Lary was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on January 23, 2015.


First Mets game: May 31, 1964
Last Mets game: July 2, 1965

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harvey k
January 30, 2002
frank lary was one of the best 'yankee killers' when he was a star pitcher for the tigers.he was already spent when the Mets acquired him.the Mets did ,however, unload him for dennis ribant who was great during his stint in New York.

Yankee hater#1
February 21, 2002
This guy was the Yankee Killer; actually he was a pretty good pitcher. I remember in 1964 , against the Braves, he hit Rico Carty with a pitch that started a neat brawl.

Feat Fan
April 19, 2002
That brawl was on July 26, 1964, my first game at SHEA ever. Although only 9 at that time, my memories are 100% clear. In game one, Al Jackson paired off against Spahnie and hit his only ML HR in a 15-10 donnybrook. Hank Aaron makes a standout shoestring catch in RF, homers in both games. Carl Willey surrenders a Torre blast and hurts his elbow.

Spahn comes back in nightcap (age 43) which is a 11-10 affair. I remember Larry Elliott hitting a pinch 3 run blast and a woman near us saying "women's intuition", (first time I heard that phrase).

I was fortunate to meet Mr.Aaron in '99 and I recalled my memories of that hot July day. Amazingly, he remembers the brawl and homering in both games.

May 28, 2003
I think Lary beat the Yankees twenty one times in his career. Had a good curveball with Detroit. Was washed up when he came to the Mets as so many veteran players were when they arrived in Flushing in the early and mid sixties.

Bob P
June 2, 2003
I found an article on a Tigers fan website that said on April 13, 1962 Lary defeated the Yankees to improve his record against them to 28-13. Lary only won six more games in the American League after that day, so that may have been his final victory against the Yanks.

Lary had gone 23-9 for the Tigers in 1961 but on this Opening Day 1962, the Yankees were leading 3-2 as Lary came up in the seventh inning (wow, that's a strange concept to anyone younger than 30!). It was a chilly, raw day and Lary wound up getting a hit this at bat, but it may have ruined his career. He pulled a muscle as he rounded first base yet still wound up with a triple. The Tigers scored three runs in the inning and won the game 5-3, but Lary altered his pitching motion in his next start to favor his leg and wound up with arm and shoulder problems.

He hung on through the 1965 season but was only 10-23 after the injury. He finished his career with a 128- 116 record and an ERA that was about 12% better than the league averages while he played.

Lary led the AL in innings pitched three times, in complete games three times, in wins once, and in 1961 he finished third in the Major League Cy Young Award balloting behind two of the best lefties of all time-- Whitey Ford and Warren Spahn.

August 8, 2004
Lary Sorenson (who pitched for the Brewers, Cards, and a few other teams in the '70s and '80s) was named for Frank. There was a common tendency for people to throw a second 'r' in there, but if they knew the background, they'd have realized the mistake.

Sorenson was born in Detroit in 1955, Frank's rookie year. He wound up becoming a Tigers radio broadcaster from 1995 to 1998 -- some family of fans! He's also been busted a bunch of times for drunk driving.

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