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Al Schmelz
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Al Schmelz
Al Schmelz
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 764 of 1043 players
Alan George Schmelz
Born: November 12, 1943 at Whittier, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.04 Weight: 210

Al Schmelz was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on November 12, 2007, November 13, 2007, and March 16, 2016.


First Mets game: September 7, 1967
Last Mets game: September 24, 1967

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Paul Mount
The name Al Schmelz just came to me the other day, and in talking to a diehard Mets fan (but only since '86) Al's name and Joe Moock's came up as names of players that I remember from my early days of following the Mets (late '66 and definitely in '67).
But it wasn't until I found your site (after entering "Joe Moock" in altavista and found 9 entries) that I realized what obscure players I had recollected - Joe Moock's 13 games and Al's two!
My friend wants to know if there's an even more detailed database that would tell if Al and Joe ever played in the same game?

March 25, 2005
Just read a copy of the '67 or '68 yearbook. This guy is in several snapshots. Made it seem like he was going to be the next big thing at Shea! What happened?

Dondi Rosencranz
June 17, 2005
I'm curious. How does a young Mets prospect pitch a couple games and is never heard from again?

What happened to Al Schmelz?

Was it injury?

Health issues?

Did he ever play again in any organized baseball including the minors again


Buzzy Charney From Kissena Blvd.
July 7, 2005
Hey Dondi and those interested. Here is the info on Al Schmelz.

It appeared that Schmelz had a bad year in the Minors in 1968 and got hurt.

I checked the Sporting News archives and found out the following:

Schmelz was sent to the Mets’ Minors (AAA Jacksonville) during spring training cuts in 1968. At Jacksonville, he went 0-4 in 6 games.

Sometime between May 24 and June 1 of that year, he began appearing for at AAA Vancouver (A’s) in the Pacific Coast League. He went 0-6 with Vancover and on July 25, he was optioned from Vancouver back to Mets Class AA team in Memphis (Texas League).

On Aug. 28, the Mets sent Schmelz home to Whittier, Calif., with what the Sporting News called “a sore arm.” He was 0-1 in 6 games with Memphis, which made him 0-11 combined in 3 stops!

In 1969, Schmelz appeared with Memphis (AA Mets); then was sent down to Class A (Pompano Beach). After a short time there he went to AA York (Pirates), which won the Eastern League championship with help from his relief pitching.

He does not appear in the Sporting News archives after 1969… so I guess he retired or was re-injured before the 1970 season.

Fun fact about Schmelz: He was the 25th pitcher used by the Mets in 1967, which at the time was a record (it may still be?).

November 5, 2006
Al is currently living in Scottsdale, AZ. He is still in great shape and playing softball regularly. Not sure if he's retired or not, but he did own a very successful construction company for years.

Solomon B. Lickstein
November 21, 2007
Good to hear Al is doing well. Years ago, around 1984 I had some business dealings with Al and he was a true class act. From what I've heard he could have been one of the great ones in baseball.

I hope Al and his family are doing well. Al if you're reading this, I wonder if you still have the Golden Baseball with the inscription I gave you.

I'd put the inscription here but they might think it's too "adult."

All the best.


Mets fan in Maine
January 1, 2008
Al Schmelz played for the 1965 Alaska Goldpanners, as did Tom Seaver and Dan Frisella.

Alan Paris, O.D.
April 5, 2011
What a nice guy. He and his lovely wife, Mary Ann, went out of their way to provide autograph baseballs from him and Gaylord Perry for MSGT Simon Fontaine (USAF) recently back from the war in Iraq. They look well in Scottsdale, Arizona. His handshake is still like a vise. This Brooklyn boy will always remember him as part of those "Amazing Mets".

July 22, 2012
Al Schmelz is one of 100 former Arizona State University Sun Devil baseball players to make it to the Major Leagues. He played on the 1965 College World Series championship team.

It appeared that arm problems derailed his career beginning in 1968. Had Tommy John surgery and other modern medical procedures been in existence at that time, perhaps Al would have been able to recover from his injuries to have a long and productive career.

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