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Joe Moock
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Joe Moock
Joe Moock
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 688 of 1043 players
Joseph Geoffery Moock
Born: March 12, 1944 at Plaquemine, La.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 158

Joe Moock was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on March 12, 2007, January 3, 2011, and March 12, 2016.


First Mets game: September 1, 1967
Last Mets game: October 1, 1967

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Paul Mount
I can't say if I've had the name JOE MOOCK on my mind continually since 1967, perhaps it was around 1990 that I was reminded. It was at that time (when moving) that I came across the scorecard of the game I'd watched on TV that happened to be one of the 13 that Joe Moock played in. That and his place with Joe Foy of potentially great Mets third basemen for years to come, since now and then as the Mets introduce their next great third baseman, one of the papers will publish a list of everyone who ever played 3B for the Mets. Like I wrote with Al Schmelz , it wasn't until I found your site that I realized exactly when these players played and how short their careers were. At least Joe got up to bat so that I don't have to seek him out and "ease his pain."

Steve OB
I remember Joe Moock as I sat listening to my radio on hot summer days. He was one of those Larry Burright, Rick Herrscherr type of here one day, gone the same day. But what I loved about Joe Moock was his name. The Yankees would never have a guy named Joe Moock. (Although they had a pitcher named Clyde Kluttz) No, only the Mets would have Joe Moock. His name brought me the security of not having to worry about being in a pennant race for years to come. Where have you gone Joe Moock, a nation turns it lonely eyes from you.

August 12, 2002
I'm proud I have a Mets' jersey with #18 and Moock on the back! To find a true, life-long Mets' fan, invoke Joe's name.

mark simon
October 18, 2004
For those curious, I did a story on Joe Moock for the October '04 edition of NY Mets Inside Pitch. He talked about a couple of Mets moments, including preserving a shutout for Tom Seaver with a nice play, and getting a couple clutch hits. He now coaches football in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Check it out if you get the chance.

September 23, 2005
I played HS baseball for Joe at Baker High School (1984-1987). His oldest son (Chris) and I were best friends. Joe always enjoyed talking about his month with the Mets. His favorite story was telling us about the time he lined one right back through the box for a 2-run single vs. Don Drysdale at Dodger Stadium, nearly knocking Drysdale on his butt.

Congrats to Joe for doing something very few get to do...get paid to play Major League Baseball. Thank you "Coach" Moock for doing a great job coaching us in HS. (We should have won state in 1987!)

Marty Tarver
January 15, 2006
My best memory of Joe Moock is, he was the best High School Baseball coach I ever had. The man was a great coach. He coached for Baker High School in Baker, LA. I graduated H.S. in 1982. However the last I heard he became Athletic Director for Baker and has several state championships for football and baseball.

Mets fan in Maine
December 29, 2007
Moock spent most of 1967 in the military. Interestingly, his two baseball cards (One-Year Winners and TCMA the '60s) show him wearing different numbers with the Mets, 8 and a number starting with 1.

John T
April 11, 2008
According to mbtn.net, the Mets number database, he only wore #18 so the cards are probably showing just 1 numeral at a time.

Steve Trelin
October 13, 2008
The very first Met game I ever went to with my father Joe Moock was in the lineup. I was 8 years old. I remember seeing Shea for the very first time, and how excited I was to see my first game. I can't tell you how Joe did that day but I'll never forget his unique name and how the small crowd yelled Mooooock when he came up to the plate. Even though he only played a month for the Mets, Joe Moock will always have a fond place in my Mets memory. I am glad that others remember the Moock.

Gets by Buckner
December 12, 2008
I don't remember him at all but think he has one of the coolest names in Mets history. I wonder if he has a brother named Mookie?

garrett gardner
May 21, 2009
Joe Moock coached me football and taught me Louisiana History at Silliman Institute. He has won a championship baseball series here.

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