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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 75 of 1043 players
Arthur Louis Shamsky
Born: October 14, 1941 at St. Louis, Mo.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 180

Art Shamsky was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on February 3, 2007, March 18, 2007, February 4, 2009, February 5, 2009, February 6, 2009, and February 7, 2009.

of 1b
Non-playing roles with Mets
  • Broadcaster 1980 - 1981

First Mets game: April 10, 1968
Last Mets game: September 25, 1971

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Richard Kissel
My Grandma Fannie was a Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe. She loved Art Shamsky, a good hitter and a credit to our people. (Grandma also voted for Goldwater in 1964 because HE had a Jewish grandfather!) The most famous picture of Shamsky is running behind Tommie Agee after Agee's second great catch in the 1969 Series.

My all time favorite Met. Being a young jewish boy in Brooklyn at the time and a Met fan, we all loved him.

Mr. Sparkle
January 17, 2001
All I remember about Shamsky was in 86 they asked the 69 team to comment on which team was better, 69 or 86. A bit of a loaded question but instead of having a normal answer Shamsky went into a tirade about modern day players and how they aren't as good as they were in his day because they make so much money that they really don't care about the game they way he did. Sour grapes or what?? Lighten up Francis, it's not players today's fault that you got screwed in the late 60's. You may have thought the 69 team was better but don't come down on the 86 team because they make more money. PLayers in the year 2001 must really suck now because they make even more, right Art.

Robert from "Everyone loves Raymond" named his dog Shamsky.

February 14, 2001
My favorite ballplayer of all-time. Seems to be the guy who keeps the 69 Mets together as a business entity. Would have been a lot better if not for the back problems. Hit 3 HR in one game as a Red in 66. Two of the three were in extra innings. This game set a number of records at the time. (8/12/66)

Still popular enough to have his cards and autographs sell on Ebay and other auction sites.

Won Doney
July 16, 2001
Wasn't he the only Jewish Met in '69?

Jill Barnes
August 23, 2002
I was and still am a big Mets fan even though I now live in California. Art Shamsky was one of my favorite players. Somewhere I have an autograph picture that he sent me after I sent him a fan letter. For some reason, I remember he had really high polished baseball shoes.

Warren Zvon
October 25, 2002
My dad took me to my first game as a kid. I only remember one thing . Art Shamsky in right tried to make a catch on a foul ball, ran into the stands, and was down, maybe out cold. I think I found out later he broke some ribs. I had good seats. Been a Met fan ever since. These games took place in the late 60`s. I was around 10. Can anyone put a date on this Met game? I'm thinking 1968 but I really am not sure.

December 28, 2002
My weird Art Shamsky memory: In the late 1980's, he owned a restaurant at 17 Murray Street with Ron Darling called Legends. I used to go there with a buddy, and one night the waiter service was quite slow. So here is Art Shamsky, of 4 consecutive homer fame, a childhood hero of mine, constantly asking if he can get us more bread or ice water. We told him not to kowtow to us.

Karl de Vries
January 9, 2003
Someone had mentioned a character from "Everyone Loves Raymond" named his dog Shamsky in honor of the Met. Coincidentally (or maybe not) "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart also named his dog Shamsky.

Bob R.
January 9, 2003
Art is the only Jewish player to hit home runs in four consecutive at-bats, when he played for the Reds. I think it was over two games. He tore up the Braves in the League Championship Series in '69 but then went hitless in the World Series. Art was one of the better power hitters on a team that didn't hit many homers.

rich edwards
January 13, 2003
Art Shamsky's memorable game came on August 12, 1966 playing for the Reds versus the Pirates. He came on as a late replacement and wound up hitting 3 home runs. (Two in extra innings.) I remember this because I happened to pick up WCKY from Cincy for the first time ever and I audiotaped the game from about the 7th inning on. Art's heroics were unreal that night, even though the Reds lost the game. It was without a doubt the most amazing game I ever heard.

Joe B
June 19, 2003
I remember Shamsky as a very good hitter, but one of the slowest runners I ever saw. He had those splayed out feet and it looked like he was running in quicksand.

He was an awful announcer in later years, and I believe very bitter towards the Mets for them firing him from the booth. He came off as unlikeable.

February 11, 2004
One of my all time favorites. Got an Art Shamsky bat on bat day, 1968. The bat then broke in half during an American Leigon game about a month later. Oh Well.

Feat Fan
February 27, 2004
Aug 12, 1966 vs the Pirates in a donnybrook. Shamsky enters the game as a pinchhitter in the 8th and homers. Homers in the 10th and once again in the 12th. Game winner. The next day he slams another in his first at bat. Four straight dingers, 21 in 243 at bats for the year. By the way, in that Friday night game ex-Met Jesse Gonder pelted a long ball... I think!

rich edwards
March 8, 2004
Actually Feat Fan the reds lost that game where Shamsky hit the 3 home runs. Also he entered the game as a reserve outfielder, not as a pinch hitter. But it was one of the wildest games ever.

Tom Shannon
April 20, 2004
Who could forget Art's famous mishap at Wrigley Field? He was playing right field and dove for a shallow line drive. On his way down, his hat fell off. He missed the ball and it got trapped underneath his hat on the ground. He stood there dumbfounded for a good 5 seconds until he finally found the ball underneath the cap. I think it wound up being a 175 foot triple!

Jim Go Mets!
July 10, 2005
What I remember best about Art Shamsky was that his nickname was "The Piano Man" because he ran like he was carrying a piano.

Bob R
July 12, 2005
You gotta love Art Shamsky! What other player was immortalized on a great sitcom like "Everybody Loves Raymond?" Raymond named his dog "Shamsky" because Art was his favorite player on the '69 Mets.

Prindy's Mets
October 28, 2005
On "Everyone Loves Raymond", the dog Shamsky, a Brittish Bulldog, was actually the property of Raymond's brother Robert. The visit to Cooperstown episode to "Meet the 69' Mets" is a real treat.

I remember in my childhood, Shamsky's Bubblegum card seemed to always be in short supply and sought- after by us neighborhood kids in New Jersey.

Prindy's Mets
October 28, 2005
At a critical point in Mets' history, Shamsky lended some thump to a power deprived line-up. Inclued in his portfolio are many key hits in that championship season. Think about the Mets organization without that summer of 1969. Where would we be? Thank you Art.

February 24, 2006
I became a Met Fan in 1965 at the age of 8. In 1969 my beloved Mets finally went from the laughing stock of Major league Baseball to World Champs. During the 1969 Season one of my favorite players was Art Shamsky.

He was a right fielder and I was a right fielder. He batted lefty and threw lefty. He was Jewish I am Jewish. He was a great hero for a young Jewish kid from Great Neck.

I recently read a few articles NY papers recently. This guy it turns out is a low life.

Everyone should get out the recent Daily News and The Post.

What type of low life lives off his wife’s hard work and money. Cheated on her. Then has the nerve to ask for alimony.

It really pains me to one of my childhood heroes from an amazing team turned out to be such a bad sleazy person.

I wonder what other dirt will come out in the future.

FYI: He should be removed from the Jewish sports heroes hall of fame. Heroes should be someone that kids can look up to. I am would never let my 11-year-old son (He is a huge David Wright Fan) have a hero like Art Shamsky. I just ripped up my Art Shamsky baseball card.

Art Fan
March 29, 2006
You have no idea what you are talking about. I know Art personally. His wife Kim is the low life. She is seriouosly mentally ill and is spreading awful lies. Don't believe everything you read. Art has decided to take the high road and ignore her childish antics. FYI the papers are only printing press releases from Kim herself!

June 9, 2006
A great one liner was made by Ralph Kiner while Art Shamsky was trying to stretch a single into a double: "Shamsky looks like he is running under water."

June 9, 2006
I loved that lefty swing of his. I remember a grand slam home run he hit off Nelson Briles at Shea one night to help Seaver win a game. After the game on Kiner's Korner Shamsky, Tom Seaver and his wife Nancy were on the show. I could have sworn Nancy Seaver and Shamsky were making eyes at each other as Tom would be answering Ralph's questions.

steve scooter smith
November 6, 2006
"metfanforever", you are wrong about Art. I also know him, way back to American Legion baseball days. This is a first class guy. Surely you are not treating these N.Y. papers as gospel? You shouldn't have torn up his card. Hope you get to meet him sometime.

January 5, 2007
I had a great interview with Art Shamsky which you can check out over at:

Not An Art Fan
February 22, 2007
Art Fan, the only problem with your argument is that the other '69 Mets are supporting the wife. It does seem like Art has the full low-life status by those who know him best.

February 22, 2007
My husband and I have been friends with Art & Kim for many years. We are no longer friends because of her. She is a mean-spirited, extremely controlling and viscous person. She emasculated Art at every chance she could get. It was unbearable being with them, watching her actions. Too bad this didn't end years ago!

Mets Rule
February 22, 2007
Not a great player, not a great person. What type of man cheats on his wife when she has cancer? He could not seal a base when he was playing but I hear stole plenty from his wife. What other skeletons will come out of his closet?

Paul Duddy
October 26, 2007
Long before Legends didn't Art own a piece of a bar in Rockland County called The Red Tuba or Marshmallows? Mark Gastineau used to hang out there? I seem to recall a lot of Met and Jet players assembling there. In fact, that may be where Gastineau met his wife, who later had her own cable TV show with their daughter.

Feat Fan
December 31, 2008
I will wisely refrain from passing judgment on a man that I never met. What I do know is that in that wonderful summer of '66, ahhh, youth running free in Brooklyn, Shamsky had a John Blanchard year pelting 21 homers in 247 at at bats. On June 19, he had just 92 at bats, only 19 hits, no doubles, no triples, 9 home runs and 17 rbi's to back that lofty .207 average.

Strat-o-Matic gave Shams the Ruthian treatment and I traded him to the power hungry LA Dodgers for Bob Miller. Shamsky hit 56 long balls and drove in 123 as a .234 slugging right fielder.

What a yiddisha kupt!

May 28, 2010
It's too bad that MVPs for the League Championship Series were not awarded from the beginning. In 1969, Art would have won that award. He batted .538 with 7 hits to lead all hitters in a sweep over the Braves. Among the many Mets that had good numbers in those three games, Art stands out and merits the Series MVP. Perhaps one day he will be so honored retroactively.

In the World Series, Art was in the starting lineup for Game 3. This was the only Series start of his career, which just happened to be on his birthday. He had a post-season to remember in more ways than one.

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