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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 283 of 1043 players
Jack Edward DiLauro
Born: May 3, 1943 at Akron, O.
Throws: Left Bats: Both
Height: 6.02 Weight: 185

Jack DiLauro was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on May 3, 2008, September 11, 2016, and January 12, 2017.


First Mets game: May 15, 1969
Last Mets game: October 2, 1969

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Ed Franks
I played semi-pro baseball with Jack in 1975 and 1976 when he was trying to get another shot at the bigs. We were both left-handed pitchers. I was also playing for the University of Akron at the time. Scott Fletcher, who later played 2B for the White Sox, Rangers, Brewers, Red Sox, and Tigers, was also on the '76 team, before signing his first professional contract. Every once in a while Jack would pull out his '69 World Series ring and let us all drool over it. Typical pitcher, what he really liked to talk about was his hitting, like the time he took Drysdale deep (deep second, that is). Jack is a great guy, and certainly one of the most obscure players from the Miracle Mets.

September 10, 2002
I had just returned home from college - first Met game I saw in 1969 Jack DiLauro pitched a shutout - helped out by a great play by Al Weis, Mets won the game in extra innings (don't think DiLauro got the decision) - started an 11 game winning streak that got everyone excited about 1969. Who would've thought The Amazin Mets got their jump-start from Jack DiLauro?

October 16, 2002
I think I was maybe nine years old in 1969 when my dad caught a foul ball during one game against the Dodgers. Len Gabrielson hit it, but more importantly, Jack DiLauro threw the pitch. Never forgot that. I heard he was a very talented left hander who never really got a chance, and in those days, it didn't pay to stick around. Jack, you were born too soon!

Jamey Bumbalo
December 30, 2006
He had a pretty good 1969 season with the Mets, and then didn't do much the next year with the Astros. It seems like he flamed out quickly. I wonder what happened. Today he might be a set-up man making tons of money.

Jamey Bumbalo
February 25, 2007
More on Jack DiLauro, who was an unheralded part of the 1969 Mets (23 games, 2.40 ERA). The Mets obtained him in a Dec. 4, 1968, trade with the Tigers. The Mets gave up catcher Hector Valle, who in his brief, only major league stint, in 1965, batted .308 and fielded 1.000 for the Dodgers.

Jonathan Stern
May 8, 2012
In Maury Allen's book on the 1969 Mets, DiLauro stated that he suffered from one of baseball's oldest prejudices: he did not throw hard. Nonetheless, he did pitch nine shutout innings in a game the Mets eventually won in the fifteenth, 1-0.

Frank the Met
March 19, 2013
I was wondering if Jack DiLauro was on the 1969 Mets post-season roster. I remember that he pitched some good games that year, but there is a question as to who was the 25th man on the playoff and World Series roster. I know it wasn't Bobby Pfeil. Does anyone know? At the 40th anniversary reunion in 2009, Al Jackson was invited even though he was released or traded in June, I think. But Jack wasn't there. I still can't remember who the 25th man was.

Mr. Roboto
March 28, 2013
Yes, Frank, Jack was on the Mets post-season roster in '69. He did not get into any games against the Braves or Orioles, though. In that Miracle season, DiLauro had one win. It came on July 20, the same day that the astronauts landed on the moon.

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