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Ronald Samuel Herbel
Born: January 16, 1938 at Denver, Colo.
Died: January 20, 2000 at Tacoma, Wash.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 195

Ron Herbel was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on September 1, 2016.


First Mets game: September 1, 1970
Last Mets game: September 30, 1970

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Jim Snedeker
March 8, 2002
I just wanted to be the first one to go record as saying I remember Ron Herbel on the Mets. And I even remember hearing some excited whispers when we acquired him.

But he died two years ago?! What a sad surprise. And he was 62 years old? It's hard to imagine someone like a Met who you knew in your youth being that old. But still a young age to pass away. RIP, Ron.

January 23, 2003
I recall them getting him at the deadline in '70 specifically because Ron Taylor was not getting it done, as he had the year before.

June 9, 2003
Herbel was acquired in 1970 from the Giants. I rememeber he was one of the worst hitting pitchers of all time.

Bob P
June 10, 2003
Man, you got that right!! Herbel had 206 at bats and 225 plate appearances in his career and managed 6 hits!! His career batting average was .029, and 8 walks raised his career on base percentage to .065. He also struck out 125 times, or roughly 61% of his at bats!

Amazingly, he had three hits (including his only two doubles) in one season, 1967.

Jonathan Stern
January 18, 2005
His hitting was so terrible, his stats were mentioned in the Giants media guide. Herbal reported lamented, "Someone really knows how to hurt a guy."

Seems he pitched well in an attempt to help the Mets down the stretch. But there were no miracles for the 1970 team, far too many of whom let success go to their heads and stomachs. Herbal seems to have been plagued as much by bad luck as by bad hitting.

February 25, 2009
Ron was like so many other pitchers. He could pitch, but simply couldn't hit. For him, his career average of .029 was so low that it was mentioned in a book called "The Baseball Hall of Shame." I guess he stands as an example of why the designated hitter came around.

Poor hitting aside, Ron has a rather special claim to fame. He threw the pitch that a certain Braves' player hit for his only career grand slam. The batter's name was Bob Uecker. I once read a story that Bob (in typical Uecker fashion) claimed that after he hit it, the manager came out to the mound to remove Herbel - carrying Ron's suitcase with him!

Ron did have some rough moments, but he had some good ones, too. In September 1970, he was the winning pitcher in his first game as a Met after being acquired from the Padres. He got another win about a week later. Even though he was a Met for only a month, Ron did contribute to the team.

Feat Fan
March 2, 2009
Herbel was a fairly effective long relief/spot starter on a Giants team that had Marichal, Perry, Olin, Shaw, Sadecki and the like. Kept the ball on the ground, an Ed Lynch type. In today's economy, he'd be well paid and sort after.

March 2, 2009
Had a few solid years with the Giants in the mid- 60's. Probably the worst hitting pitcher of all time. Even Bob Buhl who went 0 - 70 one year hit 60 points higher than Herbel lifetime .089 to .029. Still you never know in baseball. Even a terrible hitter can do something unexpected in a big spot. Like when Jesse Orosco got a hit and an RBI in Game 7 of the 1986 World Series. I'll never be a big fan of the DH. Whoever plays the field should have to hit. It's part of the game.

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