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James Edward Beauchamp
Born: August 21, 1939 at Vinita, Okla.
Died: December 25, 2007 at Atlanta, Ga.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 205

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First Mets game: April 23, 1972
Last Mets game: October 21, 1973

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Mikey D.
I remember that on Aug. 21, 1972, Jim Beauchamp hit two home runs in a game for the Mets, one of them the game winner. It was his birthday.

March 18, 2001
I remember the Mets gave him #24, the number of my recently departed baseball hero, Art Shamsky, only to have him give it up to some guy named Mays in mid-72.

February 7, 2002
Loved when he played in Montreal...the announcer would boom...Now batting...JEEEM BOWSHAMP!!

Larry Burns
May 31, 2002
I remember that he was not that good. I also remember that Lindsey Nelson would ALWAYS tell the story that they would pronounce his name in a peculiar French accent whenever they were in Montreal. It might not be great, but it is memorable. He might also have the greatest sideburns in Mets history---he was our answer to Chad Everett!

December 19, 2003
I seem to remember something about Jim having huge HR potential in the minors until an injury robbed him of future. I think it was in the Cards organization.

Mr. Sparkle
April 9, 2004
He bounced around a hell of a lot before coming to the Mets. As a 9 year old kid I thought he was pretty good but looking at his numbers now he doesn't seem to have contributed all that much. He was mostly a pinch hitter.

I remember the hotel story in Montreal that Larry Burns mentioned above. The reasoning for his name pronunciation was so that according to Lindsey (or was it Murph) he could get his mail. But considering he had a French name to begin with, why was that an issue??

May 14, 2004
I seem to remember an interview with Jim Beauchamp where her referred to himself as a "French Oakie".

November 6, 2005
He was a pretty decent pinch hitter. For some reason, he was one of my favorites when he was with the Mets. I remember him being interviewed on Kiner's Korner when he hit 2 HRs in one night. You could tell he wasn't used to being in the limelight, but he was happy. He said the only other time he hit 2 HRs in a game was in the minor leagues, on his daughter's birthday.

I also remember reading that he was one of those "can't miss" type prospects who suffered a really bad injury early on. Too bad, he seemed like a nice guy. Wonder where he is today?

richard morgan
November 6, 2005
I remember a game where the Mets were losing in Atlanta 7-1 in the bottom on the 9th with 1 maybe 2 out, and Jim Beauchamp got a pinch hit and the Mets rallied to tie and eventually win in extra innings. I never saw a better comeback in my life.

November 23, 2005
I seem to remember that Jim Beauchamp was the player who was wearing number 24 when Willie Mays came over from the Giants to end his career in New York back in 1972. He was very gracious in giving up his number and taking number 5. Obviously, he didn't have a choice in the matter, but his manner of handling it said a lot about him as a human being.

Jamey Bumbalo
November 11, 2006
Besides his mod '70s sideburns, all I remember was him hitting two home runs on his birthday in 1972.

Gary Pep
December 29, 2007
RIP Its always sad to hear when a childhood hero passes. Godspeed dude!

January 1, 2008
I remember him as a kid. Good lefthanded pinch hitter. Godspeed Beech!

Mets fan in Maine
January 1, 2008
In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's obituary for Jim, his son Kash said, "[M]y fondest memory of him was how much he told us he loved us." What a fine way to be remembered.

I had heard of Kash Beauchamp, because a few years ago he spent a couple seasons as the manager of the now defunct Bangor Lumberjacks, an independent minor league team, but I never knew he was Jim Beauchamp's son.

The obituary stated that Jim was the Braves' bench coach 1991-1998 and that his last position with the organization was as supervisor of minor league field operations.

Jim died of the same disease and at the same age as my dad.

Bklyn Met
February 3, 2008
You don't remember him that well Deadmet, he was a right-handed pinch hitter.

Kash Beauchamp
March 30, 2008
I just ran across this website and it is really neat. I was 10 years old when Dad played for the Mets. Dad played for 5 MLB teams and of all of them, the Met fans have more memories of Dad than anyone. It is amazing that when I run across a Met fan they remember things I only thought I knew! As y'all probably know, Dad passed away on Christmas Day of Leukemia. He always cherished his time with the Mets and so do I as a kid running around Shea with the Grote kids and Jim Fregosi Jr. Met fans have given their share of memories to players as well. I will never forget the Met fans storming the field after they knocked of the Big Red Machine in '73. What a great series that was. I always like seeing the Pete Rose/Bud Harrelson fight because there is a good shot of Dad on it. Lets Go Mets.

Joe Figliola
April 17, 2008
Jim Beauchamp 1973 baseball card
For a guy who only played two seasons, I have a lot of memories of Jim. Of course, the two home runs on his birthday against the Astros was exciting, but I also remember that he hit the Mets' 100th home run of the 1972 season (perhaps Bob P. may verify that) and his cool 1973 Topps baseball (I think he's holding more than one bat on it).

It's nice that his son Kash wrote something, because I remember seeing him pictured with another Beauchamp sibling and Jim in the 1974 Mets yearbook. What I liked about the Beauchamp photo at the time is that they were a little older; most of the Mets kids at the time were in the under-five range.

I also liked Jim because he wore number 5, which was my favorite number as a pre-teen!

Bob P
April 18, 2008

According to the Retrosheet game logs, "Beach" hit the Mets' 99th homer of the year Friday, September 22, 1972 at Shea against the Phillies. Bill Sudakis hit number 100 two innings later.

Jim also hit the 105th and final home run of the 1972 season, a two-run shot off Balor Moore at Jarry Parc in the last game of the year.

Mr. Roboto
April 12, 2013
Those of us who remember the Mets in 1972 know that Jim started the season wearing #24 and had to relinquish it when Willie Mays arrived a month into the season. Taking #5 turned out to be appropriate since it was how many home runs he would hit that year. Jim's first two homers came in one game on August 21, which was his birthday. The second home run was a game winner in the bottom of the ninth.

Also, in Jim's first at bat with the Mets (wearing #24), he singled home the winning run in the 12th inning for a sweep of a doubleheader on April 23.

Rich Freeman
December 28, 2017
Many Met fans remember the two home runs Mr. Beauchamp hit on his birthday in 1972. However, he continued a birthday celebration the next day when he homered again and drove in all 4 runs in a Mets victory over Houston. When he drove in the winning runs the Shea scoreboard in big letters proclaimed: JIM!

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