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Brent Terry Strom
Born: October 14, 1948 at San Diego, Cal.
Throws: Left Bats: Right
Height: 6.03 Weight: 189


First Mets game: July 31, 1972
Last Mets game: October 2, 1972

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Jersey Joe
August 16, 2001
Didn't he kinda resemble Jon Matlack, either in appearance or form. Another big lefty ??

October 2, 2001
I was at a Met Padre at Shea in '75 and during pre game warmups we were down the leftfield line ragging the Padre shortstop named Enzo Hernandez. Now Enzo was one of those good field no hit guys. I don't think he ever hit over .200. As me and my friend were ragging him some jerk on the Padres, a backup OF named Dick Sharron came over and asked me, "How would I like a fat lip?" I was only 11 years old at the time and Brent Strom came over and played peacemaker and then hung out and talked to me and my friend and gave us autographs. We asked about his time with the Mets and then we asked what was Dick Sharron's problem. He told us he was a hot-head thats why he came over. We thanked him and wished him lucked. A very nice guy. I wonder what he is doing now.

P.S. Sharron came up to pinch hit late in the game and we were sitting right behind the plate and we were screaming at him and said he was going to wiff on 3 pitches on which he proceeded to do.Good for him. HA HA!

Ken Akerman
April 16, 2003
Brent became a pitching coach after his playing career. He was the Kansas City Royals' pitching coach in 2000 and 2001. He is now minor league pitching coordinator for the Montréal Expos.

January 25, 2004
Brent Strom was one of the NL's best pitchers in 1975, when he pitched for the Padres. He didn't qualify for any league average awards that year because he didn't pitch enough innings. But pound for pound, prorating his 120 innings pitched, he was one of the leagues's top 10 pitchers that year, and nearer in effectivenesss to #1 than to #10.

mike murphy
September 27, 2005
I was at the game when Brent Strom debuted. I was just a kid but I remember the crowd ooing and ahing about hard he threw.

May 3, 2009
Had a sparkling 2.54 ERA in 1975 for the Padres. Then in 1976 went a very respectable 12 - 16 3.29 with 8 CGs and a shutout for the 71 - 91 Padres. Started off badly in 1977 last pitching in May then was released in 1978 at age 29 just before Opening Day. Wonder if he hurt his arm? Back then if a pitcher hurt his arm once that was it. Now guys have multiple surgeries and comebacks. If we knew then what we know now lots of guys' careers would have been totally different.

May 5, 2009
Yes, a bad elbow was what curtailed Strom's career (although he tried to come back in the minors from 1979-81).

He was a college teammate of Dave Kingman's at USC. Their team won the College World Series in 1970.

As Ken Akerman above noted, Strom was a pitching coach at both the major- and minor-league level. He now has a business as an instructor; see

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