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Chuck Taylor
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 511 of 1043 players
Charles Gilbert Taylor
Born: April 18, 1942 at Shelbyville, Tenn.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 195


First Mets game: April 16, 1972
Last Mets game: June 25, 1972

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October 17, 2002
Billy Taylor haters behold Chuck Taylor could give him a run for his money as the worst righty reliever in Mets history. No fastball just plain junk.

July 15, 2003
One of my earliest Met memories involves Chuck Taylor. I recall turning on the game on TV, Taylor pitching, and the Mets, according to Lindsey, "Trailing by six." That was an expression I didn't quite understand as a 5-year-old, and I remember hoping against hope that "trailing" meant "leading."

Of course it didn't, but 31 years later my mind still associates "Trailing" with "Taylor" and for a time I recall thinking his name was "Chuck Trailer" -- which in hindsight was a good nickname for an unsuccesful mop-up man.

Just one of those mundane, unremarkable childhood memories I can't seem to forget.

Shad Stanleigh
June 3, 2005
Taylor would go on the year after he was with the Mets to strike out Willie Mays in what would turn out to be Mays' final ever regular season at bat (against the Expos at Jarry Park).

Old Fashioned Met
January 23, 2013
My only memories of Chuck with the Mets were that he had neither a win nor a loss and he wore number 42, the same as Ron Taylor the previous year. Being a stupid kid, I actually thought that Ron had changed his first name to Chuck. Little did I know!

As stated in the above posting, Chuck (pitching for the Expos) struck out Willie Mays in his final regular season plate appearance. It happened in Montreal on September 9, 1973. The Mets won, 3-0, even though the Expos had thirteen hits in the game.

January 10, 2014
I always got Chuck Taylor baseball cards when he was with the Cardinals and I thought my sneakers had his name on them. Although I was a bit sad when the Mets traded Shamsky and one of my favorite "future stars" Rick Folkers, I was pumped to hear the Mets got back Chuck Taylor (along with Jim Beauchamp and Harry Parker). I actually don't remember too much about Chuck with the Mets but I am still a fan and still wear his sneakers when I can find them.

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