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Brian Ostrosser
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 647 of 1043 players
Brian Leonard Ostrosser
Born: June 17, 1949 at Hamilton, Ont., Canada
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 175

Brian Ostrosser was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on March 10, 2015, and June 17, 2016.


First Mets game: August 5, 1973
Last Mets game: August 13, 1973

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Holly Weiner
March 2, 2001
I remember Brian and I had such a crush on him. Thought he was one of the better Mets.

Johnny O
August 23, 2001
I was surprised that Brian did not stay a little longer or get picked up elsewhere for an incredible defensive ability. I had assumed he'd be the next Harrelson.

Kenny M
May 29, 2002
I remember seeing him play in one of his few games. He started at short and it was definitely against the Cardinals in a weekend day game during the last week or two of the '73 season. Don't remember anything else. That was pretty much his career. He falls into the same category as Lute Barnes and Rich Puig, infielders that we remember their names and saw them in the yearbooks, but don't remember them ever playing.

Frank Grimes
May 31, 2002
If he started at short he must have been pulled after his 2nd AB since he played in only 4 games and had 5 ABs total. I do remember this clown vaguely.

Kenny Wamble
April 23, 2003
Brian was my roomie in 70 & 71 in A ball. Besides being a great friend off the field, he was a great teammate who always gave it 100%. Last time I saw him was in Oklahoma City playing AAA. I've been trying to locate him. If anyone knows how to reach him please tell him to contact me at

The Baseball Diva
November 10, 2003
I'm surprized I am not the only one who remembers Ostrosser. I too remember the 1973 game against St Louis. He struck out against Rick Wise looking hopelessly overmatched.

Jonathan Stern
March 20, 2005
One of the only five Canadian Mets, the best known being 1962's Ken Mackenzie and 1969's Ron Taylor. I wonder if Ostrosser earned a 1973 NL pennant ring?

Barry N.
October 27, 2007
Played fastpitch with Brian. World class fastpitch player, classy guy, excellent teammate. I heard he broke his leg with the Mets and that was it for his MLB career.

His claim to fame is that Willie Mays pinch hit for him in Mays' last plate appearance in MLB. Not 100% but thats how I remember the story back in the 80's.

November 4, 2007
Didn't he have some sort of emergency surgery that ended his one and only season with the Mets?

Bob P
November 21, 2007

Mays did indeed pinch-hit for Brian, but it was not Willie's final major league at bat. Willie pinch-hit for Ostrosser on Saturday, August 11 at Candlestick Park. Willie doubled leading off the ninth inning of the game which the Giants won, 8-7 in 13 innings.

RF Mojica
December 13, 2007
I'm surprised to see here he only played four games, because I remember Ostrosser very well. I must have seen at least one of those four games, or maybe some televised spring training games that he played in. Of course the name Ostrosser would stick in one's head.

Leonard R
March 30, 2008
I remember Brian Ostrosser. I was 8 and in my first year as a Met fan and thought it was cool that he had the same first name as my cousin. And the last name was unusual enough to stick with me. I didn't even know at the time that his middle name was the same as my first name. Anyway, I was always curious what happened to him. But the memory of him stuck with me enough that I wrote a Wikipedia article on him.

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